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This world goes crazy

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Hi to all of us! Couple days ago I encountered the news that shocked me a bit 🙂


Since December 21st 2015 You can download (!!!!) emoji (!!!) by Kim Kardashian (!!!) of Kim Kardashian (!!!). First of all what drives people to download emoji? For me it’s on of the biggest questions ever. If I get this answer, the second question of why Kim? will be easier to crack. But what is more embarrassing is that this app paralysed the app store for couple hours, since servers couldn’t withstand the torrent of purchases – at a peak it got over 9000 downloads per minute….kim1

Guys, maybe i exaggerate a little and for someone Kemoji is crucial to have, but come on 🙂


Nevertheless, guys, Merry Christmas! I wish You all the happiness, love and joy! Hope the next year will bring You twice as much, as current year!!! Cheers!



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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

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Hello, guys. The imminent realise of Star Wars: The force awakens finally took its place. The movie realise was accompanied with a huge and ubiquitous promotional campaign. And in this post I want to stress out several cool features implemented by Google to promote the film.

  1. Now if You want to boost some volume or playback/forward – it will be animated as a sword lightsaber. Check this out.1
  2. One can experience the lightsaber for himself: for this go to this webpage, pair your phone with laptop and wave the phone  around as if You had a sword. Try to beat them all!!!
  3. “Choose Your side of a Force” – amazing feature!!! It turns your interface into rather side: calendar now shows the date release of Star Wars, C 3PO gives You a directions on your navigator, Gmail changes colours and more more fun
  4. Type in Google “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”…See what happens.

Probably many other things, but I have to check it 🙂

P.S. I did not upload other pics on purpose – to let You try it by yourself

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Facebook at Work

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Sooner or later it should have happened – the biggest social platform is about to introduce Facebook at work. Being genuinely honest the social giant started to talk about business inclined Facebook 5 years ago and bunch of companies have been using the closed beta version for over a year. However now, according to rumours, the platform is ready to be released.

Presumably Facebook at work gives the majority of regular Facebook features, but rather aim to connect co-workers in one place. The interface is going to be the same: with likes, news feed, messenger etc. However some differences will appear – for instance paying Candy Crush is impossible 🙁 User will be able to have to profiles simultaneously – regular and working (in different applications though).

Since there is lack of relevant info so far, I would guess the following:

  1. This network is going to be solely professional: business posts, news and pics.
  2. Additional tools may be provided for specific fee (analysis and technical instruments)
  3. Discorage workers to use Facebook in a working place was not the main purpose. The main purpose is to create business community.
  4. Typical user can’t create a Facebook at Work profile unless his employee bought a subscription (access, package or else)
  5. Head Hunting agencies will not be present (at least in the first place) and I believe Facebook at Work will not be transformed into head hunting tool.

I have a faith in this project largely due to Facebook popularity.

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Are You ready to give Your blood away?

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Couple days ago Google (now Alphabet) sent a patent query about the “needle-free blood draw”. The idea is to patent a system of blood draw and insert it in wearable electronics. According to the Alphabet the procedure lasts for couple seconds and pain-free (system sends a gas into a barrel containing a micro-particle that pierces the skin. Once blood is released from the skin, it’s sucked up into the negative pressure barrel.

red ink dissolving in water


The Company announces that it enables to collect small portion of blood enough to conduct a glucose  test, so it makes, if released, be a indispensable for diabetics.

Indeed the number of people with diabetes is huge in US and it can open a valuable door for new business. But again and again we are prompted to raise the personal data issue: what will be happening with blood samples? Where the base of samples will be stored? Just inside the device?

What Do You think, guys?


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This day is coming (or Warcraft on TV screens)

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Hello, guys. Hopefully You are already aware that Warcraft movie is about to be released in June 2016. For gamers of my generation (uh, sounds bad though) this announcement of a huge meaning. I have been waiting for a movie about Warcraft Universe since the original first game got released. Given this huge event for gamers, I want to remind you other PC games (Games that made impact on MY childish years) , which became a basis for successful (and not so much) movies.

  1.         Mortal Combat: Annihilation – 1997, box office: $51 m. Every kid in late 90th – early 2000th dreamed about being Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Jonny Cage. One of most successful dynasties in PC gaming ever.1
  2. Max Payne – 2008, box office $85 m. Famous story of FBI agent, whose family was killed. And he decides to deliver justice by his own. Incredibly popular game in the early 2000th.
  3. Silent Hill – 2006, box office $97m. Frightening story that makes a blood in your veins to cold stone. Mysterious derelict city Silent Hill is looks abandoned in daytime, but only until the bell rings….3
  4. Street Fighter – 1994, box office $99m. Along with Mortal Combat the most popular fighting of 904
  5. Hitman – 2007, box office $99m. Legendary agent 47, highly qualified assassin, which used to engage gamers all over the world (and keeps doing that).5
  6. Resident Evil – 2002, box office $102m. Zombie apocalypses in its pure form. Super popular shooter that puts a start to several episodes of successful film. But the first movie is the best though..6
  7. Mortal Combat – 1995, box office $122m The first movie about Mortal Combat and the best one.7
  8. Lara Croft: Tomb Rider – 2001, box office $275m. Lara…She transformed lots of boys into men! Just look at how she crawls inside a narrow passageway8
  9. Prince of Persia: Sand of Time – 2010, box office $335m. Legendary Prince deals with his devilish uncle and tries to curb the Sands of Time9



I believe that Warcraft movie will manage to become one of the best. If not, then who cares – for players it’s still a global event!


