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Rising of SENSEI the Lisbon future of retail

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Sensei is the rising star that plans to offer the same autonomous store technology to other retailers. The company which is based in Lisbon has secured a seed round of $6.5 million. Seaya Ventures, Iberis Capital and 200M Fund took participation in funding.

The startup plans to set up more stores and invest in their R&D. Its platform uses a mix of cameras, sensors, and Computer Vision ML to automate stores, both new and existing. The platform is aimed at retailers can manage inventory in real-time and also collect data about how the stores are used by customers.

Sensei’s CEO, Vasco Portugal, stated: “Sensei’s technology will help level the playing field for retailers to compete against digital giants such as Amazon. We aim to enhance the familiar and enjoyable customer shopping experience, making it seamless, convenient, and safe.”

The rasing of such startups became even sharper since the pandemic, as the advantages of such stores became even more clear. Given the fact, that Amazon has already been selling its facilities to other retailers, we can now observe the formation of the new market.


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Apple vs Spotify. App Store antitrust violations

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Recently, the EU Commission preliminary stated that Apple with its App Store commission on mandatory in-app purchase system (IAP) and anti-steering provisions, which prevent users from being informed about alternatives, distorts the competition. Now Apple has 12 weeks for official response.

What is IAP?

IAp or in-app purchase system is the element of an App Store application with which user/customer is able to make an in-app transaction to buy a subscription or any stuff inside an app. For that kind of utility, Apple charges about 30% of the initial price.

Why is that important?

You may say that Apple has created their marketplace platform on their iOS. This marketplace is again on their Iphones or IPads. Hereby they are the ones who can charge apps such a price and, as Fortnite case showed us, you will be absolutely right. At the same time there is one but. Apple owns Apple Music. With that argument, Spotify claims that they have unfair price advantage as they can charge customer 30% less and earn the same amount of profits or they can pay more to the musicians. This actually happens as Apple pays $0.0076 per stream while Spotify pays in the range of $0.0026-0.0049.

What is anti-steering provisions?

Basically, anti-steering provisions is the tool that limits the ability of app developers to inform users about alternative purchasing possibilities outside apps.

The influence of the feature

We know that Apple cuts 30% from in-app transactions. The logical behavior of the developer is to offer a purchase outside the app, which is allowed by App Store rules. Nonetheless, it is really a burden to inform a user about such possibility as there are restrictions on that notion.

Back to the Case

In response to Commission’s allegation Apple stated that at this timeframe Spotify leads the market of music streaming and 99% of their users have no connection to IAP. Moreover, they have said that Apple charges only 15% of Spotify subscription. They have also added that Spotify wants all the benefits of Apple’s marketplace and does not want to pay a penny for that which is unfair competition.

Below you can see how Spotify’s founder, Daniel Ek reacted to Antitrust case


Apple has been struggling with antitrust cases for a while now. All of the proceedings by now have been won by Apple. However, if only once in a blue moon they are punished it will lead to even more allegations towards Apple monopoly. In that case, Apple will lose tons of reputation and money earned on commission.


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Sensor that works underwater BOOM!

Reading Time: 2 minutesOne of the most knowable events in techno industry that is called CES was held this month. During the event we were presented lots of new upcomings, and most of them we won’t see in the next years. During this event a new display hardware was presented.

Sensel has introduced a new presure-sensetive display that can work under the water. It has developed technology based on force touch. It identifies not only where you press your phone but also the power of pressing. Moreover, it can measure a lot of touches at the same time.

During the event it was shown how it reacted to paintbrush. It easily detected it! And when it was pressed harder lines, wich it drew, bacame thicker. We also know that every top segment smartphone, that is produced nowadays, has waterproof technology, so it won’t drown, but we still can’t work with it while it is wet. Sensel’s display solves this issue and gives you the capacity to use it. That can indeed solve a lot of problems like:

1. Using it during cooking process. You must be rid of when you are cooking a dish, cleaning some tableware and accidentally someone is calling you or writing you a massage, so you are tying to answer, but your hands are wet so your phone dosen’t obey you and waits till you use a towel.
2. Wearing gloves. With this technology you don’t need to buy special gloves with completly ridiculous prices or to take off your gloves every time you want to change your music. It really makes your life better.
3. Making a selfee under the water.
Although it has a lot of features that are usefull, there is one thing you should take into consideration. In my opinion, it will defenetly react on rain, that is why, this screen almost completly unables compfortable usage under the rainfall. But if they envisage it, the display must be a perfect solution for all top sensoric gadgets in the world!



Iphone Xl- failure or a genius move by Apple

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On the 6th of January Steve H.McFly‏, one of the most trusted informators about novelties in digital world, has posted a leak about new Iphones. According to that post, a new Iphone will be named Xl and will have 4 unsymmetricaly cameras located on a bulge. This tweet provoked mainly frustration and dissapointment. Steve has conducted a survey and 72% of people don’t like it.

