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The New MacBook Air on M2 has arrived

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The new MacBook Air M2 (2022) looks so good that you’re going to wonder if you should pay for a MacBook Pro. Compared to the previous MacBook Air M1, you get a more powerful M2 chip, bigger and brighter 13.6-inch display and improved 1080p webcam in an extremely portable design that’s 20% smaller than the previous model.

The first thing I noticed about the new MacBook Air 2022 is how small and light it feels. The weight has only shrunk slightly (2.7 pounds from 2.8 pounds), but the overall design is 20% smaller in volume vs the MacBook Air M1. And it’s thinner, too, at 0.4 inches vs 0.6 inches for the older model. 

At the same time, the MacBook Air M2 doesn’t feel too light, as some systems can that are made with magnesium. This is still a very solid unibody aluminum design. 

Apple gives you four color options with the MacBook Air 2022, including Midnight (blue), Starlight (pale gold), Space Gray and Silver. I’m a big fan of the Midnight option, as it shifts from dark blue to a brighter blue depending on how the light hits it. The Midnight MacBook Air has personality without being too loud. 

The new MacBook Air has the most Pro-level display yet, and that’s thanks to an increased brightness of 500 nits. This is one bright and colorful panel, and it’s now a bit bigger at 13.6 inches (up from 13.3 inches), thanks to Apple shrinking the borders.

The 2560 x 1664-pixel display looked vivid when I watched some footage from Apple TV Plus’ Prehistoric Planet. And I could make out fine details on the snout of one particularly menacing looking dinos. 

With support for 1 billion colors, wide color support (P3) and True Tone built in, this is one of the best displays for the money this side of an OLED panel. And while I could do without the notch up top, it’s not too distracting. 

When it comes to audio, the new Air is the best sounding laptop in the line yet, thanks to a four-speaker sound system that’s located between the display and keyboard. During a demo I was very impressed with the volume and clarity. But the bass is definitely lacking versus the Pro. 

Even with the reduction in size, the MacBook Air promises epic endurance. Apple rates the new MacBook Air 2022 for 18 hours of video playback and 15 hours of wireless web surfing. Neither of those numbers vary from what Apple promises with the M1 MacBook Air, though. We’ll be putting the new Air through our battery test to evaluate these claims.

Based on our initial impressions, the new MacBook Air 2022 could be one of the best laptops of the year. The design is delightfully portable, and the display is simply awesome in person. I also like the powerful sound system and the potential of the mighty M2 chip. 

So who would get the $1,299 / AU$1,999 13-inch MacBook Pro? Anyone who wants even more power (thanks to its active cooling system) and 10-core GPU standard. Plus, the Pro offers even longer battery life of up to 20 hours of video playback.

Here is the one of the greatest advertisements of all time:






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Don’t mock it – that’s how your next laptop is going to look like

Reading Time: 3 minutesApple Corporation released its new Macbook early this year and it became a remarkable event. Portable laptops with high resolution displays have been scattered all over the market and apple addicts reasonably have been begging for retina display for airs ever since. But company went further and issued a pretty controversial device. I believe even the laziest dropped some cramps toward this guy. Here I want to express my opinion on the main “controversial” features of new Macbook 2015.

  1. Weak performance. On the main issues turned out to be performance. Mobile processor Intel Core M  is considered slower then many of mobile processors and raised many questions. Graphic chip of old generations should bring poor contribution as well.  Let’s disregards absolute number and turn to experience. Eventually that matters. From my own using I may say I haven’t had any visible problems working with this laptop. By working I mean WORKING 🙂 a bit photoshop, Adobe premiere (yet 4k video is unbearable for this guy. However with lack of options, Macbook 12 can try little by little), browsing, playing games like Hearthstone, multitasking (like playing, then browsing, then playing again). I could heat it up to 60 degrees Celsius – so believe, I am not merciful user:)  So in the end of the day I can admit – this laptop fits perfectly for my daily tasks. Don’t rely on its power for hard editing or playing  – be realistic. But for 95% normal (not geek gamers) – Macbook 12 delivers enough performance.maxresdefault
  2. USB Type C. Ok, I agree…I was stunned quite a while. However it requires double considering. How often do we use our USB nowadays in comparison with what had been lately, say, 5 years ago? I believe more seldom, right? And this is the point – we are moving away from wires and USBs. Pen drives? – cloud storage. Additional periphery (big monitors, projectors, mouses, keyboards etc) – look for macbook pro. Charge a phone – come on…. Keep in mind that Type C is going to be evolved and included in other devices. And after all, someone has to be a trailblazer, so let it be Apple and this gorgeous laptop.apple-watch-event-2015-0176
  3. Price. The cheapest model costs 1299$ what caused waves of embarrassment and blaming Apple’s policy. But if we go back to 2008 and check its price tag – the price for macbook 2015 would not have seemed to high. I believe we must give a company a time to settle things down. Next generations will have more optimised and balanced price I am assured.

In the end let’s make thing clear: I have no intention to sell You the new Macbook. What I want to say is that You have to touch it, use it for a while and then make up your own objective opinion. But I am convinced, whether You like it or despise it, don’t tease it to harsh because your future laptops will look like New Macbook.

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