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Nikeland – the sportswear giant is entering metaverse

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Nike has been pursuing a goal of turning sports and play into a lifestyle for quite a while, especially with all the initiatives aimed at children like the youtube series “Nikee playlist”. “We wanted to show kids that sport, at its core, is all about play,” says Jessa Moon, Global Brand Director for Nike Kids. “It doesn’t have to be soccer or football or traditional sports — it can be a mash-up or something totally wild and different. We wanted to inspire kids to think about moving their bodies in all kinds of ways and having it be about joy as opposed to winning or competition.”

On the 18th of November, Nike revealed their new step towards influencing the younger audience, launching a virtual world “Nikeland” on video games platform Roblox Corp. In this digital space, visitors can outfit their avatars with unique Nike products, play, compete, and even create their own games/competitions.


In “Nikeland”, you can currently compete in games like “Tag”, “the floor is lava”, “Dodgeball”, and also create their mini-games from interactive sports materials. But the part of this whole initiative that is the most related to sport is tracking real-life movement. Using accelerometers in mobile devices, people can “transfer” their activity into their online play, like jumping, which would lead to adequate movement of their avatar.


Not only is this an excellent strategy for introducing the brand to kids at a young age, but also a great environment to test their products, according to Sam Poser, an analyst who covers Nike at Williams Trading. He predicts Nike will use it to try out new products to see what sticks.
It could also host competitions tied to global sporting events, integrating in-play moments that would emulate them in virtual reality.

Above all, it seems like a great form of encouraging kids to move while making it exciting. Therefore, it probably will have some positive impact on our society if only it will gain popularity.


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NFT – a way to store digital creations

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You have probably heard about digital illustrations selling for enormous prices. They are called NFT’s, which stands for non-fungible token and differs from traditional digital creation by undeniable proof of authenticity. You may wonder why anyone would buy an “authentic” digital creation? Or even how can we know it is authentic? I will try to answer those questions below, briefly explain what NFT is and discuss its potential.

This Cryptopunk NFT pixel art sold for $11,7 million

What exactly is NFT

NFT is a piece of data stored virtually on a blockchain like a cryptocurrency. However, unlike Bitcoin, for example, it can not be exchanged for other pice of the same currency, as all NFT’s may represent different assets with a different value. The data stored as NFT can be pretty much anything digital, for example, video, photo, illustration or audio file.
The authenticity of each piece is preserved through blockchain technology. In brief, it means that once it is established, it becomes irreversible and can be verified on behalf of many proofs worldwide. Therefore verification of ownership is safe and effective.

Everything you need to know about NFTs | by Veronica Coutts | Medium

Why would anyone pay for such a thing?

It might be to show one’s social status in a digital world. This concerns NFT art used as profile pictures on different social media platforms and will probably become more popular with the evolvement of virtual reality, which is becoming more rapid, especially after the latest investment announcement by Meta. In this case, the possibilities for creating different NFT’s will be endless, as people will presumably want to have a substitute for showing their belonging to a social group through a certain piece of clothing, for example. This need will probably have to be fulfiled through one’s appearance or belongings in the virtual world.

Another possibility is an investment both long and short-term. As trading volumes of NFT hit billions of dollars, you can see a lot of day traders on social media bragging about their profits on this kind of investment. There are also other kinds of investments where we can see a striking resemblance to old school value storage like buying land. Decentraland is a perfect example of a world where you can buy a parcel of land as an NFT. Later on, you can use it to build three-dimensional spaces and applications or hold until its value goes up.

A Decentraland scene

Potential of NFT’s

One of the examples of this technology being very useful is representing intellectual property. Something that is considered invaluable, like an idea, could be represented as an NFT. This would provide digital proof of ownership, which would come with its own set of benefits.
Another would be previously mentioned digital goods available in the future virtual reality world “Metaverse”. From land and commodities to art, it would be possible to buy something not existing in the real world and be sure that it is authentic. There are already some luxury brands like Burberry or Gucci creating their NFT’s and only time will tell how significant impact on the future of virtual market this technology will have.


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