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96-core AMD processors – the new era of high performance!

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Can you imagine how fast would it be to use a PC with a 96-core processor? AMD can!
It is informed that the next generation of AMD processors will be the last one to be based on AM4 socket.  All future desktop products are going to be on Zen 4 architecture, will have 5nm process, and therefrom, the new socket with a temporary unknown name is going to be presented.

However, the fact of getting more than 16 cores sounds to be not the best idea, talking about desktop versions, as there is Ryzen 9 5950X (it has 16 cores, 32 streams) that still do not fit into the market greatly with its $800 price, whereas server processors have no strict frames for performance. The source from Reddit says, that after MILAN (Zen 3), there will be GENOA (Zen 4) that will really get more than 64 cores. Also, it was stated, Zen 4 would have the SMT feature, which accounts for it to be supplied with twice more streams than cores and if we are to believe the very information under consideration, top-segment GENOA processors will have 192 streams while 96 cores.

A bit earlier, there was the data leak, that informed us about AMD to start with the new SMT4 feature for Zen 4 processors, what witnesses the possibility to have 4 streams for each core. The very feature gives much bigger opportunity to those, who are interested in 3D-modeling, video editing, online streams, or other highly demanding processes. Unfortunately, AMD decided to have this idea, at least for GENOA.

It is planned those 96 cores are to be placed on 12 chip plates, so there still will be 8 cores on each chip plate. And as for GENOA, it will support PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory. Such processors are expected at the end of 2021, the date of the end of 2022 is also regarded as possible.

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