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Da Vinci Robot, innovation in operations

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This is a surgical device that makes it easier for doctors to perform surgery. Da Vinci robot allows precise execution of complicated surgical procedures, especially in hard to reach areas of the body. However, it is not the only advantages of the robot.

How does it work?

The da Vinci robot consists of two parts of a medical robot and a surgical console. Both devices are a bit distant from each other. During the operation, the surgeon is not at the robot, does not operate directly on the patient, but sits at the console and using it (specifically the control pads) directs the device. In the console glasses, the surgeon has a preview of the operated part of the body – in three dimensions, high definition HD, natural colors, and even in a twenty-fold magnification.


What operations can be done with help of this robot?

– general surgery (eg treatment of gall bladder diseases, achalasia of the esophagus, obesity)
– vascular surgery (eg coronary revascularization, i.e. widening and restoring the narrowed coronary vessel)
– oncological surgery (cancer tumor excision)
– proctology (eg colectomy – partial or complete colon removal)
– urology (eg prostatectomy – excision of the prostate gland, cystectomy – excision of the urinary bladder, nephrectomy, or removal of the kidney)


What do you guys think? Do you see future in robots who help doctors?



Woo, amazing thing for kitesurfers

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Woo 1.0 is a little equipment which you attach to your kitesurfing board and it measures the parameters of your jumps. isn’t it interesting?

Well you downaload free app to connect woo with your phone and done, you have all your data of the jumps there. The price of the products is less than 250 EUR (or 250 USD on the US market), you get a thing that along with the free mobile application will help you to objectively assess how high you jumped and how long your swimming session last. Moreover it will also allow you to monitor your progress and compare results with other kitesurfers and even compete with them! Is it it fun?

Also there is Woo 2.0 which is also dedicated to the other sports that means that it can work in kitesurfing, wakeboarding or snowboarding modes. Woo 2.0 running in kitesurfing mode is the equivalent of version 1.0. Woo is in a form of little black-blue box, in the middle of which there are accelerometers, gyroscopes and other sensors. “According to the manufacturer’s information, these sensors monitor the movement of the device in 9 different planes. Based on the data they provide, the complex algorithm calculates the pitch, flight time – the so-called hangtime, and landing strength. This is not a simple matter, the device must not only monitor the parameters of the jump, but also, for example, distinguish the stroke from entering the wave (apparently the jump is detected on the basis of the difference in vibration of the board located on the water and in the air). As a result, we receive, for a session spent on water with Woo, a register of the number of strokes and the above-mentioned parameters for each of them.” as Tadek is saying in his post (

I saw this gadget in use, my father and brother were using it durig their kitesurfing sessions on their vacaion, and they were so impressed with it and happy that such a small thing could give them so many informations. Sometimes they were sad and dissapointed becauase their expected high jump were shawn in the woo as the low one, woo were true they were suprised that how expetations differ than reality. But still it is fun!


I will leave you with the video how woo 2.0 now works.





Woo, gadżet na kitesurfing

Internet vs. reality one word; Photoshop

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These days in the internet, when we have all this snapchat, instagram photo filters, many applications of editing pictures we all know is rare to see the picture without “pimping”. This is rare when someone would post picture with no filter or changes done. However before all of this accessible for everyone apps there was photoshop which is still existing and is the most popular one.

So how does this famous photoshop works. Photoshop was originally designed for graphic designers, while as photography is more and more connected now days with graphics, it is now also a basic tool for photographers. Photoshop has very extensive options when it comes to modifying photos, which are portraits, pictures of landscapes, professional photo shoots and what is more and more famous now selfies and pictures of the individuals which are not professional photographers.

Earlier photoshop was the tool used by professionals but now everyone could use it, you can download it from the and by paying only 24, 59 euro per month. Okay why am I writing about the photoshop when it is not a “new thing”. Lately I started my adventure with photoshop and as I started I was scared and surprised at once, scared how people could be changed in this program and surprised how amazing it is. I decided to describe this a little bit and show how much it changed internet these days and how perfect people would like to look in the internet and how damaged it could be. The knowledge about it should be shared loudly and everywhere, as this problem exist already for a couple of yers. Moreover as I come from generation who knows that most of the beautiful perfect and confident women on the internet are fake and they do not exist my children would consider it as a real and would have problems with themselves as they would not be consider as perfect. The problem with photoshop begin when the fashion industry exaggerated with photoshopping pictures in the magazines which looked fake or people on the pictures did not look alike anymore. The problem stopped as soon as there were limitations introduced, but while the social media became famous, people went crazy about how they look, how other people see them and they started to photoshop their picture. The question is why? For what?



