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SMARTERWARE – solution to food waste?

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As we all know – food waste is a huge problem. Probably many of you often buy a lot of things, put them in the fridge, and then remembers about them after it’s way to late and they are already uneatable.

Australia 'losing battle against food waste' – Rabobank study - FoodBev  Media

Here is a couple facts about wasting food:

  • According to the newest ONS report – we waste 1 billion tons of food EVERY YEAR!
  • There is enough food produced in the world to feed everyone (in the same time around 690 milions of people in underfeed)
  • 1/3 – that much of the produced food is wasted in the USA (that causes more CO2 than the air lines generates…)
  • The average american spends 1,3 tousand of dollars a year for a food that is going to waste
  • Wasting food is worse than total emissions from flying (1.9%), plastic production (3.8%) and oil extraction (3.8%).
  • If food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases after USA and China.

The good thing is, there’s actually a lot we can do to prevent food waste. I think the easiest way to do it, is creating a meal plan for upcoming week and buying only needed ingredients. But of course, it’s easy to say. With help comes SMARTERWARE.

Ovie plus Amazon Alexa make it easy for you to keep track of what's in your fridge and waste less food.

Company came up with the idea of containers and food tags working with an app, that helps you with remembering about the products in your fridge. When you tag a food, the countdown begins and an app will notify you when it’s time to eat the product. In an application you also got ideas of food and recipes you can use with tagged food.


Containers for storing leftovers, clips for closing bags and a Universal Connect that can be put onto everything from cardboard to glass. With Smarterware, you can tag the foods you love (or often lose track of) so you remember to eat them.

I think it’s really important to come up with ideas like this, that will help us with saving our planet. There’s a lot of things we can do to live more eco-friendly and definitely stopping food waste in our homes is one of them. Sadly, for now SMARTERWARE is not available to buy, the company stopped before launching the product.




“Solar panels can generate more electricity if to make them turn”

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Idea that made an ordinary engineer a millionaire.

American entrepreneur Ron Corio has made a multibillion-dollar business in the production of trackers for solar panels.

Trackers – the mechanisms that move the panel towards the sun throughout the day, turned out to be a real gold mine. For decades, improving the devices that were once interesting to people, Ron Corio, provided his company with a capitalization of $4.6b.

Early in 1985 company named Wattsun Corporation, which developed low-cost solar “flat plates” needed a solution to place it in different angles. Ron Corio was the man for the job that started developing multi-tilt angle and eventually purchase shares of Wattsun in 1989, forming Array Technologies, Inc. as the world’s first solar tracking manufacturer in 1992.

The trackers were installed worldwide, but due to the market occupied by coal and other resources with huge deposits, the sun did not cause much demand. However, after the 2000s solar energy began to become a reality and Array started to grow significantly, winning tenders and constantly maximizing land occupancy.

Array’s main product is the DuraTrack system, which rotates photovoltaic panels on a single north-south axis throughout the day to follow the sun. Large-scale solar energy projects are usually arranged in consecutive ” rows “that form an”array”. The array can have dozens of rows with more than 100 solar panels in each row.

At the moment, Array Technologies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ground-mounted systems used in the solar energy business. Trackers increase the initial cost of a solar project but allow the panels to generate more energy compared to a fixed-tilt mounting system. Over the life of the project, this results in significantly lower level energy costs.





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Jaguar and Land Rover are to Refuse from Internal Consumption Engines in 2025

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It is generally known nowadays rapid technology changes are becoming closely related to the world automobile market. Electric cars are the ones that are expected to replace common cars operated on conventional petrol, at least we are moving to it with giant strides. One of the first companies that made its bet for electric transport is Tesla, and they have become the leader of the market so far. However, many other associations saw the great success of Elon Musk’s company and decided to keep up.

One of those companies is the “Jaguar Land Rover” corporation. The British company announced their plan to leave the “petrol” market till 2025 and start their own production in the electric car industry. For the next 5 years, the company is to move Jaguar as well as their prime-segment models into fully eco-engines. It is worth noticing Jaguar has already produced an electric model (Jaguar I-Pace) which has a great success in the electric-cars market. Anyway, it is hard to imagine an electric version of Jaguar PROJECT-8.

Also “Jaguar Land Rover” company is planning to introduce six fully electric Land Rover models by the end of 2025, having no electric cars in their model-list right now. The first electric Land Rover is planned for 2024. It is also remarkable that 60% of Land Rover cars to be sold will be equipped with electric power units till the end of 2030. Till the same time, all Land Rover models will be presented in both variants – fully electric and with an internal consumption engine.

Besides, the company is planning to reject using diesel engines in all Jaguar and Land Rover models till the end of 2026.

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