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Take a virtual walk through the Kozminski Univerity corridors

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Google provides a virtual walk through the Kozminski University. Now everyone can easily walk virtually at our university. It is also a very interesting idea for people who would like to study at Kozminski Uni.



Drone Ambulance Concept

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There are several reasons why this concept of quadcopter-ambulance is better than helicopters which are known nowadays. First of all, this concept is powered electrically. That means no emissions, easier to service parts and also quieter. What is more, it is eco-friendly, that argument should help us when applying for a funding it from EU funds. Drone technology is simpler mechanically than traditional helicopter technology. More and more parts can be 3D printed. To compare it with traditional helicopter which has dozen of parts which are moving in presented concept of quadcopter there are only 4 moving parts. In practice it means that drones are much simpler to maintain. Next, having 4 small sets of rotors means less kinetic energy is held by any one of the moving parts at anyone time than you would find in a helicopter rotor. This means in the undesirable event of a crash there would hopefully be less damage caused by the rotors, as opposed to the damage a helicopters rotors could cause. Ultimately the reason drone technology like this is becoming popular because it’s easier to automate than mechanical systems such as helicopters. Drones can fly themselves with relative ease, whereas automating a mechanical helicopter is significantly harder. Also, there’s the matter of space. A helicopter would have trouble landing close to a building. However, there is still one issue to solve. Patients should not wait in the queues after getting to the hospital.

In 2018 robot chef is going to prepare your fauvorite dinner

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A smartphone-controlled robotic chef that can cook world-class food using recipes downloaded from an online store sounds like pure science fiction – but the robot is real and in 2018 will be avaible to get for less than 10 000 £. The main idea behind this project was to deliver human friendly robot which will support us in everydays issues. Because people usually like eating rather than cooking robot is going to be able to deliver us taste sensations and move us to the world best restaurants inside of our own flats. What is more, robot is saving our time which is more and more important.


First Polish satellite factory started to work

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Polish company called SpaceForest from Gdynia is working on rocket powered by hybrid enginges, similar to that ones which were used in spacecraft SpaceShip Two. The goal of rockets, built in the framework of the European project named DEWI (Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure) will be to test the possibility of replacing wiring communication by wireless technology.

If the experiment is going to be successful, the large rockets built in the future, can significantly reduce its weight. What is more,  the same technology can be applied also in aircraft and helicopters.


The phenomenon of Ursus

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Over 6 million profit in the half year, innovative projects, conquering foreign markets – this is how you can shortly describe the current situation of Ursus. The famous company that has for years been synonymous with simple equipment for farmers, is now working on electric buses. What is more, they send tractors to Ethiopia.

Exactly 6.88 million PLN was Ursus profit in the first half of 2015. The result is 6.73 million better comparing to the previous year. Sales of tractors grew  300% Y2Y. Demand for Polish product was so big that the company was sometimes not able to deliver  orders on time.URSUS-11054-CMYK-LQ-zdj1

The cause of both – delays and great results – is a contract with Ethiopia. All the forces were focused on its implementation. The company is about to provide three thousand tractors. Polish tractors gained such popularity in Africa because they are not too sophisticated technologically. They are adapted to extreme weather conditions. What is more, if something breaks down, farmers are able to repair them on their own.

At the same time Ursus also boosted sales in Poland – revenues increased about 64 % in comparison to previous year. 

Last but not least, President of the Management Board of URSUS is one of our graduates – Mr Karol Zarajczyk.

Technology Billionaires concerned about Climate Change

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Top tech billionaires Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and some others announced that they are associating to fight with climate change with a new partnership called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. Their timing could not be better. The timing of the announcement coincided with the global climate conference. The group’s members have committed to use a notable portion of their hundreds of billions of dollars to invest in early stage clean energy companies.

Zuckerberg wrote a Facebook post announcing the partnership. In the post, Zuckerberg noticed that clean energy can solve  many of the world’s problems. ‘Solving the clean energy problem is an essential part of building a better world,’ he wrote. ‘We won’t be able to make meaningful progress on other challenges—like educating or connecting the world—without secure energy and a stable climate.’gates_zuckerberg_7a

There is no word yet on how much the members of the coalition plan to invest. However, they say they will fund startups in a range of industries, from agriculture to transportation and electricity storage.

Home 3D Printing for everyone

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Poland and Polish start-ups are growing, another Polish project is on Kickstarter. Polish entrepreneurship increasingly shows that the ambitions of starting with global products are in our country bigger and bigger. This time on Kickstarter debut Skriware – as we can read in the project – ‘We turn 3D printing into an everyday activity. Our printers enable printing straight from the online marketplace with just one click.’

You can not be indifferent to this project. In near future everyone will be able to print at home everything!


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Couple of weeks ago I had a pleasure to test Oculus. It is a very future-oriented device. It can change many aspects of our lives. Is it going to be positive or negative? What exactly can it change? Below there are some of the most important aspects:

  1. Gaming. There are already some video games in which you can move around entire towns and interact with many objects. It’s easy to move to virtual reality but is it still easy to come back to reality?
  2. Commerce. There’s already an Oculus program in which you can see your flat that you are about to buy. You can also see the whole building and the neighborhood. It’s a future for real estate agents.
  3. Education. It’s possible to take classes online. What if you could sit at a virtual desk instead of watching a video? Imagine biology classes if you could travel inside human body, brain!
  4. Sex. Impressions will be stronger than when viewing photos or videos. Oculus porn is going to be immersive and engaging. You can easily become addicted to this kind of entertainment.


Social media as a threat

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Nowadays more and more people are getting addicted to social media. Traditional forms of self expression that we used as children are gone. There was no judgment from our environment, we could create without limits or – as now – filters. Using Facebook/Twitter/Instagram is in most cases looking for approval. We wait for likes, shares, retweets, followers etc. What would happen if social media were just a social sharing platform? Would it still work if it wasn’t based on validation in views/followers/likes? What is more, while using social media we are getting addicted to our cellphones and most of us cannot imagine their lives without it.


A good example of social media madness and escaping from it is a former Instagram model – Essena O’Neill – who revealed the truth behind the photos by editing her posts. She had about 580,000 followers. She was making money looking good in nice sceneries. She was also famous on YouTube and Snapchat. One day something broke in her. She was miserable, angry, uninspired. She found out that creating a celebrity construct of herself, wasn’t what she wanted in her life and she decided to show how social media and advertising in social media works. For example she was wearing clothes that she was paid to wear. Her little sister had to take around 200 photos to choose the one that looks good enough to share it in social media (in this case Instagram). Basically things posted in social media are fake and don’t show real life. The question is: is it still a real version of us in social media? Try to log out to reality, spend time with your friends in off-line environment.

Technology taking control

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Tesla is a company that has gone a step forward in comparison to their competition. With the latest update Tesla introduced an early preview of autonomous car. Now, it is possible to try the Beta version of autopilot software. The system is not fully developed yet, it is acting as a self-steering extension of a radar cruise control system. The system has been tested on motorways and it seems to work quite good but the driver has to watch the road all the time. There is still a lot of work to be done for all types of roads to be safely auto-piloted. tesla-model

The question is where are we going? Isn’t the technology taking over the control in our lives? We can notice more and more electronic devices in our lives. Tesla’s idea is indisputable innovative and creative. However, it is also very dangerous for the society. Technology is helpful in everyday life, but it limits our skills and abilities. It is widely known that unused skills just disappear. Do we really want to let the technology go so deep in our lives?