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Unreal Engine 5 – new era of computer generated images

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Earlier this year Epic Games released new computer graphic engine that revolutionized industry. Two weeks ago new update appeared and now scenes created with Unreal Engine 5.1 are indistinguishable compared to real life footage.

Demo technologiczne Unreal Engine 5 udźwignie mocny laptop - ilustracja #1

When it comes to visual effects in movies, with the right budget and time, filmmakers can make everything look realistic. Movie shots are scripted, the camera moves in a certain direction and nothing will change that. The computer-generated images (CGI) that appear on the screen, which we see when watching a movie, are pre-rendered. In games where the player is responsible for moving the camera, the frames on the screen must be rendered in real time. In order for the human eye to see smoothly we need at least sixty of them for every second of the game. Generating this amount of data in a short period of time is very time consuming, and yet many players can’t afford to admire the beauty of the shots because they have to keep the graphics to a minimum to make the game work on their computers. This is where Unreal Engine 5 comes in.

One of the biggest problems in CGI is lightning. It is very easy to identify bad light in a scene. However, it is very easy to visualize thanks to global illumination. This is the way light bounces off an object and lights up another. This is a difficult process to do, especially in real time. So far, graphic designers have used light baking which pre-renderes lights map. This method works very well, but if there is even a slight change in the positioning of objects, the whole process has to be again done from the scratch. This is very time-consuming. The lighting system in Unreal Engine 5 called Lumen solves this problem. It renders light in real time regarding moving objects. It focuses only on the multi-reflection global illumination of the main light source and. That’s why it looks so realistic. This process improves the workflow and speed. Are very valuable considering short project deadlines.

Lighting was difficult for the developers, but from the player’s perspective, the most challenging part is rendering the map elements. This is all due to particles called polygons. The more detailed an element is, the more of them it assembles. A single CGI location can contain thousands or even millions of them. These are difficult to render on the average home computer, which can cause the game to crash or freeze frames, and the game will not be playable. A simple way to solve this problem is to lower the level of detail – the number of polygons for a scene, but then the game looks very flat and is not pleasing to the eye. A new Unreal Engine 5 option called Nanite dynamically deforms the environment by lowering the total number of polygons on an object. It changes the number of them depending on how far away the object is, the closer the item is to the camera, the more polys it consists of.


These two elements are revolutionary for the CGI industry. The new 5.1 update patches some of the problems that the engine has had so far. Worth mentioning are fixes for global illumination. Transparent objects resonate light, which didn’t work very well in the previous version. Now the reflection of glass is more realistic, as is water. It is no longer milky white, but actually shines through and reflects objects around it depending on the camera position, rather than being just a blurry patch of light.


Currently Epic Games is working on improving Nanite technology. As for now it can only be used for static objects but they are trying to implement it on a moving characters too.

The last thing is MetaHumans. It is a creator of realistic humans, which is similar to creating characters in The Sims series. It is an amazing tool for creating NPCs in games, but also figures in an animated movie. Another phenomenon is the animations and movements of the created character. These are no longer hours of making, but several commands. The computer itself calculates how a process should look like and performs it itself.  This reduces the human work almost to zero. As a result, the time needed for a given project is much shorter – creating a movie will no longer take years as it used to.

Creating a MetaHuman from a Preset

In 2017, Rouge One: A Star Wars Story was the first film to use an on-set game engine – Unreal Engine 4, followed by Disney’s The Mandalorian series and HBO’s Westworld. Now, with the latest version 5.1, we can expect even more collaboration in the movie field in the future. As for the game industry, many developers have announced that they will be working on the Unreal Engine rather than its competitors. We can expect games such as the new Tomb Rider, The Witcher and Redfall. So far, we can experience UE5 in action by playing The Matrix Awakens and the latest season of Fortnite, or by watching a number of short films created by various small developers. One of them is The Eye: Calanthek created by ASC, which I highly recommend watching:


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What do you know about boosting rank in competitive mode?

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Nowadays, a lot of gamers like to spend a lot of money to up their rank on the other hand why they cannot play the ranked mode by themselves because on the ranked mode right now it has a lot of smurf (“smurf is used in gaming to describe a player in an online game that creates a new account to play against lower-ranked player) and that “smurf ” they use this new account to match against people who are in experienced and give them easy wins because they are so much more comfortable with the game mechanics and they played so well that new players could not win that’s why gamers right now they prefer to pay money for up their rank because they cannot defeat smurf. Especially, First-shooter game it has a lot of smurf player in there that make a lot of problem in community game because beginner player cannot defeat smurf player that going to make new players are gradually going to play another games without smurf and that’s why new players are so interested in hiring some people to play instead them.

img: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/TSlwCeEttKk/maxresdefault.jpg

How does it affect and is it illegal?

