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The future of Road trips

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Recently there has been an increase of speculations about Apple Car. Even though there had been no official confirmation to supposed leaks, the internet is buzzing with excitement. 

According to some of the new leaks the car might be completely autonomous. The concept of self-driving cars has been with us for a while now, however some people are still concerned about the consequences of such development. 

The main concerns regarding complete lack of access to control over the car is that the virtual maps are still not perfect. Even though such cars wouldn’t be available until 2025 at the earliest, it is difficult to imagine trusting an entire vehicle when we can’t even fully believe map apps. 

Another concern regards Siri. The system is still far from perfect, especially when it comes to understanding human speech. If we don’t pay enough attention during the ride there is a possibility of ending up in a completely different location, all because of a little error in understanding.

At last, there is one worry that does not concern safety nor convenience. For some people roadtrips are something beyond just getting from one place to another. It’s about the journey itself. For many people driving, even though sometimes stressful, is a time of break from work. For many, especially young people, road trips with friends are an entire adventure. Will this time still look the same without a driver or focus on the road? Only time will tell.

Taking into consideration how quickly technology progresses, the idea of having an autonomous car by 2025 is not impossible. Despite the concerns, most people are excited to see how such cars will change our life.