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Are we going to have a flying future?

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It may seem impossible, but the view of city full of flying drones, cars and other machines just like from Star Wars, is almost here.

Nowadays everyone is talking about electric or self-driving cars. However big companies are already planning flying ones. It is said that the revolution will start in five years, but we can see that it’s happening now.

From the beginning

Hermes by Spartaqs

It all starts with small steps and for this example with small flying objects. We all know drones and recognize stunning shots or movie clips, that were made by them. It wasn’t a way of transport, but still it was pretty fun to use. It’s already changed. Now drones are used in many different situations to deliver small things. You probably heard about Amazon’s Prime Air, but we have another example of project that is working here in Warsaw. Polish company Spartaqs created a drone called Hermes, which is especially designed to deliver blood for hospitals. It uses artificial intelligence to fly. Hospitals in Warsaw have already started using it and it works very efficient. It flies around 150 metres above the ground and easily gets to destination within minutes. Expanding this technology can lead to serious changes in transport. Small packages, medicines, clothes and many other may be delivered fast and without traffic jams. Possibly we will get rid of many cars and have delivery that is fast and eco-friendly.


Flying Uber

Almost all of us use Uber or other app for getting a ride. How about changing the rules of transport? Uber is planning to offer it’s customers a truly new experience. Not another more exclusive car, but flying machine. They suppose that the first “air rides” will start in few years. The machine, which will carry people, is called VTOL and is said to be electric and eco-friendly. There are numerous companies that are trying to come up with the best project, like Aurora or Embraer. It’s also a big challenge for infrastructure. They will have to prepare cities and suburbs for a small revolution. In this case there will be need for several small airports called “skyports” and other facilities. One of the biggest concerns will be law and agreements between company and governments. Uber claims that will overcome all problems and in maximum 4 years from now we will be flying around the cities. It can change the way we commute to work, school or come back from parties. Regarding how breathtaking such a flight can be, it will take only minutes to get anywhere.


How about your own “air-car”?

It would be great to have a flying Uber ride from time to time, but our own flying machine sounds really amazing. You might be surprised, but well known brands: Porsche and Boeing, are starting a new project. It seems that they not only want to create air-taxi’s, but also a special ones to buy for individuals. Undoubtably it will come with a really big price, but it is a big beginning of something completely new. Unfortunately they didn’t say any particular details so we probably need to wait a little longer. However if you are really motivated to fly around right know, you can check Pal-V company. They already created a machine that can be called flying car and you can buy it for your personal use.

Pre-design early idea of Porsche/Boeing car

It is hard to say exactly when, but our world of communication will change completely. This revolution is going on right now and it’s really fascinating. We are going to have drones delivering packages and our own flying machines. Hopefully it will mean a beginning of safe, eco-friendly and fast transport.








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Obligatory drone registration

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droneregistrationproblems (1)

When drones appeared on the market there were many ideas how it can be used. Everyone can buy a drone today so there is huge variety of potential use of this product. Some ideas are very noble like saving people’s lives delivering first aid kit and other medicines to help people. Other ideas are very interesting logistic solution for example Amazon Prime Air which is a future service that will deliver packages up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less using small drones. Drones can be useful while taking photos, live video transmissions during events eg. concerts, for archeological purposes and many more. Imagination is the limit while using the drones, but as it is becoming more and more popular governments are trying to create some restrictions to it.

Few days ago Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that require all private owners of unmanned aircraft weighing over 250 grams to register them with the Federal Air Transport Agency. From 21st of December registration of drones is obligatory in United States of America. People will be able to make it through the internet, registration cost is $ 5. Those who bought the drones before that date have to be registered within 60 days. After that point, drones will have to be registered before their first flight. Each flying vehicle subject to registration will receive a special number, which has to be painted in a visible place. Regulations concerning the registration of drones can reduce the risk of plane crashes. In the last two years in the United States reported 240 cases of approaching these vehicles on a dangerous distance from airliners. In more than 50 cases, the distance was less than 15 meters. What is also interesting the register is going to be public so everyone can easily find the owner in case of any accident or problem.

In my opinion this solution should be implemented worldwide because drones can cause some problems and can be used as spying machines. Many civil users are checking for example what is the neighbor doing and validate his privacy. This little tool in the hands of the wrong people can result in a lot of trouble so it is good to at least have possibility to find the owner.





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