First of all, it definitely affects the community game. Just imagine if there were a lot of players who didn’t get to a high level by playing with their owns skill, what would the condition of the game be like?

img: https://static0.gamerantimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Screenshot_20220914-134652_Reddit.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&dpr=1.5

It can result in players who are scaling their own ranks getting bored of having to play with someone who is significantly weaker, causing a markedly out of balance in the competition and become a problem that can cause players to play. it make game bored or quit playing it completely Thus causing the business to do is boosting rank. These business used to be a lot in South Korea, causing a lot of people to do it, causing some players to be dissatisfied and causing the Korean game community to be bad and go down.

Is it illegal or not right now in some foreign countries such as South Korea, South Korea has banned boosting rank measures because South Korea has a high E-Sport competition and it has a very big community, there has been a ban and this is korean law .


img: https://s.isanook.com/ga/0/ui/206/1033433/gal-1033433-20190627070206-2be2453.jpg?ip/convert/w0/q80/webp

Overall, as mentioned above, Boosting ranked has rank is due to the fact that the Smurf in the system are competitive mode, so most of the players are hiring another people to play game. What is your opinion about this thing?

references: Boosting for profit is now illegal in South Korea – Upcomer

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Google shuts down cloud gaming service

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Not a few years ago a notion of cloud gaming was thrilling for an ever growing video game market. It is a concept of distant game experience within service of servers of the company. Basically to play a videogame you don’t need to buy an expensive “gamer pc” but a subscription fee around 3 dollars.

It was a hot topic for which companies organised their own platforms. It was GeForce Now from Nvidia, Luna from Amazon Playstation Now from Sony. One of such is Stadia from Google, launched in 2019 and which is planned to shut down at the January of 2023 because of lack of “traction” with gamers. Although Stadia was also offering not only the cloud game possibility, but also a console to connect with a TV it was the first platform to fell down which can give market a sign of wrong steps in gaming industry.

Cloud gaming was prophesied to be a “future of gaming” and in extensive pricing on gaming set up it could’ve been a much cheaper alternative. Abandonment of this concept by such giant as Google is a troublesome sign to cloud gaming and some companies can make this a precedent deal and decide to follow the example and “cut costs”


  1. BBC
  2. Stadia
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GameFi Or How to make money by playing Blockchain games.

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What is GameFi?

GameFi is a variety of blockchain-based gaming platforms. The first games of this type appeared in 2013, but over time they began to gain popularity rapidly. But the rise in popularity came in September 2021, and in August of that year, GameFi’s platforms experienced a real boom. For example, the developers of one of the most popular games, Axie Infinity, made over $1.2 billion in revenue.

How does it work?

In blockchain-based games, characters are NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Players have an option to create their own unique characters or buy existing characters, pump them up and sell them. Payment is made in the cryptocurrency of the platform on which the game is based. Moreover, in some games, you can bet on the outcome of battles. In order to sign up for such a game, you need a crypto wallet. Since most GameFi platforms adhere to the Play-to-Learn principle. However, you should study in detail the project where you are going to register and transfer the funds. The internal tokens of the most popular games have already moved beyond their platforms and are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. The GameFi industry is gaining momentum due to the dynamic development of the decentralized platform and gaming segment. Some game tokens are even accepted in regular shops, such as Smooth Love Potion (SLP) in the Philippines. 

Benefits and potential risks. What is behind the scene?

Despite the fact that some token games have started to be accepted in regular shops, the Philippine authorities have voiced their concerns and are going to regulate a special tax on SLP transactions. This means that such transactions are not sustainable and should be treated with caution. There are many scammers online who create such gaming platforms posing as blockchain games, which are actually pyramid schemes. Experts note that some GameFi platforms are currently undervalued and lag behind the general development trend. According to analysts, the FaraLand and IG Gold platforms are expected to boom in the near future. Experts predict the further development of the decentralized gaming market. However, the value of tokens can fluctuate significantly under the influence of the bitcoin exchange rate, which makes it very risky. It is well known that the entire market depends on the movement of the first cryptocurrency. This could mean that if bitcoin collapses, GameFi projects are likely to collapse as well. In the near future, there will probably be resources (metaverses) where it will be possible to enter with a leveraged NFT character and compete with characters from other games. There will also be entire virtual markets where players can sell or buy everything they need.


