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Novel Carbon Capture System Turns Carbon Into Methanol

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Source: Eric Francavilla, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, https://www.pnnl.gov/news-media/scientists-unveil-least-costly-carbon-capture-system-date

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems are a promising technology for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power plants and industrial facilities. CO2 is one of the main greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, and reducing emissions from these sources is crucial for achieving global climate goals.

There are two main types of carbon capture systems: post-combustion and pre-combustion. Post-combustion capture involves capturing CO2 after it has been released from the combustion process, while pre-combustion capture captures CO2 before it is released.

Post-combustion capture systems use various technologies, such as amine solvents, to capture CO2 from the flue gas produced by power plants and industrial facilities. The captured CO2 is then compressed and transported to a storage site, typically an underground geological formation. One of the main advantages of post-combustion capture is that it can be retrofitted to existing power plants, allowing for a relatively quick deployment of the technology.

Pre-combustion capture systems, on the other hand, capture CO2 before it is released by converting fossil fuels into a mixture of hydrogen and CO2. The CO2 is then separated and captured, while the hydrogen is used as a fuel. Pre-combustion capture systems are typically more efficient than post-combustion systems, but they require the construction of new power plants or the retrofitting of existing ones.

The cost of carbon capture is a major barrier to the widespread deployment of the technology. However, costs have been decreasing in recent years, and it is expected that they will continue to decrease as the technology is further developed and deployed. Additionally, government policies, such as carbon pricing and subsidies, can help to reduce costs and encourage the deployment of carbon capture systems.

Source: Andrea Starr, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, https://www.pnnl.gov/news-media/scientists-unveil-least-costly-carbon-capture-system-date

A recent breakthrough post-combustion carbon capture system unveiled by the researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory promises to cut those costs significantly by converting the captured carbon into methanol. Methanol being one of the most produced chemicals in the world, utilized in the production of many everyday items such as plastics, paints, construction materials and biofuels.

The sales from the created methanol can generate meaningful revenues for power plants, further decreasing the costs of running carbon capture systems. PNNL scientists believe that this form of carbon recycling, can boost the development and adoption of CCS around the world. The new system is intended to work with the flue gas emitted by coal, gas and, biomass power plants.

Innovation in the carbon capture sector is essential in the fight against climate change. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that CCS could reduce CO2 emissions by up to 10 Gt by 2050, which is equivalent to about one-fifth of the total emissions reduction needed to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

The new carbon capture system created by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researchers is a promising technology that could play a vital role in the fight against climate change. Its high selectivity, stability, and lower cost of production make it an attractive option for large-scale carbon capture and storage. With further research and development, this technology could become a vital tool in the effort to reduce carbon emissions and slow down the effects of global warming.


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Winter is NOT coming…

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For every skiing geek previous seasons weren’t fruitful. Many skiing trips has to be canceled and spontaneous weekends in polish or Czech mountains are becoming nearly impossible. So what is the future of our beloved sport?

Since 1991 the temperature in Europe has been increasing 0,5 degree per decade faster than other regions which is consequence of our thoughtless behaviour. Just in France winters are 8 degrees warmer than 30 years ago. In Forbes report, the university of Grenoble research shows that through 70 years period in France 50% of ski resorts has been closed because lack of snow. Border of snow line which is a height above sea level when snow lays whole year has increased tremendously and till the end of century 93% of glaciers in alps would disappear which was the only alternative for warm winters but what is sad….there wouldn’t be colder ones. 

If somebody is up to date with skiing word cup championships the situation is disappointing for fans, because since beginning of 22/23 season 8 races were cancelled due to lack of snow.

Absage an Gerüchte - Pisten-Guru rettet Steilhang für Adelboden-Rennen |  krone.at

But you may say that there are snow cannons working so it is not that bad…

Of course, they exist but to produce 15cm of snow it takes 200 000 litres of water per day and consumes loads of energy. And after all they require temperature below 0 to operate. There are some chemicals that increase melting temperature such as potassium acetate but they can be dangerous for environment and are usually restricted. 

