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Metahero future Ready Player One?

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Since Mark Zuckerberg’s new Meta video, there has been a lot going around on this topic. Metaverse is full of controversies, many people have problems with perceiving actual value in the digital world. For many watching video games still is something new. How about Travis Scott’s massive online concert, which was held in a game called Fortnite? Which was attended by 12 million people. People could view his big 3d model rapping from the stage. Imagine having a model of yourself in the game. Wouldn’t it be fun?

Project Metahero might help you as their goal is to make visions from Steven Spielberg’s movie – Ready Player One possible. How is this going to work?

According to Metahero’s idea, scanning will be done in chambers that measure 2,5 m height and 4,2 m diameter, which will allow 4 people to enter at once. Sixty-four cameras will scrutinize your body once 120 seconds. This means up to 400 scans a day will be possible. The Chamber is built from 16 columns which as their website says “are mobile”. It will allow chambers to move around and let people scan themselves in different places. Metahero plans to distribute 12 of these chambers around the world currently with one already in Doha, Qatar.

How much will you pay for such a digitalization? Around 200 $ in Metahero currency.

What will be possible with your body scan? This we can leave to our creativity.

We could play any game as ourselves, or we could attend an online meeting just as how we look. Maybe we could sell our to other people and let them use it. Maybe we could use different avatars to go on an imaginary date with our favorite actor? Possibilities are endless.

Additionally, there will be a hero app, that will allow its users to track their investments and their hero’s inventory.

Metaheros’ plan is to take one part of metaverse services: scanning. In the same division, you can also find other competitors.

Seems like metaverse is slowly starting to take off with everyone taking their places.

What would you use your body scan for?


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