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hit RECORD !

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Today I would like to share with you my recent discovery – hitRECord. It is an open community-sourced production company where anyone can contribute text, images, audio or video. Their page has quite a lot of options and I will try to shortly introduce some of them to you.

On the “Main Page” you will see projects that company is currently interested in, so you can contribute to them and if they will pick up your work – it’ll be monetized.

“Collaborate” page is place to start. Here you can see ‘challenges’ – so a small creative tasks to do (for example creating one video), ‘projects’ – set of challenges, ‘productions’ – projects that are distributed through different channels like tv, events, books etc. You can collaborate by: writing, making illustrations, graphic design, photography, acting, editing, animation, vocals, music, voice acting or conducting interview.


“Profile” Page – everything you are working on and you recommend shows up here. On your Profile page you will also see remixes of your work, and if someone comments or recommends it.

If you want to feel as “Producer” the website gives you tools to create, manage and produce the whole Project. You can set goals, organize challenges, post schedule, communicate with collaborators and more.

When it comes to Challenges – anyone can contribute to them as well as create one for specific project.

If company picks up some work, adds it to Production and it’s getting monetized – contributors are paid. How? The hitRECord staff proposes a percentage that each record should receive, this “Proposal” is being published for whole community to review and staff is waiting for 2 weeks for feedback on it. Then feedback is getting reviewed by staff and they prepare “Final profit” document and soon after that all contributors are paid.


What do You think about hitRECord? Are you gonna log in there and contribute to some project? Or is it just another social platform that you need to remember the log-in and password?

I believe it is really great place for creative people and artists, where they can try their hands at various projects. Also, it’s place where you can have fun or just show your pieces of work and get some feedback. And btw you can make money on that 😉 If I had more free time I would try myself in ‘voice acting’, as it was my dream when I was younger and I would do it just for fun. What is more, in my opinion Joseph Gordon-Levitt had a really innovative idea with introducing this kind of collaborative production company. He and his staff are deciding what is getting published etc., but they have wide range of records to pick from and a lot of people willing to contribute. The idea is simple, yet brilliant.

If my post was interesting enough, please enjoy: ! 🙂


Sources: JoeGordonLevitt/videos/1186370408053288/

The best apps – according to ME ;)

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Today I want to present FIVE best apps – according to me. 😉 You can of course disagree with this choice, and I will be happy to hear your opinion.

soundhoundSoundHound – who has not had this situation when you really liked the song, but didn’t know the name. SoundHound comes to the rescue. You just click the big orange button, app is listening for a few seconds and then gives you the name of the artist and the song, and much more: lyrics, artist bio, preview songs and albums, purchase songs etc. and of course there is a list of your searches saved. App is really easy to navigate, intuitive and has great features. Most of you probably know this app or Shazam. Both are great. 🙂 [1]

screen322x572 (16) screen322x572 (17)  screen322x572 (19)


uberUber – probably I don’t need to introduce this application, but I looove it. Great alternative for taxis, which I hate in Warsaw – they always try to cheat and make you pay more. In Uber app you upload your credit card number (or PayPal) and your account is charged after a ride, which I believe it’s more convenient than paying with cash (case with most of the taxis in Warsaw). With Uber you can pick your route and your driver, who have visible recommendations. You, as a passenger, are also rated – so be nice or no driver will pick you up 😉 It’s cheaper, quicker and more reliable than Warsaw taxis, that’s why I love it.[2]

screen322x572 (7)  screen322x572 (9) screen322x572 (10)


1pas1password –  is a password-management app, that allows you to easily collect all your passwords, credit card information, licenses, secure notes and more in one place. It claims to be really secure due to encryption, strong password, auto-lock and touch ID access. And the app design is really nice and user-friendly. Love it. [3]

screen322x572 (4) screen322x572 (5) screen322x572 (6)


laundryLaundry Day – it’s a funny one for laundry-dummies like me. You scan tags from clothes and app tells you have you should make your laundry. Simple as that. Picture of laundry tags above my washing machine – no longer needed (picture below). [4]

screen322x572 (12)  screen322x572 (14)pranie


mintMint – last but not least, Mint is a money-management app which helps with everyday budgeting. According to Mint we can ‘spend smarter and save more’. Apps provides us with beautiful charts and graphs on our spending’s, we can set the goals for spending/savings and we can set bills payment reminders! Everything is cool… only one ‘little’ minus – it is not working in countries other than USA and Canada. I would really like to use it – alternatives are there, but not as developed and well-designed. [5]

screen322x572 (1) screen322x572 (2) screen322x572 (3)









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snSnapchat – application which is loved by 13–34 year olds. Over 100 million super engaged users, that share almost 9 thousand “snaps” every SECOND and view videos over 6 billion times DAILY!