Although, I have to agree that it is not the best design decision, it must have some reasonable backgrounnd, otherwise, it would be useless. Most of the people need basic things of high quality – camera, chats, mail box etc., but this new IPhone creation gives nothing special innovative. But still, few people will like it, for sure, and it may become a niche suggestion, demonstrating company’s individual approach to customers. So, we can assume, that this cameras module will bring huge benefits to the new Iphone. For example, it will have better photo and video abillities. Besides, it will definitely help measure the items with the use of Iphone and will help implement the new application on the augmented reality such as Ar MessureKit.

Yet, it is not worth paying that price for new technologgies neglecting Job’s principals of design. Wasn’t it Apple, I’d say that company has done a big mistake and, taking into account their international situation, they are digging out the grave for themselfs. But, if we speak about Apple, it’s a huge corporation, that until recently was the most capitalised company in the world, they must know what they do. The WSJ reports that Apple is going to introduce 3 new Iphones this year. Most probably it will be analogy of Iphone XS, Iphone XR and this new device.

I think, that some part of Iphone users will buy, approximetly 20% of them, Iphone Xl, because it will defenetly be the most expensive one, personaly I bet on $1599 for the cheapest configurations, and because of its strange design and the features that others Iphones won’t have. Besides, Apple still has strong cult of Steve Jobs that helps them to sell products, even though, they don’t give really different user experience, as they did before.

Personally, I’m waiting for this device, because it’s going to be the most powerfull Iphone ever. It’s a revolution, Johnny!

Digital taxes toughening

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Amazon, Google and Facebook will pay more taxes if EU implements new digital tax propolsals.

As we all know, currently tax system is not perfect, because it has lots of pitfalls and such big corporations as Google, Uber, Amazon, ect. use it without shame. For instance, Facebook, is the largest social networking service in the world, earned £1.3bn in UK and paid only £15.8m in tax in 2017. That is even less then 1% of their revenue. So that, to the opinion of EU commision the tax system must be revised.

They suggest implementing taxes based on not only staff presence, but also company’s “digital presence”. The Guardian says that “digital presence” means that a company has more than 100 000 users or more than £6m income per year, or it will have more than 3000 signed contracts. Moreover, thay want to take 3% out of selling of advertising space to companies that have more than €750m revenues worldwide and €50m in EU.

I think it is a good trend for two main reasons:

  1. The taxes will generate €5bn for EU every year.
  2. It will make things right, because traditional companies pay 23.2% from their revenue compared with avarege 9.5% of digital ones.

As for me, I totally agree with EU and think that it is not fair when such enterprises make thousands of millions dollars and pay less than traditional corporations. Despite the fact, that they don’t have physical presence, they still make signficant impact on it via huge communication flow. Digital space must be controlled, because it can influence people’s behaviour and purchase intent that can bring additional money to traditional corporations that are physically exist.



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Uncover humanity and secrets of your face

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Due to the fact, that deep learning technology takes giant steps in developing and improving, we might say that modern cities are just around the corner. One of the things that cities of the future need is face recognition system.

Why do we need that?

Face ID, for instance, can help the police to identify perpetrators and send them fees. It can bring huge benefits, because people will know that they can be punished for minor hooliganism. They can use it for finding criminals and elimination syndicates. Thus, security of life will be improved. Moreover, in the nearest future, face recognition technology will be able to understand human’s emotions, so that it will bring some benefits in medical industry and can be implemented in pain management procedures. Yet, its general mission is to help security system. It would be better to use Facial biometrics combined with fingerprints to authenticate persons.

How is it performing now?

Huge software corporations like IBM, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. are shipped to work on facial biometrics.  They have already achieved impressive results. For example, Facebook DeepFace can determine two photos of the same person with accuracy rate of 97.25%. In June 2015 Google’s program FaceNet achieved 95% on YouTube Faces DB. Although, its performance is quite high, this technology still has a lot of issues to be solved.

Firstly, as you may know Apple introduced Face ID in Iphones since X’s version and it had been heavily criticized by Chinees people because of inability to recognize some of their faces.

Secondly, In February 2018 found that Microsoft, IBM and Megvii tools had big percentage of mistakes when identifying dark skin women. This problem has been solved, though such occasions show us not thoroughness of this technology. This is due to the fact, that there are too many variables that need to be taken into consideration.

Moral dilemma

If we implement such a technology into our cities, there is a chance that it would not be accepted by usual peasants. Because, face recognition requires huge number of cameras in cities and human, like a creature, may take it as an endless monitoring and lack of freedom because we will have to act like robots to prevent punishment from the government. Moreover, the technology will replace manual work and this won’t be welcomed. Yet, advantages take over disadvantages and it is not long time before face recognition technology will be entered.



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