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We are living in the world of displays. People already have a lot of devices that brings  information to them but it seems that it is still not enough. There are already smartphones, tablets, tv screens, smartwatches, displays in public communication, at hairdressers etc. However this is only the beginnig, because Polyera introduced a prototype of Wove Band with flexible multi-touch screen.

Sales of the first edition is expected in mid-2016. The Wove operating system, Wove OS, is based on Android’s operating system and connects to smartphone by Bluetooth. There is still no information how much it will cost, but probably it will be less than the cheapest Apple Watch option.


wove pic

Polyera claims that Wove is just the beginning: “Over the next few years, we will enable the products that people have long wished for, and many they have not yet imagined: where devices are no longer hard, heavy, and cold, but soft, ambient, and organic–where the forms they take and the roles they play become more natural and more human. We’re excited to take you on this journey.” The company is working on a variety of flexible electronics components, such as flexible OLED displays, flexible sensors etc.

It seems that the digital revolution is coming. The main slogan of Wove is ‘digital goes material’ and if it actually does we will soon be facing revolution of digital products. It is already comfortable to have a smartphone or tablet, but it requires this little attention not to be folded or dropped etc. Imagine that now you don’t have to worry about this.

Today it is just the Wove Band, but this technology can be transferred to many products which we use every day. Let’s imagine a bag that women take almost everywhere. Soon it could be a bag and a tablet the same time. What about changing a colour of it? Even clothes could become a display. I am just not sure if I am excited about it or terrified. Will it save our time or still it from us? Anyway, let’s enjoy our current devices because they may soon become antiques.


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