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Internet Shutdowns Cost $5.45 Billion in 2021

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Internet Shutdown always brings big losses to countries. In 2021, there were a lot of shutdowns in various countries. As usual, African countries bear the biggest losses because of this, since the shutdown lasted the longest in them, for example, in Ethiopia it lasted as much as 8,864 hours.

Internet Shutdowns Cost $5.45 Billion in 2021 Globally, India Came Third: Report

Myanmar ranks first in terms of losses for 2021. Just imagine, it cost $2.8 billion and the shutdown lasted 12,238 hours. What is interesting and unusual from this year’s statistics is that India ranks 3rd in terms of losing money, in previous years the country did not appear in the top 10, however, now it is in 3rd place due to the huge number of people deprived of the Internet. Talking about Europe, I think we can only mention Belarus with its long shutdown, which was introduced due to protests. TopVPN10 said that Twitter was the most blocked social media platform in 2021 that saw 10 shutdowns for a total of 12,379 hours. Facebook and Meta’s other offerings namely WhatsApp and Instagram were among the other two platforms most impacted in the year, the website highlighted.

After all, we all understand that shutdowns always bring a lot of costs and troubles to people. In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine your day without the Internet, and if such a shutdown lasts for a long time, people can generally lose their jobs, lose themselves, and so on.

The mouse has a built-in 1 TB SSD. You can install anything on it

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Taiwanese company ADATA, showed the XPG gaming mouse with built-in 1TB storage. On this SSD with a speed of 985 MB/s, gamers will be able to store their games. The mouse is wired, connected to a computer via USB-C. In theory, using it as an external drive with installed games is quite possible.

Another question: in what user scenarios is this even necessary? ADATA has not yet given a clear answer to it.
Although the product was only announced and there is no exact information on it yet, i can already share my opinion that this gadget makes no sense. I can suppose that it is going to be heavier and way much more expensive than other gaming mouses. I assume that carrying a flash drive is much easier than plugging and unplugging your mouse time to time.

Cryptocurrency is not safe anymore?

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Is Bitcoin Safe to Invest In? | NextAdvisor with TIME

An 84-year-old US resident decided to help her grandchildren to collect money for their own homes and invested her savings in cryptocurrency. However, due to the hacker attack, she lost all her funds.

“I followed the security measures Coinbase advised, including two-factor protection. I thought the account was completely secure. The theft put me in a very difficult situation. It happened so quickly and easily”– said the victim of the scammers.

Алекс Анлян (Фото:

The victim reported this to the police and the FBI, and representatives of Coinbase in San Francisco closed her account during the investigation. Earlier this year, around 6,000 Coinbase users were hit by scams and phishing attacks. Investigating cryptocurrency theft crimes continues to be very difficult and expensive for plaintiffs. At the same time, there is no guarantee that their costs for lawyers and investigations of such cases will ever pay off.

Therefore, although the cryptocurrency is considered safe, since you are “impossible” to track, you must use trusted exchanges, because thieves will always find how to steal your data.


The End Of Smartphones?

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Like a bolt from the blue, the news came out that Apple is preparing a new device that would replace the iPhone for us. Nevertheless, Apple is again running ahead of the locomotive, or rather, a locomotive called “smartphone manufacturers” is catching up with Apple: while the companies are experimenting, creating foldable smartphones and other rubbish, the Cupertinians again rushed to another galaxy. If the AR thing does appear, it will be truly legendary. We will forget about smartphones and what is connected with them because the world will not be the same. Don’t believe me? But in vain.

Apple aims to replace iPhone with AR within ten years as demand for augmented reality headsets tops at least 1 billion units

Ming Chi Kuo

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a regular report for investors said that Apple’s augmented reality headset will be presented in the fourth quarter of 2022. The device will use two chips: the main one with a performance at the level of Apple A1 and the additional one that will control the headset sensors. This will allow the device to work autonomously, without connecting to a Mac or iPhone. For interoperability, Apple plans to support “a wide variety of applications”. It is reported that the approximate price of this device will be about 2000-3000$.

I am looking forward to Apple’s AR headset – a completely new step in the development of the mobile industry and a great replacement for smartphones. It is difficult to imagine how it will all look, but there are all prerequisites to expect that we will be very surprised. So, think about what to do with your old iPhone: it might be worth keeping it as a souvenir so that in 10-15 years you will remember this wonderful time with nostalgia.