What is Your favourite here? Are You waiting for Warcraft? Tell me 🙂

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Buying is easier then ever

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Big retailers and brands have been always interested in finding new ways to promote and sell their goods and services. And I believe one of the convenient and fast methods is about to be invented. Lately largest social media started to embed “buying” option inside their platform. From the first sight it may be small feature, but it may carry great potential. Let’s figure out.



Facebook was among the firsts to test this option. Basically now visiting the brand’s fun page the user can find numerous posts with goods (descriptions etc.) with “buy” option. Now clicking the button redirects You to the page WITHIN THE APPLICATION following further procedures to seal the deal.

The Twitter started to implement the same option in its platform.2  It works with the same idea – the client stays inside the twitter account, buying the good or service.

The service Like2buy exploits the idea and implicates it on Instagram.

And now the main point. Despite the explicit better off both for users (seamless shopping, matching social networking with buying things, speed to procedures (brands will optimise buying experience for social networks etc.) and for brands (buyers are all  on social platforms) there is another cool thing. Facebook is about to introduce it’s paying system. If it happens then users will get the perfect way to enjoy shopping: no additional info needed to provide  (credit card, personal data etc.). In this case You are literally one click away from purchasing.


What do You think about it? Would You use it?

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Techno companies are unlikely to survive for a century

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Hello everyone. Today’s post I want to dedicate to rumination about the life cycle of technological companies. Are they easy to go beyond the times and survive hundred years, as did their peers in other industries?

Recently HP got split into two separated companies and now is traded on exchange as two different units. HP was a pioneer, the first techno start-up of Silicon Valley, the company that gave an inspiration to new breed of other audacious geeks to believe they can create something similar. Now techno giant has hard times…

Now, like never before, techno companies are vulnerable and I believe there are several reasons for that:

  • Times are changing faster, especially in digital world: company that popped up could enjoy the trend for years, calmly developing the idea. Now trends change so rapidly, that no one can feel secure with just a good idea.
  • What we see now is a world of start-ups – one can get funds and initial investors right away. That favored the condition for mushrooming hundreds and hundreds of start-ups. Can they be thread for acknowledged technological firms? Absolutely. Breed of new entities like Facebook, Google, Airbnb, Uber and others are so young compered to Sony, Apple, Microsoft and others. And still they compete even right now.
  • Companies, which stand only on sole idea, are doomed. The great example (not from virtual world though) is a PLAYBOY. There was only one reason why man all over the world kept buying the magazine: eagerness for naked flesh. However wind changed, a nudity may be found everywhere on Internet and the magazine struggles. Therefore the companies, which are not bothered with establishing affiliate businesses, will eventually have hard times. And now it’s reasonable, as never before – companies can’t afford to have lack of innovations.

So having these thoughts in mind, I believe, that companies in technological field are unlikely to survive hundreds years in their original state – if we will have a Facebook it will not be famous for social networking.


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The main reason of inequality on Earth

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Hello everyone. Today I want to hear YOUR thoughts about the issue I want to lift up here. Recently I’ve heard an opinion that seduced my brain to think quite hard. It is was said, that the main reason why inequality among people (generations, continents etc) constantly growths is a technological progress. It is not the only reason, but the fact is technological development with each new breakthrough deepens the void between rich and poor.

I never thought about it before, but from the first sight it makes perfect sense, don’t You think? Great industrial revolution of 17th-18th century made people, who were actually involved in it, reacher. In comparison with people who were not affected by the revulsion, participants could effort additional meals, accommodation ever since. Therefore, the abyss of inequality extended significantly. With each technological breakthrough people with immediate and permanent access to each gain the most from it, whereas inhabitants of remote regions still keep up. Paraphrasing Pareto rules, if some fraction of population gains value while the rest do not lose value, then the whole society is better off. However the growing inequality thanks to technology concerns me and causes doubts about the true “better off” for society.

I believe the topic is so complex and we can have good discussion on it 🙂

So, dear readers, I have my opinion, yet I eager to know Your opinion on consequent matters:

  1. Does the technological breakthroughs cause inequality among us?
  2. If yes, is there any chance to mitigate the weak access to new technology for all of us?

IOS as a weakest point of APPLE

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Hello everyone. Couple weeks ago when I started to create content for this blog, I decided to write about the topics, that I really care about or which affect my daily life so irresistibly, that I have to share it with readers. I have been reaching the boiling point for a while and now I am ready to “spill over” my concerns 🙂

I am truly Apple guy: I have a Macbook, iPad, iPhone and iPhone, and I used to believe nothing could possibly change my positive attitude toward those devices. I was hooked on by its quickness, responsiveness, user interface and much more. But recently I got a feeling I would not have tolerated couple years ago – I got pissed off with IOS.

