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E-sport means gaming?

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When we talk about e-sport we imagine immediately guys in front of the computers who are playing CS Go, LOL or StarCraft. What about traditional meaning of ‘sport’? Is it possible to organize online sport competition and attract people to take part in it?

Various sports disciplines are used technical facilities such as measuring devices, additional referee who are only tracking recordings instead of the real game and have possibilities to replay it again. On the Internet, there are possibilities for consultation, purchase training plans, hiring an online coach.

DigitalCup is a great example of this trend: very innovative, uses modern technology and devoted to the reality. In 2012 the website was established. It offers online competition in four different equestrian disciplines: jumping, dressage, eventing (horse trials) and reining. On its website, it is posted a competition proposal with a required program. After paying the entry fee, the riders record the videos with their trials. Then they send it back and the video is assessed by the experts. After one or two weeks the results are announced, the awards handed out and every rider gets feedback about his trial.



Why is it working?

Horse riding is very expensive. It requires costly equipment, special infrastructure, an appropriate horse which can be rented or bought. If the rider wants to participate in a competition he needs to incur additional costs: entry fee, transportation costs, medical examination, registration in the association. Besides, participate in a competition involves a lot of stress for both rider and horse. Horses taking part in the competition must undergo a long and arduous training before they leave home stables. The horses act differently in a new place, can be disobedient and cause problems.

What is the future of sport?

In the digital age we are forced to redefine certain aspects of our lives. This also applies to sport. Is it means that Olympic Games 2040 we will watch only on YouTube and sportsman will not even leave their hometowns?  Or rivalry and emotion will turn out more important than money and convenience?



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