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Do you know what the Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery service is?
I personally have not heard about it before, but it seems that it is a solution that everyone will use in the future. It’s a safe and convenient way to order Amazon packages form Amazon, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, straight to your garage. It is a solution that not only protects groceries and other parcels against bad weather, but also against theft, and at the same time is contactless.

In early 2020, this delivery option was only available in a few US cities (Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles) but currently more than 5,000 US cities are served.

Anyone who lives in a city that supports the Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery only needs a MyQ-enabled garage door opener or a MyQ Smart Garage Hub for the authorized supplier to be able to safely deliver their purchases to the garage.

The Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery solution is safe, because the company authorizes the supplier to open the garage once only when it determines that the appropriate driver with the appropriate package is at the appropriate address. What’s more, in the Key by Amazon app, the recipient receives notifications on a regular basis and can block access to the garage in the application at any time.

On the day on which the recipient sets the delivery date, he receives a notification that the package will be delivered immediately, later about the delivery of the package and finally, after the correct delivery process and closing the gate, the final notification.
Additionally, if we have a compatible camera (Ring Indoor Cam, Ring Stick Up Cam and the myQ Smart Garage Camera), we can track the entire delivery process.
Doesn’t that sound like the future?



LeoLabs fight for clean space

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LeoLabs was founded in 2016 by scientists and people closely associated with the space, and is funded by research pioneers – SRI International. The main goal of the company is to observe and secure the low orbit around the Earth.

On April 22 this year, the company announced that two new space radars built in Costa Rica began tracking and providing data on objects. LeoLabs is currently collecting data from 6 radars spread over 4 locations. There are 2 radars both in Costa Rica and New Zealand, which makes it possible to detect and track small objects in low orbit. Initially, LeoLabs radars were able to detect objects as small as 10 centimeters, but having 2 radars in one place makes it possible to track even the smallest objects with a diameter of only 2 centimeters.

“The Costa Rica Space Radar completes our coverage of low Earth orbit”

Dan Ceperley, co-founder and CEO of LeoLabs

For people living on the International Space Station, trash in space is a huge threat, as even the smallest one can reach speeds of up to 30,000 kilometers per hour.

According to Edward Lu, co-founder of LeoLabs and VP of Strategic Projects, tracking rubbish in the orbit is critical to the continued economic development of space.

Thanks to LeoLabs and its highly advanced commercial radars, we will be able to “clean up” the low Earth orbit, and satellite operators, the defense industry and space exploration companies will be able to plan their route so that everyone is safe.


Reading Time: < 1 minuteMicrosoft on Thursday released an ad that presents the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The controller has been designed for players with disabilities so that they can play as quickly and efficiently as other healthy players. The device has two large, programmable buttons and 19 jacks that can be connected to various accessories, depending on the needs of the player. For example, on an ad you can see how a boy uses a controller to which “pedals” are connected to facilitate his game.

“No matter how your body is or how fast you are, you can play,” one player says in the ad.

Microsoft shows that it is not only a giant corporation, but also is tugging at the heartstrings. Since its first Super Bowl commercial in 2014, Microsoft has presented several other works that it performs to enable people with disabilities or other disorders to live normally. It was, among others, an iPhone application for blind people and Office improvements for people with dyslexia.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Brand, Advertising and Research Kathleen Hall said in a statement that “The Xbox Adaptive Controller helps in the gaming experience and what’s the best news for a premiere sporting event?”

I think that creating new solutions and devices for people with different needs is very beautiful and I am glad that such a huge company as Microsoft has built a controller so that children and adults with disabilities can enjoy the game as well as their healthy co-players.

What do you think about this project? Let me know in the comment.



Microsoft highlights the Xbox Adaptive Controller in emotional Super Bowl ad


Bocco Emo will help you keep in thouch with your family

Reading Time: 2 minutesThis new Yukai’s device called Bocco Emo is an upgraded version of the Bocco robot from 2015. This robot, having the appearance of a teddy bear or a snowman is a clever device that can be used in every home.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania bocco emo



The name “Emo” comes from the robot’s ability to “express empathy”. When the device hears a positive message, its cheeks glow green and it makes happy sounds. On the other hand, when it hears a negative message, its cheeks become red, it leaves his head and makes sad noises.

Bocco Emo is a communication robot that relays voice and text messages to keep in touch with family members who do not have telephones and it connects via Bluetooth to other devices in your house.

