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Vibe – Spirit Of Our Times

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Where do travelers turn to research and book their destinations—blogs, Instagram, Facebook? Do they use their smartphones to book on the go?

In this post, we’ll take a look at how social media and mobile technology impact travel and how travel brands can use social media to reach more customers.

Dust off your passport, and let’s get started!

Social Media has become a daily bread and reading throw our walls are like reading newspapers back in days. To be short, social media is a habit. So, I had noticed that I had come across this travel pages on Facebook and Instagram that is purely killing it in Travel Market. I have to admit that I love traveling and I do follow traveler’s pages but this one is a pure class. When I mean class, I prefer to say the flair and passion that has driven them to create a well-planned campaign to promote travel.

The vibe nurtures indigenous perspective on global curiosities. They promote and let you explore journeys through native video content and online editorial space. They offer the audience contemporary expeditions that reflect the true spirit of our times. They aren’t just a travel companion but storytelling media firm.

This unique synergy offers the viewers, readers and followers, a chance at new conscious experiences, broadened worldview(s), and expanded social horizons and in finding new comfort zones. They come out with brilliant plans and travel and explore the world step by step and this page made me understand the cultural definition of the places they have covered.


A travel companion for a student, professional or a nomad that helps you explore and their way of promoting events in the best-visited places in the world. It’s more of a nature trip spot that makes you understand how beautiful the world we live in and it finely balanced campaign planning of each country makes it even sensational.


Standalone content is forgettable in today’s world but when it functions with a synergized ecosystem, the path to personal relevance becomes one of least resistance. And so, it is in this spirit, I advise you to explore and build the Vibe.



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Why do we require a digital marketing agency?

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The digital marketing world is ever growing, never dull and dynamic. If you are planning to leverage and grow your online business or application to your targets.  Digital Marketing is a term representing different online methods of marketing and growing your business. So, it can be somewhat a complicated system to launch a robust or large scale campaign if your company lacks the resource, time and expertise for such an event.

Outside of their comfort zone, to understand the need for series of challenges from cross-platform channels and devices, to running customer-segmentation based marketing trends are defining the future of e-commerce business. For this reason, we are going to explore some of the reason working with one.


  1. Better Industry Story Tellers

While your marketing team is working really hard to promote the product offering, digital marketing agencies are made up of experts who can provide tangible value in the definition and be spreading your brand’s real results that can be beneficial to your company.

       2.You cut down the overall cost

Many companies compare the cost of in-house operation to the price of an agency. They work as independent contractors, so you eliminate the need for payroll taxes. You also cut the recurring cost of full-time employees such as benefits, health care cost and salaries.

Most reputed digital marketing agencies have their own digital tools, so you don’t have to spend a dime to get one.

      3.Stay relevant to your Industry

It is very important to understand that research is more important before launching the campaign. You need to learn more about the industry itself. This is where the agency comes in and puts across a well-organized plan campaign for your Seo, Sem and even your Social Media Campaigns.

     4.Target your Ads to the right market

With the growth of the advertisement market, marketers are spending more time on research and delegating ads to the right platforms. Native advertising offers you a natural and organic way to display Ads. When done right, it can prove a robust experience to boost your ROI.

     5.Enjoy the power of Storytelling

There is a lot of research that has gone through in the content, designing, and planning team before a campaign or advertisement has gone live. Storytelling is a way to promote your campaign in more engaging manner building around your targets a hype or excitement for that product.


Other few points:

  • In-depth analysis of your current marketing strategy and development of a new strategy.
  • Creation of a buyer persona to make sure your content is attracting the right audience.
  • An audit of your current website and content.
  • Design or re-design of your website, if necessary, adding site elements which encourage conversions (page navigation, contact forms, calls to action, landing pages).
  • Adding lead generation and marketing automation to your content strategy (sales funnels, opt-in content, email marketing).
  • Social media strategy to promote your content on the best channels for your ideal customers.
  • Search engine optimization of your website and content.
  • Analysis and reporting of your website’s traffic and visitor behavior.






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Swiggy – Racing Through Time

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                                   Cooking gone wrong?Party at home? Unexpected Guests?

                                                       Game Night or Even Parents not home?



Ever wondered on a random day, when you just want to order food from different restaurants or café in one shot without much effort to step out? That is where Swiggy serves as a solution. We definitely know e- platforms that serve food through an App, but to order from different restaurants and all paid and delivered in one basket is that one drive that pulls it a little more front. Swiggy is a food ordering and Delivery Company based out of Bangalore, India. Swiggy was inspired by the thought of providing a complete food ordering and delivery solution from the best neighborhood restaurants to the urban foodie.

A single window for ordering from a wide range of restaurants, they have their own exclusive fleet of delivery personnel to pick up orders from restaurants and deliver it to customers. Having their own fleet gives them the flexibility to offer customers a no minimum order policy on any restaurant and accept online payments for all partner restaurants that they work with. The delivery personnel carries one order at a time which ensures them to be getting reliable and fast deliveries.”


Their platform is a mobile application for Android or Ios, which is definitely the best way to order food, as the majority of them prefers to order via Mobile. They also have an option of using without an app by ordering from the website, both with the feature of choosing location via your Location.

Their way of marketing is their reach in Social Media with a big presence in Facebook and proper campaign planning for each day to promote organically and paid.

