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PayPal is considering launching its own cryptocurrency

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Online payment service PayPal is considering launching its own cryptocurrency, Jose Fernandez Daponte, senior vice president of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies, told Bloomberg Told.
PayPal is considering the possibility of issuing so-called stablecoins, top executives explained. Such cryptocurrencies are fixed to existing currencies or other real-world assets and help stabilize their value. Fernandez da Ponte assured that if the company decides to launch its own cryptocurrency, it will work with regulators to do so.

Dlaczego założyć konto PayPal i jak to zrobić? [PORADNIK]

Bloomberg states that
signs that PayPal is creating cryptocurrencies were found by developer Steve Moser in the code for a digital wallet application for the iPhone. According to the information and images received, the cryptocurrency may be called PayPal Coin and will be pegged to the US dollar.
A PayPal representative explained to Bloomberg that the revealed images and code are the result of a hackathon in the Department of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Digital Currencies. At hackathons, developers usually create and test new products that may not reach a fullfledged launch: this means that the PayPal cryptocurrency logo, its name and characteristics may change by the time of the public release, Bloomberg noted.

Co to jest kryptowaluta? | Coinbase

PayPal allowed users to pay with cryptocurrencies in March 2021 and has since expanded its set of tools for transactions with it. The admission of cryptocurrencies to PayPal and their acceptance by other institutional investors has been one of the reasons for the new rise in the value of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, the price of which rose above $68,000 in November 2021. Since then, the price of the world’s largest cryptocurrency has fallen by 40%.


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First 3D-printed home

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Virginia family gets keys to Habitat for Humanity’s 1st 3D-printed home in the US

The house was printed by Alquist – it uses 3D printing for “exceptional design”, reducing construction and infrastructure prices. In the future, the company plans to build not only single-family homes, but also multi-unit, mixed, and nursing homes throughout the United States.

The 111 square meter facility was “printed” in the Williamsburg area in 12 hours, ahead of the standard construction schedule by at least four weeks. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom design is based on a fast-setting concrete frame. According to the developers, the material has long-term benefits – it retains temperature well and is resistant to damage. The printers have reduced construction costs by 15%. A Raspberry Pi-based computer is responsible for monitoring home systems. The developed algorithms not only monitor safety but also control light, water and heating sensors, reducing utility costs. In the future, the house is planned to be equipped with solar panels.

Interestingly, a compact 3D printer was also installed in one of the rooms, which will allow reprinting the necessary parts – from door handles to switches.

Conclusion In my opinion, this is a great time and cost savings and this technology will take place in the future. What do you think about this?


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Was / will there be life on Mars?

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Mars rover Perseverance discovers organic matter on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover discovered the “building blocks” of life on this red planet-carbon-containing organic chemicals. They were found in some rocks at the bottom of the Jezero crater on Mars that the rover is exploring. The members of the delegation announced the news on Wednesday, December 15.

It is important to note that we are not talking about discovering life on Mars. Organic matter can be produced through biological and non-biological means. Researchers still have a lot of work to do to figure out how the compounds found in Jezero Crater formed. Perseverance is collecting Mars samples as part of a joint NASA/European Space Agency operation. These samples will be transported to Earth for further exploration, possibly as early as 2031. Until then, it is impossible to determine what caused the formation of Mars.

Увидеть и услышать Марс. NASA поделилось подборкой видео и звуков с ровера  Perseverance

Water on Mars

The Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) orbiter discovered a large amount of water on Mars. They are located in one of the regions of Mariner valley this is the largest canyon in the solar system and is known to man. It is 10 times longer and 5 times deeper than the American Grand Canyon.

It turned out that the central part of the Mariner valleys was filled with water. Its molecules account for about 40% of the rocks near the surface, and the oasis can be deeper. According to Alexei Malakhov, a space researcher at the RAS Institute, the area is very similar to the permafrost on Earth, where the ice is kept under dry soil due to the constant low temperature. The canyon system on Mars is very vast, extending more than 4,000 kilometers along the equator.

The supplies found will affect the planning of future missions-this is where the first expeditions can be sent. So much water made the area very attractive to the first humans to land.

Модуль Trace Gas Orbiter готовий до наукових дослідів на орбіті Марсу

The supplies found will affect the planning of future missions-this is where the first expeditions can be sent. So much water made the area very attractive to the first humans to land.

Do people need Mars? And will we live there in the future?



AI-painter Botto made his first million dollars

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A compelling argument for a decentralized approach when using artificial intelligence systems for creative purposes. And also an attractive business – numerous project participants had the opportunity to make good money in the future. Botto generates thousands of images, but only the community of people supporting the project decides in which direction the “creator” should work and which works will go to the auction. Only owners of Botto cryptocurrency can vote.

Botto', the robot creating works of art, makes its first million at auction  | Euronews
Seaport subject

Every week, Botto presents fifty art pieces to the community, who then vote on their favorite artwork

Botto | Decentralized Autonomous Artist
Poetic Decay

How Botto creates art?

Botto’s work begins by generating a line describing a new painting, a kind of technical task. The text is transmitted to the VQGAN neural network, which recognizes it and matches image fragments to words, and then combines them into one picture. It is sent for verification to another CLIP neural network, which determines the correspondence of the image to the words, makes corrections and sends everything back to VQGAN for revision.

When CLIP is satisfied with the result, Botto uses the GPT-3 natural language generator to create a poetic description of the painting. After that, the finished painting is sent to the evaluation of human critics – 300 different images per day. Based on the voting results, a certain number of works are selected, which receive an NFT token and are put up for auction.

Dirty Shift

How it’s work?

Botto’s philosophy of work is built in such a way that he constantly challenges critics while improving his skills. To be able to “compete” with AI, you need to pay for participation in a special cryptocurrency created exclusively for this project. The money that comes from the sale of paintings is used to buy it out and “dispose of”, so the amount of cryptocurrency is constantly decreasing, and the value is growing. And it gives members the opportunity to make money by selling their inventory, which weeds out random people.

Blast Woof


As for me, it is not correct that they are engaged in artificially raising the prices of their coins. They burn part of their coins so that the price of the remaining ones would rise and over time a kind of deficiency was formed.

While the robot is only learning, then its actions are based only on the information received and interpreted in its own way over time it will be able to come up with something of its own, but still there will be no soul in it and most importantly it will be without UNIQUE HISTORY.


In the end, I would like to recommend visiting his official website and be sure to go to the gallery to view all the paintings. ( Also I recommend to read his Manifesto (

Will the machine be able to create as a person in the future? And can it be considered art?


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