GameFi’s blockchain-based gaming platforms are rapidly gaining popularity. However, such innovative technologies can have both upsides and downsides. It all depends on the risk the consumer is willing to take and the benefit he or she can derive from it.





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Minecraft teaches future programmers

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This is not a secret that the IT industry is expanding very quickly. It causes a constant growth of demand for programmers. According to the speculations of the European Committee, EU labour market will not meet this demand until 2030. Because of the money earned by beginner programmists, more and more people older than 30 decide to change their occupancy to “junior programmist”. But it still isn’t enough. The solution is to put kids in the world of programming very early, so when they grow up, part of them will fill the shortage on the labour market.

Microsoft came up with an idea to make young people interested in coding. They developed a learning platform which is Minecraft: Education Edition. Of course, computer science is not the only subject, which can be taught via Minecraft EDU. The platform also contains contents for mathematics, art, science etc. The software is not only dedicated to schools, but also for private educators. Many private institutions have made the use of Minecraft education, creating courses for groups of children.

According to Linkedin data, such skills as mobile development or design of user interface will be in high demand in the coming years. Also, there is no doubt that thanks to programming young children can learn a set of other skills such as problem-solving. What is more teaching computer science in schools is recommended, because it allows students to gain information about the continuously developing technology. However not every child finds programming interesting, probably instead of learning it, they would rather… play some computer game. Here comes MINECRAFT: EE, which combines both, fun and learning. Creators of the content of the lessons of PYTHON developed a set of various tasks, which both make children engaged in it and doesn’t make them bored.

Microsoft and Code.org team up to bring ‘Minecraft’ to Hour of Code (PRNewsFoto/Microsoft Corp.)

The problems, which children need to solve are based on in-game issues. For example, they have to create a script, which will display the number of steps every 10 seconds or they have to build a program, which will build a house in Minecraft on its own. Of course, there are also more complex tasks related to some story: one of them shows a real-world use of AI on an example of predicting a chance of fire.

To conclude, thanks to Minecraft, young learners have an opportunity to gain various practical skills, such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, basics of coding, intermediate programming (AI and python) and understanding the technology. However, such an idea has its dark side. Programming is going to be the next subject in students’ schedule, while they already have plenty of them. Is it appropriate to make young students have more obligations?  Maybe we should abandon some other subjects to avoid making youngsters overworked?









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Is Minecraft going to revolutionise education?

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Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania minecraft classroom

Remind Yourself about lessons in Your primary or secondary school. Some of them were presumably boring and even if they took place only once a week, You did not want to participate in them at all. Such a phenomenon occurs because how the information is delivered, for instance, boring lectures, during which no one except a teacher is permitted to say anything. Nowadays it became very difficult to make young students interested in a subject with traditional teaching methods. That’s why more and more apps and educational platforms are being developed to help teachers to make their lessons impressing.

Following the trend of a growing number of interactive tools, which help to teach, Microsoft decided to get into the market introducing “Minecraft: Education Edition”. Most of today’s children know what Minecraft is and probably have played it. For those, who don’t know it, Minecraft is a computer game, with infinite possibilities to discover the world by building things and completing achievements. More and more teachers around the world start using this method.  All of them could easily introduce this approach on their lessons because there are special guides and scenarios of classes on the Internet and also everyone can consult a professional mentor, who will help to implement Minecraft Edu in real life.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania minecraft education

“It is better to build it and understand it than write it on paper and understand it”

Some people would probably doubt if Minecraft is appropriate for every school subject, but the idea is admired by teachers of various subjects, from all around the world. On the website of Minecraft: Education Edition there are special materials for teachers uploaded. Subject kits for Language Arts, Science, History and Culture, Computer Science, Math, Art and Design can be found there.

It has been proven that children, whose teacher implemented Minecraft Edu, tend to learn more efficient, but on the other hand, such way of learning cannot be introduced in every case. The first and main reason is that in some countries, schools have not enough money to provide their students with such facilities as computer labs and they cannot require children to have their laptops. Secondly, would old teachers, who have been teaching traditionally for all of their lives introduce such an innovative method? Probably most of them would not do that. Finally, teachers and parents are not always able to monitor how much time do children spend in front of the screen, so if this was neglected, young students could be exposed to “screen addiction”.