Personally I was shocked looking at these data but what has opened my eyes the most was the fact that I experienced it firsthand and saw the effect of global warming which many deny and undermine. So if you want to experience skiing, I advice it as soon as possible. 

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$50 Trillion To Stop Global Warming and how you can prevent it today

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by Egor Fiodarau

We live in turbulent times; the rushes, the tempo, the rhythm; the grand pivot of the 21st century. While chasing our dreams and goals, we set up new aims for us to hit. In this head-spinning sprint to the profits, we often forget the most important factor: our habitat. The Earth. It raised humanity, mankind. It is the only mother of ours. She nurtured us and gave us all the means to become a civilization in the first place. Unfortunately, as she gets sicker and sicker, she stays quiet, while the storms of nature wipe her children from existence. As the Earth dies, the mother will bring her children with her. She will not judge us for killing her. She just would get slightly disappointed that whole this time we were killing ourselves.

Global warming is a rampant problem in this century. It is depressingly bad and here is why. Global warming occurs as more and more carbon dioxide, pollutants, and other gases enter the Earth’s atmosphere. They absorb sunlight and radiation emitted from the Sun instead of letting the atmosphere disperse it. Therefore, as it absorbs more and more “power,” it traps the heat which causes the planet to get hotter. It is known as a greenhouse effect. Do not underestimate it. Throughout history, there has been a balance between CO2 production and its absorption. Unfortunately, as mankind progresses and utilizes its time of being here on this planet to maximize pleasures and profit it created an uneven playing ground for this balance.

The battle is going strong and we as humanity are trying to do our best to eliminate global warming. Do we, though? According to several sources including Forbes and Bloomberg, such companies as Panasonic Corp., Rohm Co., Bloom Energy Corp., Neste Corp., and 29 more, might very well make huge profits from the upcoming apocalypse. While activists and NGOs fight for the cause, there are a bunch of players on the board who think that it is not that bad. Yet, it is terrifically bad. A simple tragedy of the commons is leading us to doomsday. Moreover, you can’t accuse someone of doing something, if he/she does nothing, right?

Let’s elaborate on the cost that is in the header of this article. Maybe, you are a big business boy whose only interest is in numbers and you do not really care about the gist of it. Therefore, let’s dive in and see a breakdown presented by Morgan Stanley:

  • Renewable power generation will require $14 trillion by 2050, including investments in energy storage.
  • With passenger cars currently pumping out about 7 % of greenhouse gas emissions, some $11 trillion will be needed to build factories, expand power capacity and develop the batteries and infrastructure needed to switch to electric vehicles.
  • Almost $2.5 trillion would be needed for technologies that capture carbon and store it.
  • About $5.4 trillion is needed for electrolyzers to make the gas, which can help provide clean fuel for power generation, industrial processes, vehicles, and heating. Besides, $14 trillion would be required to increase renewable energy capacity to power plants, transportation, and storage.
  • Almost $2.7 trillion should go into biofuels like ethanol, which are currently mixed with petroleum products but will spread eventually to areas such as aviation.

And it seems like it is only the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, unlike actual icebergs, this one won’t melt that easily. It is discussed by the experts that it can get exponentially worse with every upcoming year. Therefore, organizations like NRDC and UNEP are trying their hardest to prevent tragedy. Yet, it will not be enough, especially with corporations doing the Devil’s work. I wish there would be a way to help fight global warming right now…

Truly speaking, there is one! As of now, there is a campaign running by Mr. Beast‘s #TeamTrees in association with Arbor Day Foundation and U.S. Forest Service. Its goal is to raise global warming awareness and to actually stand up and do something about us killing the planet. According to the study published by #TeamTrees, there indeed are natural climate solutions as long as we take action. Therefore, they are gathering a whopping $20 million to plant 20 million trees by 2022.


All in all, climate change is terrifying, abysmal, alarming, grim, and… unstoppable? We will not make our mother Earth cry. We will save it. We will save ourselves.

If you enjoyed this article and willing to do your part in saving the planet, you can donate here.


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