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At last, Elon Musk’s offer to buy Twitter has been accepted

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What Twitter employees are saying about Elon Musk - The Verge
Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge; Getty Images

The $44 billion offer was made by Elon Musk to acquire Twitter. This deal has been made after the released information that Elon bought 9.4% of Twitter shares before. On the 14th of April, Elon has proposed a deal to buyout Twitter as a whole and take it private. On Monday, 26th of April, Twitter agreed to the deal for Elon to buy the company at the price of $54.20 per share, which is 38% higher since it’s been revealed that Musk is trying to buy it out.

Elon Musk to buy Twitter in $44 billion deal - CNN

The famous Tesla CEO, has been a very, very active Twitter user in the past. There are numerous infamous tweets made by Elon, which disrupted our society in many ways. From changing prices of stocks, crypto and “normal currencies, to creating a huge scandals over his controversial short sentances sent to his 83-million follower group. To say that he has been influential for the platform is an understatement. Elon is ensuring that he has great plans for Twitter, and all of them revolve around the freedom of speech. Supposedly, Elon wants to

“make Twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with new features, making the algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating the spam bots, and authenticating all humans. Even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means.”

The changes that are coming will certainly have a big impact on all of us. The question is, what kind of impact – what kind of consequences will it have? Personally, I think that the plan to take down of bots is great. Bots are one of the main reasons for me to not use twitter. Also, if Elon’s plan to ensure freedom of speech, while increasing trust and defeating spam and misinformation will work out, twitter, for the first time could be taken seriously as a medium fo information for the public.

What do You think? How do you see it and what consequences this deal can have for all of us? Let me know in the comments below!




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Elon Musk Will Not Join Twitter’s Board

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Jeff Bezos responds to Elon Musk's poll asking if Twitter HQ should be  converted into homeless shelter | Fox Business

Elon Musk, the world’s wealthiest man and the biggest shareholder of Twitter, will no longer join the social media service’s board of directors, the company said late Sunday. On Tuesday, Twitter announced that the billionaire would be appointed to its 11-person board for a term that expires in 2024. The invitation to join the board followed Mr. Musk’s accumulating a 9.2 percent stake in the company, making him its largest shareholder. 

However, Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s chief executive, tweeted late Sunday that the situation had changed. On Saturday morning, Mr. Musk — who is a heavy Twitter user with more than 81 million followers — told the company he would no longer become a board member, Mr. Agrawal said.

By not joining Twitter’s board, Mr. Musk will also no longer be bound by a previous agreement he had signed with the company. Under a “standstill” agreement last week, he had pledged not to purchase more than 14.9 percent of Twitter’s stock and not to take over the company. That suggests Mr. Musk could now keep adding to his stake in the company.

When Twitter revealed in an S.E.C. filing on Monday that Mr. Musk had bought the stake in the company, the news was greeted with fanfare. As a prolific Twitter user, Mr. Musk’s investment appeared to be a vote of confidence in the company, sending its stock soaring that day by more than 25 percent.

Mr. Musk’s purchases of Twitter stock also came at a delicate time for the company. Twitter has been going through a transition since Jack Dorsey, a company founder, stepped down as chief executive last year. Mr. Agrawal, the chief technology officer, was appointed in his place.






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Elon Musk Becomes Twitter’s Biggest Shareholder

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Just over a week before “giving serious thought” to building his own social media platform, Elon Musk went on to become the biggest Twitter shareholder through an acquisition of a 9.2% stake in the social media platform.

Following this acquisition Musk has stated he plans to answer questions some of the employees may have following this acquisition, and intends work on resolving freedom of speech problems present on the platform. Additionally on the 5th of April Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal, announced that Musk has been appointed on the board of directors, and expressed his excitement to working together to improve the platform.

A frequent request from Twitter users over the years has been for an edit feature to be added to Twitter. Following the acquisition of his stake Musk launched a poll raising the question whether or not such feature such be added, following over 4.4m votes, 73.6% voted in favour. Before its conclusion Agrawal responded to the poll saying the consequences will be crucial, and to vote carefully, showing that Musk’s actions already hold some weight.

It’ll be interesting to see where this combination takes both of these parties as these are still the early stages of his involvement, and what the long term plan is for Musk following what seems to be a u-turn on his thoughts of starting his own social media platform, which the poor performance of Parler and Trump’s Truth Social may have made him reconsider. Let’s also see how this works out for Twitter in the long run, as the news increased its valuation, but as seen before with Tesla, a single Tweet from Musk can cause the market to change quickly.






