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‘Beer yoga’ is a thing

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Nothing like putting down an icy cold beer. Except, of course, achieving a higher state of being and eventual transcendence of the Self through the practice of yoga. But what if you could do both, at the same time?

Yes: Beer yoga is here. After being enjoyed by Berlin hipsters, it’s now found its way to Australian shores—a land where beer’s most definitely a religious practice, at least as much as yoga. And not in the best way. Germany’s BierYoga A.K.A BeerYoga bills itself as the “marriage of two great loves—beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for mind, body and soul,” according to its website. And if you think they’re just being cute, think again.

“BeerYoga is fun but it’s no joke,” founder and yogi Jhula writes. “We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness.” But even Jhula wasn’t the first person to promote enlightenment through yoga under the influence of alcohol. The instructor told Ex Berliner they first saw it done at (American culture festival/desert apocalypse party shitshow) Burning Man. But wherever it came from, it’s definitely now a thing, and a thing being marketed unironically Down Under. Two special sessions of beer meets asana will take place in Sydney this weekend, where students can learn yoga poses involving “beer salutations” and balancing beer bottles on one’s head—just watch out for bottle smashes. The event page assures would-be attendees that no yoga experience is necessary. Just an “open mind and a love of beer.” And if you think that all this does nothing to curb binge-drinking and/or cheapens a legitimate and sadly oft-perverted spiritual practice, then you can just Namaste away.



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Turbo-dryer Dyson Supersonic 

Sculpture and a role model to all hair dryers. Dyson – it is the legislator trends among consumer electronics.

In the development of the dryer Supersonic Dyson invested 71 million dollars and 4 years. The hair dryer is built supersonic engine, which is 8 times stronger than normal, with the Supersonic protects hair from overheating and ensures the fastest possible installation.

Orange potatoes which is saving lives

In Africa, there was a miracle in the agriculture sector. HarvestPlus company brought a new kind of potato – “orange”, enriched with vitamin A, which is a reason why  children of Africa die. As a result, the project authors have received the World Food Prize and is now actively reduced mortality among African populations.

Arc InstaTemp

This gadget is recommended to buy each family man, especially if you have kids

Non-contact thermometer will save you from the inconvenience during the measurement of body temperature.Works on 3 cm distance without the need for contact and measures the temperature in 2.5 seconds. Very convenient and useful gadget.

Electric car – Chevrolet Bolt

While engaged in self-PR Elon Musk, the Chevrolet sweating on a new car, eventually turned the sedan for $ 40,000 and a reserve of 320 km. Nothing more to say.

Amazon Echo – clever speaker with voice assistant “Alex”

It suddenly became very popular in the US, although it is just a beautiful toy for us and nothing more.

In the US, you can use it to order a pizza, call a taxi and turn on the lights in the house with the help of voice commands. So will it be like useless Siri or our real life future home life?

5 innovational things from 2016 part 1

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Levitating lamp for $ 350

Flyte – light that hovers in the air above its wooden base. To turn on the light, you need to touch the wooden stand, and then Flyte begins to rotate around its axis and turns. Stand is a wireless charging for smartphones too. The manufacturer guarantees trouble-free 22 years working bulbs. It seems to be $ 350 – it’s expensive, but we get a 3 in 1 device: a light source, wireless charging for your phone, original features.

Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 – shoes for the rich and lazy people

Nike has long nurtured the idea, from the time of the movie “Back to the Future.” Now, the first commercial version appeared – Nike Hyperadapt 1.0. The sole of the shoe is built motor, and instead of laces here “work” self locking tape – wearing sneakers, he tightened the “belt”, and most importantly, remember the power of “lacing” the next time to tighten the same.

«Think Space» – Universal football field

In Thailand were launched the original social project «Think Space»: in densely populated areas have placed football field, so to speak, non-standard shapes. Just take a piece of the yard or the street segment and adapts the field, in view of the irregularities, errors and obstacles. It looks unusual, but it is “playable”.

Humboldt – inhaler for lovers of marijuana

Startup Hmbldt created your gadget to relax and uplift your mood. Inhaler with a minimum dose of marijuana has not passed clinical trials, but something tells us that the success of a startup is doomed from the start.

Artificial Pancreas

For patients with diabetes, the first degree is a lifeline. The device is attached to the waist area, every 5 minutes, it measures the level of glucose and, if necessary, he enters the appropriate dose of insulin. For some, the iPhone – a lifelong dream, and someone such a gadget would be the best technological godsend.

It looks better than an Iphone

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How do we ever lived without drones? Now with the help of this device, we can obtain information in any environment and continents.

For example today we can watch videos from the construction of the new Apple campus, which began to build in 2013.

“This building looks like a spaceship. We have a goal to build the best office building in the world. “- These are the words of Steve Jobs, which are addressed to the consul of the city council in Cupertino.

And so, Apple Campus 2.

The central building is a four stroey ring with a giant park, located in the center, filled with hundreds of fruit trees. New footage shows some species of trees that grow in the open courtyard of the building. The new campus will also include areas for sports, it is 100, 000 square feet and a huge underground parking, with bike and walking paths.

The roof of the building is 65% of the solar cells. Apple seeks to create an autonomous structure, which will be completely powered by renewable energy sources.

Who knows, maybe we wait for Apple’s breakthrough product, and Apple in front of everyone making a revolution in the construction industry? Given that the construction business – it is the largest business in the world, it does not look so doubtful.


The battle of the iOS interface iPhone P1 vs P2

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A little movie showing what was the prototype of the first iPhone. Despite that it looks like first iphone, approach for interface design here is different.

There were 2 development teams, one led by the godfather of iPod Tony Fadell (he later resigned from Apple and started his own company Nest for the production of household appliances), the second led Scott Forstall (he also resigned from Apple, having been engaged in theater work).

Yes, here you will not see a full review of the interface or a prerelease version of the system, but it is interesting to see first steps to IOS.
Model P1, which is engaged in team Fadell, reminiscent of iPods last years. That only is the famous wheel about which few people remember in modern. We can say that this iPhone with the iPod OS inside. 10 years ago, according to Apple players went crazy in the same way as it is now on the iPhone, so Apple experimented with this option.

Model P2 is quite different, there is nothing beautiful in the menu, but it shows the principle of a future iOS separate paragraphs, there’s no scroll wheel.

Devices under the letter «P» – very early prototypes, they rarely even leave the walls of Apple offices, find them very difficult. They may outwardly resemble production models, but does not have anything to do with them in terms of performance. So here: Home button is in its infancy, all plastic and no glass screens unevenly treated edge.

Sources: Appleinsider, Sonnydickson