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Valve reveals Steam Deck packaging with locations to use it.

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Valve has completed testing the design of the Steam Deck prototype, now the finished versions will be sent out in the form of developer kits. In addition to the device itself, the company explains, the packaging for the gaming device is also being tested. “Before we start sending out prototypes to developers, we’d like to give you a peek into a box that users will open in February,” says Valve.

This is how the company described the markings on the side of the box: “Please do not use the shipping box as an umbrella or magnet and do not throw it on the ground.” And then they added: “The Steam Deck will be playable in many languages ​​and around the world!”

The box itself will contain a Steam Deck and a power supply to it, a case for the 64 GB and 256 GB Steam Deck models.

P.S. In early November, the company announced that the delivery of the first batches of Steam Deck on pre-orders will be delayed by two months: the countries of the first wave (USA, Canada, Great Britain and some European countries) will receive them not in December this year, but in February next.

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LinkedIn hurts recruiters

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A large-scale cleanup of Linkedin user profiles began in October 2021.

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What? Whom? And why?

Let’s figure it out.
It’s no secret that Linkedin has become a premier field of action for IT recruiters. And also, thanks to the very headhunters, this professional network has become so popular in the IT world.
Everyone knows very well what the job of an IT recruiter is. To make a living he is given his own contact base, most of which is the Linkedin network.
That is, the more contacts a recruiter has, the more likely it is to successfully fill a vacancy.
I hasten to note that two years ago, Linkedin imposed strict restrictions on the number of new contacts added per week – at the moment this figure is 100. Let’s make a simple calculation – 100 additions per week, multiplied by 4 weeks, equals 400 additions per MONTH. Note that 400 additions are not 400 contacts who have accepted recruiter invitations. Often, only a quarter of all additions will accept invitations. That is, a recruiter can actually collect only 100 contacts in his network per month! For a year of work, respectively, this is about 1200 contacts. For information – for the normal, active and effective work of a recruiter, he needs to have at least 7000 contacts on the Linkedin network.
So what do we have? The painstaking collection of contacts in the right number on the Linkedin network takes about 5 years.
This information is provided in order to provide an understanding of HOW important a Linkedin profile is for a recruiter and how painful it is to lose it.
But there are other methods of searching for candidates, you say. Of course there are. BUT! It has been experimentally proven that Linkedin is rightfully the most effective.
That is, the blocking of the recruiter’s profile leads to the fact that the specialist simply is simply not able to carry out his activities with the efficiency with which he previously carried out it.

Why block recruiters’ profiles? What should a specialist do SUCH to be banned from the FIRST time and without warning ?!

The main arguments given by the Linkedin administration:
– EXCESSIVE profile activity
– Prohibited content
– Complaint.

Let’s take a look at all the points.
A recruiter’s job is to be ACTIVE. This is an indisputable fact. Vacancies will not be closed if the specialist does not more than, for example, 100 letters a day. Positions will remain open even if the recruiter does not constantly expand his network by adding new contacts. So what’s a recruiter to do? Why did he come to work and what does his employer pay him for?
Perhaps someone is not aware that Linkedin has paid services – job posting, automated mailing, access to the contact database. Often, recruiters use the latter option, since in order to expand the network, it is necessary to have an open base of second and third contacts. This access is purchased, its name is Premium. By the way, without all these paid services, a recruiter is quite capable of working effectively through Linkedin, but this is a topic for another post).
So, the first thought that arises when analyzing the REAL reasons for blocking is not using paid Linkedin services, for example, the same access to the Premium database, which would sound at least justified. “If you want to make money on our network – pay.”
But it was not there. From the last real example, a profile was blocked for which ANNUAL Premium was paid (the cost of this service is about 600 euros). Moreover, we note that the blocking occurred without prior warning and without the possibility of recovery, but immediately FOREVER. So it sounded in a letter announcing that this profile no longer exists.
Thanks to long correspondence with the Linkedin administration in this particular case, it turned out that the blocking was caused by prohibited content. Moreover, it was not possible to find out what exactly was prohibited. I will note the fact that the profile was used purely for work purposes and only professional correspondence was conducted.
And the last point is a complaint. Yes, as it turned out, anyone who wants to make a complaint about a specific Linkedin profile can easily do it, even for no apparent reason. And how does Linkedin respond to a complaint? Blocks the complained profile! This is followed by long proceedings in the form of correspondence with the administration and clarification of the circumstances of the complaint. As a result, the page is unblocked (of course, provided that you managed to prove that the complaint was unfounded). However, clarification of the circumstances takes time, considerable time, on average a week. A WEEK! That is, a recruiter cannot use his profile for 7 days. Believe me, for a specialist in this area – this is an eternity … Let me explain. A recruiter of the WEEK missing the opportunity to work on vacancies on Linkedin is tantamount to losing the opportunity to fill at least 3 vacancies during this time. In addition, letters of candidates, sent resumes, etc. remain unanswered, which is extremely negative affects the reputation of the recruiter, which plays an important role in his professional activities.


This is such a hard life for recruiters recently … yes, many do not like them … but without them in any way.
If Linkedin continues to pursue the same policy of exterminating recruiters, there may come a time when those same “annoying” headhunters will have to look further …

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Telegram launches advertising – expensive and cheap at the same time

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Telegram introduces an advertising platform. Ads will appear in all channels of more than 1,000 subscribers, and the minimum cost of launching an advertisement is 2 million euros, said the founder of the social network Pavel Durov.


What happened?
Pavel Durov announced the launch of an advertising platform in Telegram. Now, on channels with more than 1000 subscribers, users will see an ad at the bottom of the feed. He will have a button with a link only to other Telegram channels and bots. The length of the advertising message is up to 160 characters.

Why is it expensive?
It seems that Telegram wants to lure into the advertising platform, first of all, large players like marketing agencies, since the minimum budget for replenishing an account is 2 million euros, and the minimum expenses per year are 10 million euros. Obviously, such amounts will not be pulled by small advertisers, so they will have to contact agencies.

Why is it cheap?
The minimum cost of 1000 impressions is 2 euros. At the same time, channel owners charge an average of 30 euros per 1000 impressions, and some copyright channels even more. This can significantly reduce their income. In addition, Telegram will begin to share the profit from advertising with the channel authors a little later, when it covers its main expenses.

What are the other conditions for launching advertising in Telegram?
The advertiser can choose in which channels his messages will be shown. Telegram assures that personal data of users will not be collected, and everyone will see the same ads in the same channels.

All ads will undergo detailed moderation, so it is prohibited to:

  • transfer via a button to external sites, applications and channels created exclusively for displaying other ads
  • misinformation – the message must match what is advertised
  • clickbait, personality and preference references, tragedy exploitation and advertising
  • financial products, gambling, alcohol, weapons, etc. will not be advertised

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