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Is this the future of TV?

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MicroLED is an evolving technology for flat-panel displays. MicroLED displays consist of microscopic LED arrays forming the individual elements of the pixels. MicroLED displays provide improved contrast, reaction times, and energy efficiency compared to generalized LCD technology.

An amazing 110-inch MicroLED 4K TV was recently announced by Samsung. The 2021 edition come in a fixed size which are 110, 99 and 88 inches that costs a little less, but are still quite pricey. 

It has a size-to-body ratio of 99.99 percent (ultra-thin), 4K resolution, a large colour range, a powerful new Micro AI Processor, and a lifetime of around 100,000 hours (4,000 days which is equivalent to 11 years). The launch and pre-sale of the revolutionary 110″ Samsung MicroLED began in Korea last month. It will be launched internationally by the end of 2021, and it is estimated to cost about 590,000 PLN.

Samsung MicroLED offers astounding colour vibrancy and brightness with self-emissive LED display technology, unlike any other displays currently available on the market. It is equipped with a 5.1-speaker device with a feature called Object Tracking Sound Pro feature. This can track objects moving on the screen and project the sound to follow the action, the sound is built in.

MicroLED is the next-generation TV platform we’re looking forward to. But is it actually worth it paying such money when nowadays everything can be accessed on your PC and smartphone?

That being said, Samsung’s Micro LED shows amazing potential on the basis of what we’ve seen so far, and the technology might very well end up being the future of TV. It isn’t flawless, but the overall quality of the image is absolutely breathtaking.


Online Dating. The benefits to its users.

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On a monthly basis, millions of people take part in online dating. This kind of dating will improve the experience and make it easy to test compatibility before you decide to go out with someone on an actual date. There are many reasons why dating online is beneficial.


Online dating has given people access to far more potential partners than they would often find in their everyday lives. This is particularly true of people who are interested in partners of a specific likes, orientation, lifestyle, or from specific areas.

For those people who have a limited dating market and have no time to meet other people, online dating offers hope. The positive thing about meeting people online is, they will get to interact with a person who has a different culture and nationality, but with the same character as them.


Various forms of personality checking and matching are offered by many online dating sites. Such matching may help direct people who may be more compatible towards dating partners. According to various studes when compared with those who met offline, couples who met online are more likely to be successful. They find out that married couples who meet became happier and less likely to get divorced by online dating. It may be that individuals appear to open up more and are themselves central to working relationships. 

Many people choose to use their smartphones to connect because it gives them more comfort and trust. But it does not mean that they are less loyal to each other if a couple first met via an online dating site.

Willingness to overcome barriers

The effort that individuals who meet online make to resolve the challenges of being face-to-face together is a third important factor in deciding whether an online relationship will translate into a good face-to-face one. Even the occasional encounter between geographically distant individuals has an economic cost as well as the time sacrificed during travel.

In order for the relationship to continue on a more permanent basis, people in online relationships have to figure out who visits who, and eventually they will have to determine which of the two will move. Therefore the ability to compromise is also a factor deciding whether online interactions will translate into good face to face relationships.


Before meeting in person, online dating provides a variety of opportunities to get to know a potential date. Such computer-mediated contact, without much risk or time commitment, allows for secure and easy interaction. Such contact is an ideal way of evaluate possible partners for the busy professional, or the safety-conscious.

Social communication has the potential benefit of promoting more positive communication since factors such as physical appearance can distract us less and we are thus drawn solely to personality characteristics.Research suggests that just being able to see others decreases the degree to which we trust them, in addition to listening to them, so only text environments can leads to a better sense of intimacy between couples. In addition, we share about four times as much online information as we do face-to-face, which ensures that we can very carefully convey our preferences and dislikes and ensure that others understand them well before meeting them face-to-face.


SMM – An Essential Tool for your Business

Reading Time: 2 minutesSocial media marketing (SMM) is a type of digital marketing that utilizes platforms for social networking to increase the visibility of brands or products and build customer relationships. Social media marketers are accountable for the production and management of content, audience building and optimization. It is essential for:

  • Improving brand awareness

Getting a social media presence makes identifying and engaging with your brand easier for both current and future consumers. Your organization has an ability to meet a large number of new eyes and viewers with the sheer amount of people using social media today. Social networks are also a perfect place to share the story of your brand and allow individuals to get a better understanding of what your company is all about.

  • Cost-effectiveness 

The most cost-effective route, may be social media marketing. For almost all social networking sites, making an account and signing up is free. It is important to be cost-effective because it lets you produce a higher return on investment and keep a larger budget for other marketing and business payments. You will dramatically increase the conversion rates only by spending a little money and time and eventually get a return on investment on the money you mainly spent.

  • Brand loyalty improvement

Social networking offers an unprecedented opportunity for brands to participate in discussions and connect with their clients. These experiences open the way for brand loyalty when conducted correctly and regularly. Although it still takes time to win customer loyalty, interaction with social media will help companies develop that trust more quickly.

  • Marketplace awareness

Marketplace knowledge is one of the best ways to discover the needs and desires of your customers instead of engaging directly with them. You will see the interest and views of consumers who you would not know otherwise if you did not have a social media presence by following the events on your profile. You will get information and a greater understanding of the business from social media. When you have a broad audience, you can use additional resources to explore other customer demographics.

  • Increasing traffic

To draw inbound traffic to your website, social media extends your channels. Each social profile you have is a possible route to your website and each post is a new chance to provide value and show visitors and followers why they should visit your website. Ultimately, more leads and conversions will result from these visits.