Genius program which was created for the photographers to explore their passion and help them in editing photos they did is now used by the group of  people who want to heal their complexes by photoshopping their pictures. The most important saying nowadays is “If you want to find out about somebody, then see them in real life”. And remember do not believe in everything you see online. The sad true is that that the true always comes out and as soon this would be reveal than better. Moreover it is especially sad for people who do photoshop to their pictures most of the time. These times are awful for people and for the world, as we would be so focus on us and social media and how we look we would not go forward. I would leave you with the video which shows how Photoshop works to be honest destroy people view and question is it worth to use photoshop in this kind of empty way?



Photoshop Master Reveals Why You Should Never Trust Photos You See On Social Media

iPhone X, was it worth to stand in this huge queue?

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It is not suprising not at all that for new iPhone as everytime new iPhone come out Apple is gathering huge amount of people in queues all around the world for the new model of their phone.

As the Guardian said “thousands of people formed queues outside stores in London, Tokyo, Sydney and around the world on Friday as eager buyers tried to get their hands on Apple’s most expensive smartphone to date, the hotly anticipated £999 iPhone”. iPhone 10 as it is also described as X in Rome language means 10. In Guardian  Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight said very important thing that “Apple has taken the potent ingredients of the iPhone brand and technology to once again position this new iPhone as the must-have device of the moment. And it’s all the more remarkable given it’s the highest price we’ve seen for a mobile phone, which makes it a representation of the importance people place on their phone as the most valuable, most loved and used gadget in their lives.” This whole iPhone X thing also convinced my friend who decided to stand in the queue in one Warsaw shopping centre, he waited 50 min for the new phone, he skipped work just to get new iPhone X as the vision of not getting this phone was so depressing for him because as for now Apple produced only limited amount of phones and as you would like to have iPhone X later you would have to wait almost one moth to get is as it would be produced and be back in stores. Moreover he said he would not stand if he would not get it, it seemed to me as his life dependend in this time of if he would have this new Iphone or not, this is the example how material thing, technological innovation is changing people thinking, as it is just a thing, nothing more. As he got his new iPhone I asked him what is great about it if it was worth to wait almost one hour for it and to skip the work, for this question he did not answer but he was so excited about face reading feature and that was it basically.. However he was so happy about the design, size and camera but he could not tell me more about it because this iPhone X has nothing special about it, what? I should be impressed of talking to emojis? Yeah that could be great for lonely people ale it will allow them to be unhappy and lonely still. For me it was not forth his time, money and excitement, this phone is nothing special for me.. How do you thing guys? Which side of view would you choose mine or my friend?







Vinted, would it change online clothes shopping?

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Vinted is a website and mobile application. It was invented to sell clothes between people, not business to business model but customer to customer. Everyone who has used clothes or clothes which would not be used anymore by them, could create account and show things they would like to sell to other people. Moreover it is not always about selling on Vinted people can also exchange with goods.


Let’s start from the beginning, Vinted was created in 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania by two people with brilliant idea, Milda Mitkute and Justas Janauskas first they were testing a prototype site where Lithuanian women could trade their clothes which they do not want but they could be wanted by other. Then with the help of advertising and promotions company was expanded into Germany, where it operates under the brand Kleiderkreisel. In 2010, Vinted launched in the United States. In 2012 the company introduced mobile app which is available on iOS, Android and desktop browsers.



To use application you have to first sign in and create an account then you put your preferred location, size, favorite color, basically you personalize your future filters and research preferences for your future clothes, shoes and make up search, the same information you are adding to the goods which you would like to sell, after it goes to your profile and people can add your clothes to the favorite and they can watch how many interested people are with the same thing, if it was sold or price went up or down. After deciding to buy exact thing you write to the person who is selling this exact good and either you can meet in person if this good is close to you to buy this shoe, shirt make up etc. or you agree on the bank transfer and sending good through post office.


The question is how it will change online shopping market? Mainly websites are offering only new and branded clothing, possible competition for Vinted would be Allegro, Gumtree and OLX where people are offering many goods and there also clothes, but the advantage for Vinted is that they specialization is clothing and make up, not furniture, flats and other things which appear on  this 3 other platforms. The application is perfect for people who have many clothes in perfect condition and would like to sell it to people who would use it and be happy to have it, moreover the application is clear because it is only about make up clothes and shoes, the sell is easier and research of the goods also. The Vinted in my opinion has really bright future and by adding new features to their offer on website and application it becomes more and more popular in Poland.

So what do you thing guys? Would you start using Vinted? In your opinion how would it change online shopping?