Now to get more serious in terms of the company’s performance, they are booming in the chart and currently hold an upper hand competitive lead to Zomato. Swiggy was started with a motive to make sure, their customers get their food like an express train and to have their food as warm as possible. This is just not a description I have put across, but a pure word of review by experience. This makes life so easy.  Its business model is B2C, with segregations of Customer, Logistics and Restaurants and Hotels. The firm is highly noted in terms of its performance from around the world and they have highly favored in terms of funding that pulls them off as a leader this year compared to Zomato.


As per the latest news, Nasper their last funding firm is planning to invest Rs 2.5 Billion backing to Swiggy, as it seeks investment to replicate the success of Tencent. Africa’s biggest investment company is planning to tie up with China’s Tencent holdings to out a fresh round of financial backing. This came after Larry IIIg, the head of Nasper’s new investment unit, told investors in New York that Swiggy has more than doubled year-on-year and that global food delivery industry is still at an early stage of development.

Swiggy is currently the largest food delivery business in India, and they are planning to grow around in a big scale with their volumes up and their key card is played as a passive intangible asset plan which makes them a proper e-commerce platform for our generation to look upon.



Kapture CRM – Grow your business form anywhere

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With technology on its rise, the need for processing the workflow is on the rise by day. The demand for sorting high volumes of data that comes is a necessary demand. That’s when you need a Crm, to help you make you work much easier, which means more like a Management tool that can work on different functions.

CRM is abrevated as Customer Relationship Manager. The tool help you sort your work and cuts down your daily BAU’s. It’s a multi purpose tool

The biggest CRM platform is SalesForce. They have been the cream company for CRM Market, which huge clients like Oracle etc.

Nowerdays, every company prefers to have a Crm, because it cuts down the worktime and helps in cutting down headcount. It’s automated workflow application.

CRM can used from startups to Mnc’s. It’s just not a managing tool, but also an organiser. Workflow could be easier with CRM.

Platform for Marketing, Sales, Operations & Customer Service Teams, On Any Device.

Customer data at its best

The platform is so flexible and easy to access to pull out data in matter of seconds. The platform doesn’t just store customer data,  but also pulls the links of the purchases, previous tickets  and categories based on customer portfolio. The data captured can be customized for each organisation.



All Systems Adaptable:

The main issues  of Crm’s are if they can be flexible in terms of working with different  software. All Kapture needs is an API. This makes work so easy that all you need to do is to login each morning. Just plug-in, configure and voila!


A Personal Assistant:

Ever wondered for a headcount to help you cut your work down? This application will let you help you in terms of organizing you day better. Also, has a reminder that lets you send the client a reminder of the meeting.

 Mobile is the Turf:

Kapture CRM has all its great functionalities available on its mobile app too. This feature makes field sales so organized. You can carry the entire product range for your pop-up stalls or when you meet a new prospective client, all your offerings are available at your fingertips.


Time Saver:

Allows you arrange your dashboard as you need. Pulling out the report is easy. You can segregate all reports how you require.Whether it is a pie chart or graph. you can customize as your requirement.

While these are just a few key features that can ease your business, Kapture has unique features to offer based on the sector. Whether it is hospitality, service industry, FMCG or banking, there is a lot you can do with Kapture. Explore the unique features on

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An Overview of the Ecommerce Market Globally

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What could we expect until 2021

Our markets have been transformed digitally in every sense. Life has become much easier, compared to a decade back. People prefer to buy a product online as it helps them save their time, avoid traffic and your product is there at your doorstep. So this is a very serious market, and everyone, be it a Major company or a startup has the access to reach across their targets with ease. Its more of an equal opportunity that makes the digital world a step ahead compared to offline sales or marketing.

The eccomerce market is in a state of expansion and consolidation. There are even more consumers who are going digitally, which means worldwide retail ecommerce is sales are rising. This also means that the big fishes, that are Amazon and Alibaba are expanding their kingdom to smaller and secondary markets by buying local companies.


   It is said that the retail ecommerce markets are shooting up in 2017, rising by 23.2 %, i.e  $2.290 trillion. It is estimated that by the end of 2021,  equating to 16.1% of their total sales.

On a global level, Amazon and Alibaba are leading the market, around the world. Accoridng to Deloitte, report in January 2017, the sales for Amazon reached $79.27 billion, which is nearly triple of the second  largest digital retailer, China based ($ 26.99 billion). This ranking is followed by Apple on the third with $24.37 billion and Wallmart ($ 13.70 billion).




Alibaba is not featured on Deloitte’s list, likely because the data excludes consumer-to-consumer (C2C) sales and sales from third-party sellers, both of which make up a large part of Alibaba’s business. When those are included, however, Alibaba is likely on par, if not ahead, of Amazon.

  • Retail ecommerce sales worldwide will increase at four times the rate of retail sales this year, jumping 23.2% to $2.290 trillion. Ecommerce sales growth will stay in the double digits throughout the forecast period.
  • China and the US will combine for $1.584 trillion in ecommerce sales this year, representing 69.1% of global ecommerce.
  • In 2017, mobile commerce will account for more than 70% of ecommerce sales in both China and India, and 59.0% in South Korea. In Germany, the UK and US, mcommerce will comprise at least one-third of total retail ecommerce sales.

   Our markets are growing at a high scale everyday, and in time, we realize that the development is so high that we can’t even imagine how better the digital market can come up with a better idea, that helps lead in the competition ladder. Our future is bright, its getting smarter and faster by day.




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