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Should Elon Musk create a new social media platform?

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This guy has already influenced the prices of stocks and crypto by just using Twitter. An example is when Elon Musk tweeted in November 2021 to ask his followers whether he should sell his 10% of Tesla stock or not — this made Tesla’s stock fall. Now, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission agreement, Musk’s tweets about Tesla will remain a valid subject for a government investigation. Also, Tesla will need to pay $40 million to investors who lost money due to his posts.

Taking that into account, Elon claims that Twitter is doing a bad job in promoting freedom of speech, which is one of the core ideas behind democracy. He tweeted about that in March, and finally asked his audience whether a new SM platform is needed, and finally stated that he is “giving a serious thought” to building a social media platform with an open-source algorithm, with minimized misinformation and propaganda and freedom of speech as a priority.

Well, there are already platforms like Rumble, Parler, and Gettr that want to discourage people from Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. Even Donald Trump has opened his SM platform called “Truth Social”. But a new social media focused on fighting propaganda, on which everyone could share their opinion… Sounds utopic, right? One can easily say that they are going to create a platform for freedom of speech, but it might be extremely difficult to assure this and prevent it to be a base of malicious content. Also, platforms like this are considered to struggle with attracting new users, investors, and advertisers because of having users having extreme or highly politicized views.

On one hand, social media should be a place for sharing any kind of ideas and opinions freely. On the other hand, Elon’s Twitter activity often influences stuff from outside of Twitter (e.g., stocks or crypto). The effect of social media on the financial market and politics is serious and still not fully explored, so SM platforms reduce the risk of unknown influence by censoring the content of people like Elon or Trump.

The question remains unanswered — Should governments and platform owners limit content having effect on economics and politics, or should ideas and views be always accepted no matter what their influence is?






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Elon Musk’s Starlink arrives in Ukraine but what next?

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Starlink – Pierwsze opinie o satelitarnym internecie Elona Muska |  VideoTesty.pl

Ukraine’s deputy prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov confirmed that the lorry with the Starling dishes has arrived in Ukraine to help the country to fight with Russian aggression.

Stepan Veselovskyi, chief executive of Lviv IT Cluster says that currently internet services in most Ukrainian cities are working well but it will be important for businesses to have a contingency plan if networks fail.

Alp Toker of NetBlocks cautioned against seeing Starlink as a substitute for phone networks and broadband: “Starlink can provide connectivity by creating a personal hotspot for people who are in the vicinity of the device. So this is very useful for journalists, for resistance groups or the elected government.”

From my point of view, Starlink is a future for Ukraine and Ukrainians. People could experience something new and it will help a lot in stopping the aggression from the Russian side. Thank you, Elon Musk!






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For a few weeks now rumors and speculations keep emerging about a new Tesla phone called the Tesla Pi Phone or Tesla model Pi. Of course we won’t know anything until the official release but it looks like the Pi Phone could be a serious competition to Apple and Samsung. 

The device will be compatible with Starlink satellite internet therefore being able to connect to the web all over Earth and even on Mars. The data download speed is said to be as quick as 210 megabits per second. It will have one camera on the front hidden under the display and four lenses on the back capable of taking  great quality photos even in the dark and equipped with technology that enables the user to capture beautiful pictures of astronomical objects. Other features include a fingerprint scanner, a built in solar panel for wireless, eco friendly charging and a photochromic case that will change color in different lighting. Less probable rumors say the Pi Phone will mine the Marscoin cryptocurrency, be able to „drive” the Tesla vehicles and even be equipped with the Neuralink support technology. The phone will be designed by a former Apple designer Antonio De Rosa and made of highest quality materials therefore not breaking as easily as iPhones and Samsungs.

As I’ve said at the beginning, we don’t yet know how the Pi Phone will turn out looking and what features it will actually have. There are still many unknowns but one thing is clear – when Musk enters an industry the competition has to step up their game

Sources: geektech.me

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Jaguar and Land Rover are to Refuse from Internal Consumption Engines in 2025

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It is generally known nowadays rapid technology changes are becoming closely related to the world automobile market. Electric cars are the ones that are expected to replace common cars operated on conventional petrol, at least we are moving to it with giant strides. One of the first companies that made its bet for electric transport is Tesla, and they have become the leader of the market so far. However, many other associations saw the great success of Elon Musk’s company and decided to keep up.

