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It will never be the same

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Covid-19 is the thing that has changed all lives (the funniest thing is that I’m writing this article having coronavirus). One of the fields, that coronavirus affected is technological side of our world. We see many changes starting from economics and education and ending with going to shop. Now our education consists of sitting online lectures when you are sitting in front of the monitor. Going to the store was replaced with delivery companies, but what will be after pandemic time. I guess, our world will never be the same. All the technologies that have emerged at this time will continue to develop and we should use to it. So, what are the pros and cons of this?


Firs of all, covid has shown, that not only IT guys can work from home. Due to pandemic situation it was obligatory to work from home and what we see, this companies haven’t collapsed, thus there is no excessive need of enormous offices for all the stuff. Today we see, that students can attend classes without going to school. It is normal to send homework to a teacher using such a platform as MS Teams what is more convenient and eco-friendlier, we don’t need to use tons of paper. Nevertheless, teachers are not robots and we should have boarders, because students can send messages or HW after 11PM. I see how significantly improves bank sector with “touch to pay” technologies. Interface became user-friendly and received more functions. New steps toward cybersecurity were made. What is more, we are on one step closer to 5G systems that will push AI technologies.



Firstly, we are not ready for such a technological breakthrough. Hope that education will never be online, and we merely will borrow some of them, because human is a social entity. Second thing is about total control under residents. We observe control under covid patients using smartphone, so what prevents government from observation in post-covid world, more effective. Next thing is uncontrollable losing of jobs because of more rapid implementation of robotic systems after covid, after all, they can work in pandemic times). Finally, collapse of offline business during pandemic because they couldn’t transform their business in time.


To sum up, I want to mention that Covid-19 has turbo-charged the adoption of new technologies across the globe and dramatically changed our lives. We couldn’t achieve such a technological progress without this disaster. Coronavirus pushed our world to industry 4.0.