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Rising of SENSEI the Lisbon future of retail

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Sensei is the rising star that plans to offer the same autonomous store technology to other retailers. The company which is based in Lisbon has secured a seed round of $6.5 million. Seaya Ventures, Iberis Capital and 200M Fund took participation in funding.

The startup plans to set up more stores and invest in their R&D. Its platform uses a mix of cameras, sensors, and Computer Vision ML to automate stores, both new and existing. The platform is aimed at retailers can manage inventory in real-time and also collect data about how the stores are used by customers.

Sensei’s CEO, Vasco Portugal, stated: “Sensei’s technology will help level the playing field for retailers to compete against digital giants such as Amazon. We aim to enhance the familiar and enjoyable customer shopping experience, making it seamless, convenient, and safe.”

The rasing of such startups became even sharper since the pandemic, as the advantages of such stores became even more clear. Given the fact, that Amazon has already been selling its facilities to other retailers, we can now observe the formation of the new market.




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Do you know what the Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery service is?
I personally have not heard about it before, but it seems that it is a solution that everyone will use in the future. It’s a safe and convenient way to order Amazon packages form Amazon, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, straight to your garage. It is a solution that not only protects groceries and other parcels against bad weather, but also against theft, and at the same time is contactless.


In early 2020, this delivery option was only available in a few US cities (Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles) but currently more than 5,000 US cities are served.

Anyone who lives in a city that supports the Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery only needs a MyQ-enabled garage door opener or a MyQ Smart Garage Hub for the authorized supplier to be able to safely deliver their purchases to the garage.

The Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery solution is safe, because the company authorizes the supplier to open the garage once only when it determines that the appropriate driver with the appropriate package is at the appropriate address. What’s more, in the Key by Amazon app, the recipient receives notifications on a regular basis and can block access to the garage in the application at any time.


On the day on which the recipient sets the delivery date, he receives a notification that the package will be delivered immediately, later about the delivery of the package and finally, after the correct delivery process and closing the gate, the final notification.
Additionally, if we have a compatible camera (Ring Indoor Cam, Ring Stick Up Cam and the myQ Smart Garage Camera), we can track the entire delivery process.
Doesn’t that sound like the future?