There are four types of sensors: a vibration sensor to detect if your door is opened or closed; a lock sensor, which tells you if the door is locked or unlocked; a motion sensor that detect move; a temperature/humidity sensor, which is supposed to prevent heat strokes.



It is extremely useful when you want to know what is happening with your children or older family members, because it informs you when your child comes home from school and whether your door is locked or not. Notifications are sent to the application paired with the robot and chronologically show everything that has happened at home during your absence.

In addition, the device responds when it hears its name and recognizes emoticons when reading messages. It can also recognize the emotional state of a person who speaks through a tone of voice.

In my opinion, it is a very useful device if you have children or the elderly at home, but you are working and you can not always be with them.





Reading Time: 2 minutesSamsung has announced a new monitor, which will save space on our desks. This new minimalistic device is called Space Monitor and  was created for people who have multi-functional apartments, offices, in order to minimize the space occupied by the computer.



The device is attached to the edge of the desk with a movable arm. When the monitor is not in use, the arm can be placed in an upright position, so it does not take up space on the desk. However, it can also be tilted or pulled forward in order to use it and see the screen better.

What is more, the power and HDMI cables are inside the arm, so it makes this monitor even better. They are not taking any space on the desk, nor are they messy. This is another advantage of the new Samsung device.

In addition, this monitor has a modern design. With its slim panel featuring a 3-sided bezel-less screen it offers a very stylish solution for our offices or houses.




For now, there are two models on the market, a 27-inch QHD model and a 32-inch 4K one.

I think, that this Samsung Space Monitor is a perfect solution for people who have to limit the occupied space on their desks or for those, who just like stylish devices.



Samsung’s Space Monitor is practical and minimal



Reading Time: 2 minutesAnemia is the most common blood disorder, a symptom of reduced amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells. It already affects more than 2 billion people worldwide and it’s usually diagnosed by blood tests, however now, you can download the application on your smartphone and check if you have anemia just by taking picture of your fingernails.

Source: private gallery

Wilbur Lam and his team at Emory University created an algorithm, which detects anemia by assessing the concentration of hemoglobin from the color of people’s fingernail beds, cause the fingernail color is a good indicator of the blood’s hemoglobin levels.

Fig. 1


Researchers conducted a four-week study, which involved 337 people, inclouding healthy people and those who were not tested for anemia. Now that the application is known to work, researchers are working on improving it and making the app more user-friendly, to release it next year.

Of course, the app is not as precise as a blood test, but it’s much more accessible and cheaper than seeing a doctor. Lam says:

“So often when you’re talking about medical equipment and devices you’re talking about, okay, we’ve got the data, now we have to make a prototype, and then from that prototype, we have to manufacture. We don’t need any of that. This project is as nimble as the way Uber would change its interface.”





Reading Time: 2 minutesDo you like food shopping? Does it make you bored? Couldn’t it be more today’s?

One of the biggest store chains in Poland found the solution to make food shopping more interesting, innovative and modern. Żabka collaborating with Microsoft created “Shop of tomorrow”. This might seem unreal but it is happening NOW.

“The world around us is changing. It is a question of the revolution that is coming. We are approaching the digital revolution, similar to the industrial revolution of the 20th century.”

This project consists of solutions that are using, among other things, data analysis and artificial intelligence. Basically, it works after downloading the application on your smartphone. There is one version for customers, which shows the overrated products, dedicated especially to you. What is more you can pay using your app. Another version is for the owners and facilitates management of the store.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania żabka sklep jutra


I will name just a few technologies that will change the world of shopping. To begin with, there are digital screens in front of the store, on which the customers could see promotions selected on the basis of some data, such as the weather or events of a given day. Another idea is an intelligent shelf which recognizes the customer and indicates product chosen for him, based on the data from the app. Afterwards the screen shows you some details about this product and if you take it, a shop worker will receive the information that you took it. In result it would also help owners to find out which products are best-selling. What is more the system monitors the shelfs lives and automatically reduces the price of the product, which best before date is near to end. Last but not least, the self-checkout which recognizes you and the product by placing it in the designated point. Now you only have to pay by credit card or the app of course. Doesn’t it sound perfect?  

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania żabka sklep jutra


Obviously, Żabka had to introduce some changes and improvements to follow the world trends and meet the expectations of the society.  “Shop of tomorrow” will make the shopping process much easier and quicker.

I think this is very innovative and might cause BIG CHANGE in our lives. What is your opinion on this idea? Would you like to do shopping in such an intelligent shop?

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