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A World Without Language Barriers? It’s available now for everyone!

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People from the very beginning had one big barrier. It is communicational barrier. There was even a biblical story about Tower of Babel which explains why the world’s peoples speak different languages.

Now this problem can be solved!

Thanks to the latest translating technology and firms such as “Waverly Labs INC” people can easily communicate with each other by using an earphone. But it is not normal earphone. This earphone is something more. It includes a complete system with a world class translation engine.


A complete system, including:

  • Pilot earbuds designed with high definition acoustic clarity for top quality audio
  • A companion app to connect the cloud engine with the earbuds and access the Pilot’s suite -of features
  • Translation and interpretation of 15 languages and 42+ dialects
  • Wireless music streaming
  • Voice calls, charging case, and more “- says the producer. 



The very best advantage of this device is the fact that these earbuds can translate up to 5 different language speaking people into other 5 different languages and it’s all abreast.

These videos below shows how it really works:


(with polish speaking journalist)

Due to latest press release!

Waverly Labs was chosen as CES 2019 INNOVATION AWARDS HONOREE.

Andrew Ochoa, The CEO of Waverly Labs, shared the comment about it:

“Pilot was designed to bridge the gap for those suffering with translation barriers in their everyday life. We’re incredibly thrilled to be included with a roster of innovative teams working on award winning technologies.”

What is my view about this?

For me it’s highly advanced big step in translating technology. Nowadays people use their smartphones to communicate. Most of them are using Google Translate app which is, just to be honest, not the best one. Thanks to the Waverly Labs earbuds now we can freely communicate with people and it is still sound naturally. There is no wall between them. By using word of “wall” I meant a smartphone. During the conversation we have to look at it to understand our interlocutor. In a business and social atmosphere, it is not proper to do that. But with the earbud we can easily have an eye contact which can help us in the future. thanks to that simple thing some entrepreneurs can treat us better.

On the other hand, we cannot trust in everything what this device says to us. Some people in the forums says that, theirs devices had the problem with understanding the dialects and languages and it was creating a lot of misunderstandings during the conversation. Other counter argument is that we cannot use these earbuds to translate conversation in really loudly places. The other thing that the Waverly Labs Inc should work on is the accent of the speaking device. IT IS DRAMATICALLY POOR.

To sum up my post. I think we are on a good way to get rid of the problem with the communicational barrier as long as you have $179.00 to spent on it. There are only few things to correct but for this time it will be enough.







author: Michał Żelazo

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