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The future of gaming – Teslasuit

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Probably most of you are familiar with VR. Not that long ago, we could see it only in movies, but nowadays thanks to Oculus Rift, it started becoming a more mainstream option of entertainment. Well, now imagine that there’s a device that enables you to not only see everything as if you were there, but also to feel it. That’s what Tesla’s new invention is all about.

Teslasuit was presented at CES 2019, where influencers and journalists could even try out the prototype version. It is a new generation of smart clothing. Moreover, it is a full body suit, made from waterproof neoprene, filled with multiple censors, which right now add up to 68. Since it’s waterproof, it is fully washable. Just put it into your washing machine and enjoy the fresh smell. Additionaly, Tesla’s spokesperson stated that by the time that they will hit the market, number of censors will be even higher. Although all of this information may not seem as impressive for you at this moment, let me explain briefly what can it do.

This clothing with the use of haptic feedback can simulate the feeling of touch, bumping into a wall and even getting kicked or punched. It seems pretty futuristic, doesn’t it? Of course everything is done with safety measures, so that it doesn’t hurt you. You can even adjust the power of the sensations, if it’s too much for you, but that’s not all. Let’s ignore for a second the ‘less important’ fact that it measures your biometric data like heart rate and how do you feel overall. It actually can make you feel different temperatures.

Now imagine, that you play Call of Duty or some other FPS game and you have a mission located somewhere in Siberia with -30°C, there are plenty of enemies nearby trying to kill you and you can feel it all! The temperature, bullets hitting you, touching the ground, your weapon, simply everything. Of course it won’t be as real as the real pain or temperature, but it definitely will be different and much better than sitting in front of a computer or a TV on your couch.  I don’t know how do you feel about it, but to me it seems amazing. 


It provides the sensations, anything from stroke to hard impact … but the hard impact we’ve specifically limited to the own wearer’s strength, not to damage any tissue or anything, to keep it safe.” (Digital Trends).


Imagine the possibilities that this equipment creates. In my opinion, it can even help with obesity to some extent. All of the gamers in order to keep playing, will have to burn all of this calories by moving inside of their houses constantly. That’s definitely not something that you can do, while being overweight. Your actual physical abilities will determine, how good you are at certain games.

Although I’m really enthusiastic about this kind of gaming, let’s talk about some other aspects of this technology, since playing games just isn’t for everyone. In future, it may enable us to for example go explore different countries or watch a NBA game, from the comfort of our own house, just for few bucks.  It can even be some form of communication between friend’s and family. Imagine that you are in a long-distance relationship. This technology will enable you to not only talk face-to-face, but feel the presence of your partner. This just blows my mind.

Here you can see a quick video of how people reacted to Teslasuit at CES 2019

It all sounds amazing, but nothing there’s always a catch. Well, the device itself isn’t so cheap. It may cost several thousand of dollars and it’s only wholesaled. The price will probably go down as the interest of the product will go up in future, but it definitely isn’t a product for everyone, as for now. Still, in my opinion it’s totally worth it, if you can lands your hands on it.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 


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1. Miranda, F. (2019, January 13). The Teslasuit could turn Black Mirror’s terrifying ‘Playtest’ into a reality. https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/teslasuit-experience-ces-2019/

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Reasons behind smartphone games’ popularity

Reading Time: 2 minutesWe all know that devices such as smartphones or tablets are multitasking handheld personal computer that are used for several purposes other than calling and texting alone.
Today’s mobile devices are used as camera, calendar, television, web browsing, sending e-mail, geolocation, tape recorder, calculator, compass, accelerometer, digital mapping and many other. These features build a strong product value to consumers which gives the possibility for each consumer to personalise their device(s) further by downloading any applications needed and wished resulting to use one single device instead of few for many users.

Games are one of the most popular application’s categories, representing a total of 39% of all downloaded applications, generating over $50 billions in revenue worldwide in 2016 which counts up to 81% of mobile store consumer spending (compering to 75% in 2014). While the gaming industry is growing in terms of profitability counting over $100 billion in revenue in 2016, the thriving preferences to play games on mobile devices seen these past few years resulted last year to generate (for the first time) the biggest source of revenue from the other devices such as PC or even consoles games (32% in total comparing at 31% for consoles and 23% for PC).

source: Newzoo, 2017

The reasons of it changed trend are caused due to few main reasons:

Lower cost of production: Due to a far less development costs to create games on smartphones thanks to a far less needs of complicated coding because of smartphone’s smaller screen sizes, lower resolution and processing power, it results to decrease greatly the cost to produce such games. Also, because these are downloaded by the users directly through the device, it negating the need for packaging and shipping, all that resulting to lower as well dramatically the price of the game to the user.