As far as I remember myself as an Apple fan, it used to be as follows: Android is an open system, that gives a user limitless options for customisations, but the user has to endure slow system and lots of bags in return. Whereas an IOS, as a counterpart, is a closed system, that restricts plenty of functions Android offers, but it gives a great opportunity to have a smooth, fast and intuitively comprehensive experience with its devices. People liked it or hated it, but Apple had its own philosophy in IOS development.


It lasted all the way till IOS6. Or for being precise till Scott Forstall, vice-president, responsible for IOS development, got fired. IOS5 appeared the system created under his supervision and then it started gradually plummet. To Apple’s credit, I must say IOS6 did not bring any killing feature, but at least it did not kill the user experience. Lets be honest – it’s hard to break what works perfect.

The consecutive system IOS7  was going to be a huge challenge since company decided to create it from the scratch. Flat design, new options, features and so called breakthroughes were summoned to accept the challenge sent by Samsung. At that time (2013) Apple funs could not mock Samsung as the did before: “IOS is not perfect anymore, but look at Samsung – it’s even more hilarious ” – now it’s note than extraneous. As a response to critics Apple released the worst (in terms of responsiveness, lags, battery life) system they had ever created. And they will “surpass” this system with IOS8 and 9.

ios6_ios7_home_screensMy personal experience suffered ever since. If someone thinks that the fact that I have Iphone4S is enough to exonerate Apple – I am totally in disagree.

Everything lags:

  1. Spotlight
  2. Multitasking
  3. Overal performance is rolling to the void
  4. Camera switches off on permanent basis

It was on IOS8. Please, do not install 9 on your 4S – it will inevitably kill it. I know, believe me 🙂

As an endorsement of my words: I saw a video with a guy benchmarking iPhone 6s+ on IOS9 and iPhone 4s on IOS5 and the latter doing pretty ok. It is like a hard stroke in apple fans’ faces…

Another annoying matter is localisation services. I really do not know what curbs Tim Cook and a team to develop this way?!?! Why Google and ALL its services are localised: Google Now, Google Maps, Assistants etc?? Why the next Apple’s “killing feature” will be non usable outside US? I believe it add another drop in the jar of Apple adherents and one day it will spill over and people will but Samsung and they will realise that everything that must work actually works. If Mr. Cook reads us – take care of this business. IOS is a golden cow for Your company!

As a concussion, I reckon it’s a huge topic to discuss, but I believe U have expressed the main points of my concern. Nowadays I really consider options how can I drop photos on my Mac from Android smartphone and it upsets me. But on the flop side, it’s a beginning of something new.


Life is just a game

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Hey there. Recently I have been surfing though the internet and had encountered an amusing pic.1

I laughed for a while and then it stuck me – I new the game industry accumulate enormous pile of money, but lately it has became ubiquitous and keeps growing, engulfing new gamers in its nets.

Game industry evolved with the evolution of complement equipment – PC, consoles, Youtube (don’t You think that video service played enormous role in it?),  Twitch (another famous video streaming service) etc. Now the market is so big, that it attracts both content consumers and producers easily. Just some facts:

  1. 155 m americans play games
  2. 51% of americans have game console. Not a PC, but game console.
  3. Gamers are young? Laughing in your face: average male – 35, average female – 43.(source:

Industry growth encourages both game producers (EA Sports, Blizzard, Konami etc), but also producers of complement content, namely streamers – PewDiePie makes 12m dollars a year overviewing and streaming games. (source:

But what I’ve become amazed by is the game contests. It’s something truly mind-bogling: Huge orcs stampeding over the venue, Metallica playing US anthem, thousands (literally) acolytes waiting for the final round etc. It becomes gorgeous show, surpassing NBA finals many times.

blizzcon-2013-anaheim-convention-center-outdoor-1   blizzcon-costume-wallpaper-2560x1440513147948464_b0b290cc9b_k

Performance like this make gamers all over the world to stick to their screen with mouths opened is awe. Everyone wants to become a pro player and get an invitation from the Blizzard. Making comparison with Nobel prize, here everything is crystal clear and comprehensive. I don’t want to blame Nobel nominations, but winning a Nobel Prize in an age of 70 for a topic You have been developing for decades (Angus Deaton) or  even sadder story with John Nash – it does not encourage to become a Ph.D. 🙂

Whereas in cyber sport everything is more prosaic: if u kill more enemies, collected more points and completed the quest faster then others – You are “Nobel Prize” winner.

Prize pool? well, it’s fabulous:

  1. Hearthstone – 250 000$
  2. Starcraft – 1.6 m $
  3. Fifa 2015 – 15 m $
  4. Dota2 – 18.5 m $

In conclusion i want to stress out – the industry is bursting and individuals as well as companies pour huge sums of money to soar it even further. What is the effect on players: more interesting projects and chances to participate in tournaments; for streamers: endless opportunity to create content; for scholars: it’s never too late to start playing DOTA 2 🙂

P.S. If You mother tells You to stop playing games, because You would never achieve anything in your life – just give her a link to this blog…

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