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Motorola RAZR coming back with a folding screen for just $1,500!

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The once very popular and now iconic flip phone Motorola RAZR, first released in 2004, is now making a comeback – perhaps in a new form. It is said to include a folding screen. Lenovo partnered with Verizon to start selling the phone starting in February with a $1,500 price. The Wall Street Journal released a post about this yesterday. The release date is not yet known, it’s said to be in February but if you look at the fact that the product is still being tested and is not yet finished, it’s clear that the date might change.

It’s cool that the phone is back with the nostalgia and all, but the price is extremely high for what used to be a flip phone. That’s why it’s said that their new RAZR will use the innovative technology of a folding screen, similar to what Samsung teased for quite some time now. As there is no clear confirmation on the specs, design, screen size etc. these are mostly speculations backed up by some information.

The idea of having a foldable tablet-size phone in your pocket is really appealing – but how valid is it?

Will the new phone completely abandon the previous design or will it stay true to their legacy design? In my eyes, it doesn’t really make sense to release a flip phone ($1,500 btw) as it makes no sense in today’s tech and trends on the current market. The price is what you would pay for some of the Apple’s newest products and I don’t think that Apple fans will suddenly transition to Motorola because they released a new RAZR.

There’s no denying that there will be a lot of competition too since Samsung is planning to release theirs folding phone (Galaxy F). Another one is a Royole FlexPai which was showcased during CES and there also have been rumors of Microsoft working on a new foldable dual screen device as well.

According to the mentioned Wall Street Journal report RAZR is supposed to be released with a striking number of 200,000 copies. It actually is quite a big number considering the price, but it’s safe to assume that the phone will include some of the newer technology – for that price.








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