Growing number of smartphone users: We see every year a considerable growing number of smartphone users worldwide (this year, almost 11% increase of smartphone users in comparison to 2016, making in total around 2.4 billion to use such a device), making these games a lot more accessible for any smartphone owner today.

New type of market segment: Not everyone wants complicated games and willing to “waist” their time on time-consuming games. Rather than that, a lot are just looking for quick and easy time-passing games just to entertain themselves for a few laps of time while waiting for a friend, on the bus and other ones.

Makes it possible to play anywhere, anytime: Smartphones gives the possibility to play games anywhere thanks to their size, making them extremely portable oppositely to PC or consoles that requires bigger space and more are more complicated to connect in comparison to smartphones.






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Chinese woman is considered to be dead for ten years lived in Internet cafes playing online shooter

Reading Time: 2 minutesChinese girl Xiao Yun, which over the last ten years, presumed dead, discovered during a police raid at an internet cafe in the province of Zhejiang. This is with reference to local newspaper Qianjiang Evening News Portal reports The Star Online.

According to parents, Xiao Yun left home at age 14 in 2005, and since that time considered as missing. She was presumed dead until 20 November 2015, when it was early in the morning during the ordinary police raid discovered at a local internet cafe.

14 Mar 2006, HEFEI, China --- Chinese use computers at Internet cafe in Nanjing --- Image by © STRINGER/CHINA/Reuters/Corbis

Check showed that the 24-year-old Xiao Yong used forged documents. She was taken to the nearest police station for questioning, which found that in the last ten years she lived mainly in Internet cafes.

The girl, a fan of multiplayer shooter CrossFire, almost all the free time spent on the game, and for personal hygiene use public baths. For the life of Xiao Yun earned from time to time settling a cashier in an internet cafe. In them she usually slept.

Police fined Woman on one thousand yuan (about 150$), and then against her will contacted her parents. Mother Cao Yong’s conversation with the Qianjiang Evening News reported that in the last 10 years did not change your phone number in case the daughter wanted to contact her. The woman admitted that because of her quick temper often beat daughter, but promised never to it is no longer in conflict.

The history of San Yong – not an isolated case. In the spring of 2013 the media reported on the Chinese who had lived for six years in an Internet cafe, leaving it only to take a shower. Man provide for themselves by selling virtual goods in online games for real money.

At the beginning of 2015 on this kind of “Internet cafe refugees” in Japan, was cast a documentary film. In the picture it was reported that many Japanese because of the lack of a permanent job are forced to live in small closets in an Internet cafe, where they spend most of their free time sitting in a network and playing online games.

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Why is it so hard to find a husband?!

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn 2011 Phillip Zimbardo, famous physiologist, gave a TEDTalk called The demise of guys?. He wanted to warm whole society that girls not only outperform boys significantly on every level of school, but also boys are failing in business, they are falling socially and even sexually.

He gave a few reasons why boys are worst and worst, but the most controversial one blamed porn and games!


In his opinion, games give a sense of achievement and appreciation but at the same time isolate from the world outside and do not develop social skills. Moreover, it turns out that reality is less attractive than diverse and intense games. In his book Gdzie Ci mężczyźni  he informs that nowadays in the United States a young person spends 10,000 hours playing before his 21st birthday. The average student needs twice less time to defend a bachelor’s degree! And of course, boys play much more than girls: 13 hours per week compare to 5 hours. Games start to replace reality instead of inspiring the gamers and create a better reality.

Readily available porn also has a hand in it. Young boys without any sexual experiences and sex education basics base their knowledge only on pornographic movies. Their ideas about sex are distorted and cause difficulties in achieving sexual arousal during contact with another person. The problem is sufficiently large: nowadays it is impossible to find a control group which is not watching porn at all! Girls, of course, watch porno as they play games, but 75% of the access to pornographicsite is generated by man and only 2% of registered credit cards on paid services belong to women. Some companies even detect women’s names during registration as an attempted fraud. The problem is, that adults know that porn is only a fantasy while for teenagers is a role model.


Any idea what we can do as a mothers, fathers, future wives, teachers,  or in general, society?


The problem is more complex, so I really encourage you to watch excellent Phillip Zimbardo TED Talk and find the solution 🙂


for those more interested:


in english:

The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It

Man (Dis)Connected: How Technology Has Sabotaged What it Means to be Male

Man, Interrupted: Why Young Men are Struggling & What We Can Do About It

in polish:

Gdzie ci mężczyźni

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