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The new Triton Hercules bathyscaphe

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The world of underwater exploration is expanding every day. Travel is more accessible today than ever, but if you’re talking about traditional trips, underwater adventures hold a special place.

If you are looking for an underwater adventure that will challenge traditional travel, pay attention to the new Triton Hercules bathyscaphe. In many science fiction films we meet submarines that look like glass capsules, and “Hercules” fits this description very well.

The new Hercules bathyscaphe will allow 6 people to take a ride. The design studio Dark Ocean and the famous yachtmaker Espen Oeino worked on the design of this device.

So why Hercules is so special? The basis of the bathyscaphe is an acrylic body made in the form of a flattened bubble, already familiar from other products of the brand. It is designed in such a way that passengers can see everything that is happening around them through transparent acrylic windows! Various interior options are available for the convenience of each owner. The owners have access to designer lounge chairs, a place for upholstered furniture and poufs, a mini-bar. And there are many other features: it can dive up to 10 hours to a depth of 200 meters, and its speed is 15 kilometers per hour thanks to an electric power plant compact enough to fit in one small space.

Of course, that’s an incredible device. Some types and natural phenomena cannot be qualitatively transmitted through a phone screen or a picture in a magazine. And this is exactly the case.

It is designed to be safe with minimal energy consumption, which means it can reach high speeds without consuming a lot of energy. From my point of view, this is quite important, because saving energy at the moment is an important task for all mankind.

But don’t forget! This is a luxurious entertainment. Only a certain group of people will be able to afford such an expensive attraction. If we are talking about an average person, now this is simply impossible. Unfortunately, we live in a world where money is crucial in many aspects. Triton is a commercial company, its main task is to make a profit. However, I think that such projects could be more accessible. It would be funny if children who are afraid to swim could see the aquatic flora and fauna. This incredibly broadens the horizons and limits of imagination.

Triton has changed everything we know about personal submarines — how they look and how they work. The world has never looked more beautiful than it does today, thanks to these incredible machines.




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The Hemp Fiber of Tomorrow.

Reading Time: 2 minutesHemp is one of the most environmentally friendly plants from all perspectives: growing, processing etc. Hemp is capable of creating over 25,000 products.

So why doesn’t everyone have hemp products in their lives? When you do not include the common things such as the perception of the cannabis plant globally according to “public opinion”. It really comes down to price. When you compare the price per kilo of cotton versus hemp the reason is obvious.

Cotton is much easier to harvest and process into usable fiber for the productions of fabrics. Hemp on the other hand uses more complicated techniques to harvest the bast fiber and still it is not as flexible as cotton, because of that though certain products can be made better with hemp and other still can be made with hemp and cotton blends.

So if we consider the main barrier of cannabis (hemp) products being accepted broadly once again how do we lower the cost of the fiber production? There has not been any real breakthroughs and innovations of the retting, degumming and other processes used to process hemp in a long time. This is set to change with a new company that has been developing a new product for quite some time. This company is called Canfiber Inc.


The main idea of this machine is to strip the fiber from the stalk as the stalks are cut from the ground. This will give out more long fiber and that is crucial for creating good fabrics. This would also allow farmers to sell the hurds in longer sections and this would create much better hempcrete. This machine will clearly make hemp more competitive with cotton once the product gets off the ground officially.

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