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Role of NFT in the modern world

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Like any technology, NFTs can provide more efficient ways of doing business. For example, they work with a crypto technology called a blockchain. It is a distributed ledger of digital recordsĀ that do not necessarily require a central system to run. Transactions can potentially be faster and easier.

In addition, the blockchain also keeps a record of all NFT-related transactions and the properties it represents. For example, when selling works of art, this could mean the origin of something going back to the creator. The chain can also contain a list of all users who have ever owned this token.

NFTs can also include so-called smart contracts or encoded elements that can automatically perform actions under certain conditions. The concept represents an automated and self-contained set of rules that cannot be ignored or skipped.

How NFT are created and sold

But why do people waste time building a digital asset when they can just buy a real car? Collecting material items faces several challenges, such as validation. This can be difficult, long, or in principle impossible since any unique thing can be falsified with high quality. Determining the history of an object, tracing the past of a thing, especially an old one, can be extremely difficult.
In the past, the legitimacy of the digital property was even more difficult to verify due to the fact that the Internet is simply overflowing with copies. NFT supporters say blockchain know-how like NFT solves these problems. By publishing a fragment on the blockchain, an artist creates an immutable, verifiable public file of its authenticity.
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Iphone 13 is very bad device!

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Firstly Iphone 13 have some problems with camera, device make photoes with artifacts, with some black dots or black squares.They appear in random places and on radom devices. Mostly it is a software bag, but this bag is very strange for a mobile phone which cost more than 1000$

In the pictures taken on the iPhone 13, there are such artifacts

Secondly, IPhone 13 in some cases can not establish a connection with Apple Watch. Apple Support recommends to reset your network settings, but that doesn’t help.

Thirdly, Macro mode which appear on iphone 13 works very twitchy. Due to the fact that it turns on automatically, if you place the camera near the object, the process of switching from normal mode to macro looks very strange, and sometimes when you don’t need this mode, you can not turn it off, so it is unuseful in some situations.

Fourth problem, that new iphone have 120HZ screen, and it is only a market lifehack, because there are no apps in applestore, that can work with 120 hz, so you can not see the difference of high refresh rate modes and low refresh rate modes in apps. You can see the difference only in ordinary menu.

To summ up, Iphone 13 have a lot of minuses nowadays, that apple need to fix, and may be in future, after some weeks, I will recomend this iphone to buy.