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Are You ready to give Your blood away?

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Couple days ago Google (now Alphabet) sent a patent query about the “needle-free blood draw”. The idea is to patent a system of blood draw and insert it in wearable electronics. According to the Alphabet the procedure lasts for couple seconds and pain-free (system sends a gas into a barrel containing a micro-particle that pierces the skin. Once blood is released from the skin, it’s sucked up into the negative pressure barrel.

red ink dissolving in water


The Company announces that it enables to collect small portion of blood enough to conduct a glucose  test, so it makes, if released, be a indispensable for diabetics.

Indeed the number of people with diabetes is huge in US and it can open a valuable door for new business. But again and again we are prompted to raise the personal data issue: what will be happening with blood samples? Where the base of samples will be stored? Just inside the device?

What Do You think, guys?


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