One of those companies is the “Jaguar Land Rover” corporation. The British company announced their plan to leave the “petrol” market till 2025 and start their own production in the electric car industry. For the next 5 years, the company is to move Jaguar as well as their prime-segment models into fully eco-engines. It is worth noticing Jaguar has already produced an electric model (Jaguar I-Pace) which has a great success in the electric-cars market. Anyway, it is hard to imagine an electric version of Jaguar PROJECT-8.

Also “Jaguar Land Rover” company is planning to introduce six fully electric Land Rover models by the end of 2025, having no electric cars in their model-list right now. The first electric Land Rover is planned for 2024. It is also remarkable that 60% of Land Rover cars to be sold will be equipped with electric power units till the end of 2030. Till the same time, all Land Rover models will be presented in both variants – fully electric and with an internal consumption engine.

Besides, the company is planning to reject using diesel engines in all Jaguar and Land Rover models till the end of 2026.

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How to build a house on Mars

Reading Time: 3 minutesNeedless to say that modern technologies keep developing so fast and rapidly that colonization of Mars is around the corner. The main trailblazer in discovering this mysterious planet is Elon Musk with his SpaceX, he claims that humans will travel there in 10 years. SpaceX is already developing a spaceship named Starship and training future astronauts, but it hasn’t been decided yet where and how first Mars discoverers are going to live. It’s an extremely significant decision to make because astronauts will have to stay on Mars for quite a long time to finally figure one of humanity’s main mysteries. In this article, I would like to present a vision of possible accommodation on Mars.

Unlike the Earth, the red planet has no bricks and the materials used have to be durable. In 2018 NASA conducted a contest where participants had to present their prototypes of a house that can be built on Mars. There were many wonderful and unconventional projects, but the most capturing among others tends to be the Marsha prototype. The house shape reminds of a cylinder and was developed considering Mars’s features. But the main question is what materials to use in the construction of it? As I have mentioned, it’s unable to produce ordinary materials like bricks on Mars. Possible you thought that materials carried on the spaceship are the solution, but I’d say it’s almost impossible. The way to Mars is not days or months, it’s years long. That is why food and other life resources are more preferable. Although it could be some space left for constructing materials, it’s far less than required. That is why scientists started to look for natural materials of the red planet to produce durable material for accommodation.

They concluded that it’s easier as it may seem. 

What materials can be used to build houses on Mars was discussed in the scientific journal Public Library of Science One. The surface of Mars is covered with soil weathered over millions of years, so-called regolith. To create at least some semblance of bricks out of it, water is needed, and scientists haven’t yet been able to find its obvious sources. Besides, now people can form materials suitable for building houses only under terrestrial conditions. And on Mars, it is necessary to come up with a way to create artificial stones and their analogs.

Recently, an interesting solution to this problem was proposed by scientists from Singapore. They suggested that the regolith could be made more flexible by mixing it with chitosan. This is the name of the substance that can be obtained from the material, which is the main component of the shells of shrimp, crabs, and some insects. The final material was named biolite. From it, scientists tried to create a smaller version of the Marsha house that I’ve mentioned before, but it was not created from scratch. Three components were 3D printed and then glued together using biolite. It turned out quite well, so we can assume that the houses of the future colonists of Mars will look like this.

Back in 2018, NASA researchers realized that some structures could be built from mushrooms. First, people build a primitive frame and then grow a special type of mushrooms under it, which wraps around the structure and takes its shape. When the structure takes its final form, the mushrooms can be heat treated and made clean and dry. In the picture, you can see that things made of mushrooms look disgusting and scary. Scientists want to make “mushroom houses” out of 3 layers. The first is mushrooms, the second is out of bacteria and the last one is ice. But they didn’t mention where to take so much water on Mars and how to prevent ice from melting.


As you can see, humanity is preparing to move to Mars. But before that, the planet must be carefully studied. In my opinion, every effort is valuable and I would never criticize a single try to invent or discover something new, especially connected to space because that moves the progress.





NASA-awarded ‘marsha’, a 3D-printed vertical martian habitat by AI spaceFactory

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How to save 92% on your electricity bill? [CASE STUDY]

Reading Time: 2 minutesJust about 4 months ago Tesla officially announced acquisition of SolarCityclick . Many people consider this as a giant leap towards bringing solar energy to the masses. Today we finally have a real-life case study of Tesla’s revolutionary solar system in use and it’s undeniable that Elon Musk’s company is on the right track to lead the solar energy revolution.

