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Sleep Better with Sleepbuds by Bose

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What would you say about falling asleep to the calm sound of the raindrops or the peaceful waves on a beach. Now it is possible with the new product by Bose – Sleepbuds. They look like tiny headphones, but in fact they are noise-masking, uniquely designed for sleep.  You can get them in three different sizes what makes them even more comfortable for everyone. They have rechargeable batteries with a charging case which is included in every kit. Of course you can use your standard headphones, but it is very uncomfortable and unhealthy. Sleepbuds were designed in order to provide you with healthy, calm and uninterrupted sleep.

You can use the library in the Bose Sleep app on your phone and choose from over a thousand of fantastic sounds. Moreover, Bose uses 3D scans to understand ear geometry, because two ears are not alike. In this way they can find the right fit what is crucial to the sleepbuds’ performance. This product also has a function of waking-up alarms.

This company is known for noise cancelling technology, but they discovered that when it comes to sleep noise masking is a much better option.

“Sleep better. No matter how loud the snoring gets.”



Shelter from Sounds by Ford

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If you have a dog you probably know that there is nothing as stressful for them as fireworks and thunders. It is because these creatures are very sensitive to sounds. A dog trainer Graeme Hall estimated in the short Ford’s video that half of all dogs have a fireworks phobia. That is one of the reasons why Ford Motor Co. designed a prototype for a soundproof dog kennel. Creating this shelter Ford used its active noise technology out of the car.

The kennel is equipped in an automatic door, anti-vibration bock risers and soundproof ventilation. For people who cannot watch their dogs suffer on holidays such as New Year’s Eve it is surely welcome news.

Whether the kennel will be made available on the market shelves depends on the interest for this specific product.

The shelter can make pets’ lives more comfortable, but the main reason why Ford decided to design its noise-cancelling kennel is to show their customers how its vehicle technology works and can benefit them.

It is not available for the customers yet, but there are plenty of other products on the market that can help with your dog’s anxiety. Nowadays, the anxiety economy grows and customers are spending more and more money not only for self comfort but also for pets and even for animals living in their natural environment. That is why technologies such as the one discovered and designed by Ford are necessary these days.