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iPhone 7 – Parachute System

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iPhone 7 concept was designed with an integrated Co2  parachute system.
iPhone 7 concept 2016 main

Iphone 7 have been designed to protect the device from damage when dropped. Sensor should work in tandem to detect when the device is free falling by monitoring its speed and distance from an object. When the speed increases, and the distance from an object decreases,


The CO2 chamber, once depleted, can then be filled up via a slot at the bottom of the device.

Check out the video for yourself and see what you think.

Lorries with screens will change the face of our roads.

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Lorries with  screens will change the face of our roads

More often and farther we travel  in Poland we can recognize  better roads, but the level of security on them still leaves much to be desired, due to a dominant yet, “one line roads”.

Although for many years there are revolutionary ideas that will change this status .We are so far not implemented solutions, the most banal to make, and yet so useful, such as the concept of “SafetyTruck” proposed by engineers from Samsung.

This is about to show on the back of lorries, four screens that constantly display picture of the front of the Car.

In this way, the drivery would have a much wider field of view, which is extremely important, for example. During commencement safe overtaking.

The idea is not new, but today’s  technology, is a lot cheaper and more accessible , should positively affect its rapid implementation. Fingers crossed.



Hussarya-33 Polish super car

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Arrinera Automotive is a company that is expected to begin production of sports car, they want to be competitors of cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. The prototype was recently tested at the airport in Biala Podlaska and is a prelude to a future serial version.

Currently Arrinera Automotive rapidly working on the final version of its first model Hussarya. In October last year, there were test driving around the frame on the track Ułęż. A few days ago, they were carried out while in the białe Podlasie further attempts to have the vehicle dressed in body. The tests were designed to investigate aspects related to the aerodynamic body and the functioning of the chassis.

The first version, which goes into production will  be arrinera hussarya 33, which is the most expensive edition of the car, only 33 cars will be produce. Price of finished vehicle in its basic configuration will be around 160 thousand Euro (approx. 660 000 zł). Variety Limited Hussarya 33 it cost about 200 thousand. Euro (about 828 000 zł).


Frame designed by Lee Noble formed of high strength steel with a varying cross section including the appropriate torsional strength. It will be lightweight and resistant to deformation. The design of the car includes a centrally placed engine 8-cylinder with a capacity of 6.2-liters, dating from Chevrolet. Maximum power is 650 hp and 820 Nm of maximum torque. Hussarya will accelerate in 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, and 8.9 s to 200 km / h. Expected maximum speed of up to 340 km / h

The space for the brake system will take care of 19-inch alloy wheels.



What do you think about design and price?
Do you see it as competitors of ferrari

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“No more usernames. No more passwords.
One look is all it takes to verify your identity .
Every password you use ,now you can replaced it on your eyeball!!!
Company “myris” converted one kind characteristic of your eye into encrypted code unique only to you. This device is size of hand ball ,key to success is that this special device does not storage any data, even your eye image , so you will not worry about someone stealing your password, furthermore it is more uniq and secure than face recognition voice recognition finger prints recognition and 3 time better than apple touch id.Cyber industry facts:

The cyber security space is fastest growing tech sector

  • A 30,000 foot view of the market last year
  • The worldwide cyber security market is estimated from $77 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020.
  • The U.S. government has spent $100 billion on cyber security in last 10 years and has $14 billion budget for cyber security in 2016.

This company has potential to gain huge share of this market , this technology is unique
and probably we will meet with this technology in Poland in close future.In my opinion it will be hard to encourage pople to use it and for ordinary customer it is to expensive , and it need customization ,Secound obstacle is the service , when it brokes what then , I will have it send it to USA to fix it  and I will be unsecure or I will lost access to my accounts,by the way as customer of lenovo which send broken compter from poland to germany for 3 weeks , I will never buy anithing without good customer serviceanymore , especially personal things like phone ,computer or PASSWORDS

You plug the USB-based device into any available Windows or Mac port. On the PC, both Windows 7 and Windows 8, the system sees Myris as an external hard drive.

the price Myris is ($279.99) How much is worth security for you and for big corporation? It is possible to brake the system ?Would you use it?

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Dislike button

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I would like to comment on rumors about the introduction by facebook. “‘Dislike button’ ‘supported by some sources with a comparable level of credibility to the” Fakt “. Zuckerberg clearly and explicitly said (and this is already at 3 minutes Q & A) that there will not be ‘dislike button’ but only there will be a tool  to demonstrate empathy in situations where ‘like’ is inappropriate, Ex. When someone set status on the sad events like death to allow users to show that they are with you and understands you in a simple way (without commenting or writing a private message) when you ‘like’ is not in place. More importantly, he said that this tool is not designed for offensive or cell to make someone upset so I guess quite clear is that this tool has little in common with ‘disliking’. Another example of how the media manipulate extremely truth and for those who share something popular on Facebook without thinking anything else it come across on FB proposes to seek the truth sometimes at source. I would recommend to hear the initial 6  minutes to understand Mark Zukenberg vision.

This is the link to Q & A

Additionally I would like to knew what are thinking about future education platform on facebook?