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Is Facebook’s “Metaverse” really worth it?

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It has been well known for a long time that Facebook is losing its popularity among the younger generation. After all, for all these years it has practically not changed at all, and in this industry, you have to constantly re-interest the user to stay with the application. This decreasing trend will probably not change anymore and more and more people will stop using this portal. By the way, incidents related to Facebook, which come to light all the time, certainly did not help it with the increase in popularity. However, Mark Zuckerberg isn’t giving up, and he continues to fight hard to keep us with his products.

Let’s be honest at the outset, this is certainly not about our well-being, the development of civilization, and the implementation of new technologies that make our lives easier. I wonder if the recent situation with the tightening of the privacy policy on Apple devices (which made Facebook lose 6 billion) had something to do with the presentation of the new product.

I’m still not convinced to entrust big companies with our entire lives. I don’t think giving them all our information and data is a good idea. It seems to me that for the present this technology should go mainly in the direction of entertainment. Playing games, virtual events, or keeping in touch with friends. After all, we live in a time where meeting up with friends may be difficult and not everyone has friends nearby. It seems contrived to me that we need virtual reality to do shopping or work. I don’t think it’s a priority to do business meetings (as our avatars) in virtual reality these days. In addition, various sources say that to personalize the appearance of our avatars you will have to pay extra.,c_limit/Screen%20Shot%202016-02-21%20at%2011.54.05%20PM.png

The question is whether this technology won’t really put us out of business. Maybe it will allow us to cut off to everything that is not in accordance with our views and will not close us in a bubble of our ideas which are often wrong.

Another issue is how our data will be stored and what it might be used for. Taking into account all previous situations I do not want to believe that they will be stored safely and will not be used to sell me something for example.

Some time ago we already experienced the restriction of access to Facebook products and the question is whether something like this could happen again with the new technology as well. And since it would be implemented on such a scale, whether its temporary absence would not disrupt our functioning.

Another problem concerns the resources this new technology would use. Do we have such sources of resources and energy to be able to fulfill all our ideas without worrying about non-renewable resources or environmental pollution (which is not caused by ordinary people but by the activities of large companies)? I am not sure about that.

On the one hand, we want to go forward all the time, but on the other hand, we do not care about the consequences of our actions. I think that is a good summary sentence.


The fight for our data

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Apple introduced its new App Tracking Transparency policy, which made it necessary for an app to ask permission to track users and their behaviours in order to give personalised ads. It’s not hard to guess that most users have given up on personalized ads in favor of their own privacy.  Advertisers have redirected their budgets and changed the platforms they advertise on, leaving the likes of Snap, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube alone.

On the one hand, one would like to say that finally some company has taken to protecting its customers’ personal data. Data which, as it is commonly known, have become a new kind of currency nowadays. And as we all know who has information has money, and whoever has money also has power.

On the other hand, we are left with questions that probably will not be answered soon. Because monopolization of the market is never a good situation, and we are left in a position where in fact one company has exclusive access to all our personal data. And this situation is certainly in their favor and the question is how it will be used. Because surely in many situations in the future it can give them a better chance to achieve their objectives. It is also important to remember that other companies will surely not give up. This may backfire on users of other devices. It may also come to a situation where we will get more ads in apps for which the new rules were not so restrictive.

However, two things are very certain in this situation. The first one is the fact that the market of online advertising is huge nowadays and for sure none of the companies which participate in this business will not give up their place so easily. The second is that our data and reactions in the virtual world have a great value for companies, but our good not so much. This battle is certainly not about our good but about the good of a particular company, so maybe it would be worth thinking about not giving them everything on a plate.