This week, a well-known consumer advocacy portal CHOICE – click, published an article describing the story of an Australian Tesla fan who used the Powerwall battery for the past year and experienced its saving potential.

Powerwallclick is a smart lithium-ion energy storage pack designed and produced by Tesla Inc. In short, this product is a battery pack for your home that stores energy from photovoltaic panels and delivers sustainable electricity, even when the sun isn’t shining. Powerwall is a great backup power device but it also gives the user the ability to sell excess of energy back to the grid. With its power management system, Powerwall is able to significantly decrease household energy bills spending.


The best proof for Tesla’s solar system cost cutting capabilities is the story of Nick Pfitzner described in CHOICE articleclick. Nick lives with his family in a four-bedroom home in Kellyville Ridge, Australia. This large residence is equipped with atelier, laundry, outdoor entertainment area and its own pool. Powering this home with electricity in 2015 cost Nick $2289 but in January 2015 Nick decided to invest in sustainable energy system. Nick invested $16,790 in buying 7kW Powerwall battery, a 5kWp solar array, a SolarEdge inverter and a Reposit monitoring system.

Nick Pftitzner standing alongside his home solar system

Source: www.choice.com.au

After implementation of this system Nick’s average quarterly bill dropped from $572 in 2015 to $45 in 2016. After a year of using his new power system Nick was able to save 92% on his annual electricity expenses. His annual electricity bill has dropped from $2110 in 2015 to $178.71 in 2016. This level of efficiency surprised the owner himself: “Before I crunched the numbers I was looking at what would be my return on investment. If it saved me 80% of my power bill, [I thought] it would be pretty good,” he says. Outstanding efficiency of Nick’s system topped original Tesla Inc projections estimating that their solar systems can pay itself off within 14 to 18 years. If Nick’s solar system will continue operating at this rate it will payback in just 8 years.

Isn’t it marvelous?


Remarkable results of Nick’s power system will undoubtedly ignite already booming market of solar power systems. This combined with Tesla’s progressing plan of building 3 more Gigafactiories – click in order to increase supply and lower costs of batteries and photovoltaic panels only amplifies the strong belief that solar will power our future.










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Couple weeks ago (28.10.2016) Tesla in cooperation with SolarCity presented new solar powered ecosystem for private houses and small businesses. Tesla’s new green energy system is entirely sustainable and more cost-effective than regular grid system.


Power generating Roof Tiles are more durable, less costly and almost indistinguishable from traditional roofs. With this design and cost-efficiency Tesla is undeniably a forerunner in emerging market of accessible photovoltaic roofs.

Tesla, Solar Roof tiles


That day Tesla also announced Powerwall 2, energy storing lithium-ion batteries for private use. Powerwall 2 is capable of powering a two-bedroom house for 24 hours entirely without power from the grid. Tesla’s approach to product design is also very visible with this one. Powerwall 2 has very aesthetical design making it the most elegant home battery on the market.

Tesla, Powerwall 2


Tesla’s solar system allows households to be more energy independent and save thousands dollars on their annual energy bill. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the Powerwall 2 “may be the cheapest lithium ion battery for the home ever made.” This is making Powerwall 2 an approachable home battery system of now and today.

Solar Roof and Powerwall 2 combined with Tesla’s electric cars creates cost-efficient, zero-emission ecosystem of the future.

Tesla, zero-emission ecosystem


Tesla new ecosystem presentation caused widespread buzz in the media and was a first sign of upcoming event.

Last Monday (21.11.2016) Tesla acquisition of SolarCity was officially announced.

SolarCity is the biggest provider of commercial solar panels in the United States. It has its own direct sales force and the best installation team in the industry. Moreover, SolarCity has developed innovative financing options making solar energy more accessible and affordable.


Just one day after the acquisition Tesla published this mind blowing one-minute video showing their new solar-powered microgrid that can supply whole energy demand of beautiful Tau Island located in American Samoa.

Thanks to combined effort of Tesla and SolarCity Tau Island is able now to entirely abandon diesel generators and become sustainable, remote Island powered fully by renewable energy.


Acquisition of SolarCity made Tesla a truly integrated sustainable energy company. They are now able to produce energy (Solar Roofs), storage it (Powerwall 2) and efficiently use it for transportation (Tesla cars). With those resources Tesla is giving people possibility of living zero-emission, entirely sustainable, green lifestyle.

This is the beginning of revolution in the way we produce and consume energy and Tesla just made another big step towards the world free of fossil fuels.








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