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Moto by Lenovo

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The history of mobile communications in the world started with Motorola – the first call from a cell phone rang in 1973 with the help of Motorola DynaTAC. After 40 years, the legendary brand face death. The new owner of the telecom business Motorola Mobility, China’s Lenovo, will combine “business phone” under one brand – that is, under his.

Motorola will disappear from the casing of the phone. Although recognizable “M” will remain on the case, and now the brand will be called Moto by Lenovo. “We are gradually disable the brand Motorola and focus on Moto┬╗, – the company said at a press conference at the electronics CES in Las Vegas.

This brand was very popular in the early 2000s, ringtone Hello Moto was as famous as recognizable default ringtone Nokia. But times have changed, and in 2012 the telecom business has bought Motorola Google. After a couple of years, the search giant Motorola sold to the Chinese. And the purchase amount was $ 12.5 billion, and sales – $ 2.9 billion. When purchasing Motorola CEO Lenovo Yuantsin Yang said that his company plans to protect the brand Motorola, to strengthen its position.

Interestingly, one of the most high-profile exit the Ukrainian market start-up – sale Viewdle – linked with the history of the company. In February 2014 Viewdle Kiev office was closed and most of the staff were transferred to the software division of Motorola Mobility.

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