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Medical Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality in medicine is a great opportunity to expand the range of possibilities for doctors. With this technology in medicine, the success of an operation can rise exponentially. Also, using AR doctors can avoid further complications for patients.

How does it work?

During the operation, different tools are implanted, and then you can see the 3d organ on the screen. AR facilities offer diagnostic imaging data and other patient knowledge superimposed on the operation area in the most visible manner during the treatment process. In addition, AR-assisted navigation systems will minimize the risk of injuries and improve clinical safety and accuracy, educate tomorrow’s surgeons to learn vital skills in AR education courses, and help patients to recover more quickly from operations through AR recovery techniques. But augmented reality is not the only one, that helps doctors and patients during the treatment – also there is a virtual reality. It’s often used for people with cancer. During chemotherapy, people sit in virtual reality glasses and it helps them cope with pain.

I can’t say that I think this idea is totally cool, so it’s easier to write down the pros and cons that I think are important:

Advantages of AR&VR:

  • Operation accuracy increases
  • It is possible to avoid complications
  • Some patients can avoid the pain
  • New features

Disadvantages of AR&VR:

  • Now it’s not developed enough
  • The major part of patients are not sure in a truthfulness of this technology
  • Few doctors can use such technologies (and a lot of money will be spent on trainings)

I think it’s a great technology in medicine. Yes, I can say that I am not particularly agree with all of this (I’ve given my arguments above). And if we say that this is going to help to take another step in the evolution of medicine, I will totally agree. Personally, I think that we should use these technologies and know that they exist.



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Pokémon Go why it was able to have revenues of over $200M during firs month

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Based on estimates of Sensor Tower the Pokémon GO was able to earn over $200M net revenue on App store and Google Play combined during its first month. This result easily beats two of the previous top-earning applications. The Candy Crush Soda Saga during its first month in 2014 was able to gather just over $25M while Clash Royale from this year in the same period gathered close to $120M. Pokémon Go gathered seven times as much revenue as Candy Crush Soda Saga did. The difference shows not only Pokémon’s position on the market but also how 2 years changed industry end games earnings. The Clash Royale had similar start until the 18 day when Pokémon GO earnings were drastically boosted. It was a date of games launch in Japan which is the home of Pokémon franchise and home of the most loyal fans.



Why is it so successful?

  • It’s easy to play. With its simple mechanics, it is playable for kids and adults.
  • Allows to be played in short sessions, for example during a walk to shop, work, school. On the other hand, can be played in very long sessions if time is not an issue.
  • I good at keeping as focused on it: You never know what Pokémon you are going to find. This gives much more dopamine(pleasure) each time you find something special (it’s like gambling and similarly, can be addictive).
  • Uses nostalgia to attract adults by bringing memories from their childhood allowing them to chase monsters they were playing with many years ago.
  • Parents are comfortable with their kids playing Pokémon as they already now this brand and are not scared of it.
  • Allows to meet real people playing the game and triggers conversation with strangers. This based on researchers boosts well-being.
  • The game is rewarding and does not introduce a concept of “pay to win” or “pay to be able to play” (which is common in free to play games after an hour or few hours of gameplay). On the other hand, items that can be bought by real money are relatively easy to be obtained without money or are not necessary
  • Fights with cheaters but in a polite way giving only soft bans or giving error notifications. – not sure it is the best option. Time will tell; moreover, it can be caused by two things, keeping them as potential clients or at least promoters of a game or because they are waiting for the product to be finished and the time with cheaters will allow them to cover all holes.

Pokémon seems to have one more opportunity of creating revenues which have not been utilized namely location based marketing. Though it needs to be done with caution otherwise it might kill the joy game is giving and in fact kill the game.


What is your opinion on the game and on implementing location-based marketing into it?



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