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Analysing material stress by images, future of physics and AI

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Engineering, physics – these fields of science can be named as BFF. Creators should even begin from the force of gravity law in order to make any mechanism work; each mech firstly has to fit some characteristics as form, consistency and its deformation capacity to proceed with. However, the equations solving can be computationally expensive, depends on material complexity.

MIT researchers decided to deeply focused on resolving and presented an Artificial Intelligence soft determining stress and strain of a material based on image recognition.

“This is always a difficult problem. It’s very expensive and it can take days, weeks or even months to run certain material simulations. So we thought, let’s teach an AI to solve this problem. […] From an image, the computer can predict all these forces: deformations, stresses, etc.”

Markus Buehler

An algorithm was developed by Zhenze Yang (lead author and PhD student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering), Chi-Hua Yu (former MIT postdoc) and Markus J. Buehler (Director of the Atomic and Molecular Mechanics Laboratory and Professor of Engineering at McAfee), providing the possibility to implement connect computer vision and material in a real-time.

As data researches used different materials with various “from soft to hard” consistency. Main Machine Learning model was based on GAN (generative adversarial network) matching dozen of images to the future system in order to get the general “understanding” and as an addition be able to visualize micro details and singularities like cracks and other deformities.

In order to understand the pressure exerted with certain conditions objects were interpreted in random geometrical figures.


image strain

This visualization shows the deep-learning approach in predicting physical fields given different input geometries. The left figure shows a varying geometry of the composite in which the soft material is elongating, and the right figure shows the predicted mechanical field corresponding to the geometry in the left figure.

The recent innovation will open many doors in resolving estimating risk issues; a significant guarantee of constructions stability increase and revealing the potential of AI and computer vision in perspective.



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Better than Google Image Search

Reading Time: < 1 minuteMany people are familiar with google image search feature where you can actually upload your own image and then search that image in google to find similar images.

Just go to https://images.google.com/

You should see this…screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-2-57-16-pm

This will allow you to do a lot of things, like search for your brand logo, Ensure that companies aren’t stealing images and pretending their products are real. You know, things of that nature.

What if I told you there was a better and more thorough option? Google image is good for some novel image searches but Monitori goes way beyond Googles capabilities. With Monitori it is not simply just a social media analysis tool. At first glance it seems pretty similar to Brand 24 but they don’t have the image function that Monitori does.

With their search feature you can upload an image of your brand logo and it will return with a query of every place that it can find where your brand image shows up online. I tested this feature with a very small and not well known brand and to my surprise there were results! This is going to change the way companies function for sure and it is a powerful feature of this SAAS company.


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