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Camlist – Safe pet market

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Camlist is a video marketplace for pets. The idea behind it is to make a safe market where you can buy pets. Before transaction, you can have a video call with the seller to talk with him about the pet. The company ensures us that pets are in a healthy environment, as well as are vaccinated and dewormed.

CEO of Camlist said that they support buyers and sellers by providing free vaccinations, microchipping, deworming, insurance, and pet food to grant the best experience for users.

The app implemented a system to counter scammers. Camlist has an option “in-app payment” which releases funds once the buyer confirms receipt of the pets.

The company started in Dubai and became very popular. After raising $1.3 million their plan is to expand their reach in the UK where they entered earlier this year. In the future, they plan to expand on the number of items you can buy and to reach more countries.

In my opinion, this app is great as there wasn’t anything like that before. When it comes to buying pets you have to make sure that you pick an animal that you will be capable of looking after. Getting to know them better by talking to their owners can really help that process.


Relativity Space: The 3D printed rockets

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Relativity Space is an American aerospace manufacturing company. Their goal is not to just send rockets to space, but revolutionize entire process of how they are build and flown.

The most innovative thing that Relativity is doing is that they are building their own 3D-printers and using them. They are not just building printers to sell them or designing and buying someone’s printers, they combine both of these aspects.

The 3D-printer

3D-printing gives a lot of new opportunities. The cost of material to make a single rocket is valued to be 5 to 10 times lower that to make a normal one. This means a lot more expeditions could be made. It is also said by the Relativity that their rockets can be entirely made from raw material to flight in 60 days as normal made rockets take around 2 to 5 years to make. It ‘s a very big step up and can help a lot with testing bigger amount of rockets.

Aeon engine

All of the parts for the rockets are printed. Even the engine. Relativity Space developed their own engine called “Aeon”. It use liquid oxygen and liquid natural gas which are the best for rocket propulsion and also eventually in the future, the easiest to make on Mars.

The first 3D-printed rocket “Terran 1” demonstration launch is set for early 2022. In my opinion, if everything will work, this could be a very big step in technology. Exploration of space will become a lot more affordable and faster that ever.