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This world goes crazy

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Hi to all of us! Couple days ago I encountered the news that shocked me a bit 🙂


Since December 21st 2015 You can download (!!!!) emoji (!!!) by Kim Kardashian (!!!) of Kim Kardashian (!!!). First of all what drives people to download emoji? For me it’s on of the biggest questions ever. If I get this answer, the second question of why Kim? will be easier to crack. But what is more embarrassing is that this app paralysed the app store for couple hours, since servers couldn’t withstand the torrent of purchases – at a peak it got over 9000 downloads per minute….kim1

Guys, maybe i exaggerate a little and for someone Kemoji is crucial to have, but come on 🙂


Nevertheless, guys, Merry Christmas! I wish You all the happiness, love and joy! Hope the next year will bring You twice as much, as current year!!! Cheers!



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