If you are over 34 years old, you probably don’t understand how Snapchat works. I’ll briefly explain it:

  1. Snapchatters can send photos or videos, to their friends, that can be viewed only once
  2. They can also add photo or video to “My Story” tab, so their friends can watch it for next 24 hours
  3. They can chat with friends, but messages are not stored, so they can also view them only once.

These are main features of Snapchat. Why am I actually describing it? I want you to understand that marketing has just now reached a whole new level!

Recently, fashion luxury brand – Burberry – decided to present their new Spring/Summer 2016 collection for the first time, one day before runway show, exclusively via Snapchat! Photos were made live with smartphone by well-known photographer Mario Testino and immediately uploaded to Burberry’s My Story.



Earlier other luxury fashion brands, like Luis Vuitton, showed snaps from their runways…


… but Burberry definitely went a step further. They also presented backstage from their runway show with new collection.



I really appreciate that they tried this new, different channel of communication with their customers, I liked their unusual idea for presenting new collection and admire for their courage for implementing this idea!

What do you think guys? Is Snapchat a good channel for luxury brand? Would you give it a try for your business?



New Paid Youtube Option

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Youtube just introduced Youtube Red – paid monthly subscription of 9,99$ (currently available only in USA). What we will gain and how it will work if we decide to pay?


What users will gain:

– no advertisements on website and on all Youtube applications

– possibility of downloading movies and watching them offline on mobile device

– video playback in the background with turned off screen (in the mobile YouTube app)

– access to the full resources of YouTube Music, consisting mainly of music videos

– access to a paid Google Play Music plan

– access to new videos “YouTube Originals” created by the most famous YouTubers in cooperation with producers of television movies and series



How it will work:

– Youtube Red is just an additional option on and Youtube apps, not a different website (it is similar to Spotify that most of you probably know)

– Yourube Red users pay once to remove ads from all devices (smartphone, tablet, tv) assigned to your account

– Youtubers that earns on Youtube must approve new agreement with Google, which states that for Youtube Red user ads will be switched off so they won’t earn from ads, but will get some money from subscription fee

– Paid channels is separate issue. Each paid channel operates independently, so for access to each have to pay separately.


I am wondering if people are willing to pay now, while are used to Youtube to be free. What do you think? Are you going to use Youtube Red option?



Advertising on Instagram

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instaSome of you might have noticed that recently Instagram allowed its users to advertise. It is great opportunity for businesses that are present in social media, as Insta has over 400 million users, and therefore become one of the world’s biggest mobile advertising platforms.

Here are a few things you should know if you are interested in advertising on Instagram:

1.You can create ads by Facebook Power Editor tool or through Instagram’s Ads API partners, eg. Hootsuite.

In Power Editor you can create ad for Instagram even if you don’t have account there, however:

– ad on Instagram will show your Facebook’s fanpage name and profile photo as your Insta user name, but it’ll be grayed out and won’t be clickable,

– you have no option to answer for comments on your ad.


2. There are three types of ads you can create: Image Ads, Video Ads and Carousel Ads.

Image Ads can have 1:1 or 1.9:1 (landscape) image ratio. The caption length is up to 300 characters, however 125 characters are recommended.

There is also Call-to-action button so you can drive traffic directly to your website, not only IG account. You can choose between: Book Now, Contact Us, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch More.

Video Ads also can have square or landscape format, and can last up to 30 seconds! I believe it is great option. I felt like in 15 seconds you can’t say/show too much, but 30 seconds are decent.

Carousel Ads are like Image Ads, but you can have several photos and swipe to see them.



3. As Instagram is Facebook-owned company it has the same targeting options – meaning very specific!

You can target by age, gender, localization, interests or even create your own Custom Audience. Custom Audience is list of people you already know, for example your clients. Facebook matches list of your customers emails with IG accounts and makes your audience. Then you can also make audience that is similar to your clients.


I would also like to show you example of Instagram ad by Maybelline and their results. Maybelline wanted to “raise the profile of eyebrow cosmetics in Australia, increase brand awareness, message association and product sales.”

As Aurelie de Cremiers, Marketing Director of Maybelline New York, said “Women are already using Instagram for beauty advice and inspiration, especially when it comes to new looks and trends. As a visual and creative platform, Instagram allows us to engage authentically with our customers while also profiling our products. It’s a great match for us.”

What were the results? Check it out.


“By inspiring women to consider eyebrows as part of their daily makeup routine, the campaign drove a 16-point lift in brand awareness of Maybelline Brow Drama, a lift in message association and as part of the brand’s overall media mix, achieved a 2.4x uplift on Maybelline Brow product sales.”


What do you think about advertising on Instagram? Would you give it a try for your business? Maybe you have already tried it?

I will definitely try it for my future business purposes, as Instagram has 400 million highly engaged users (this number is constantly growing), and mobile marketing is one of the most important marketing channels.


Sources of information and photos:


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