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Mass media coverage the terrorist attacks in (insert country here), you simply have not read

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After the horrific events in Paris, the internet is filled with thousands of publications critical of the media for the selective news coverage. It’s also affected the Ukrainian segment of Facebook. People en masse began to publish news about the terrorist atrocities in Libya, Kenya and Beirut. London journalist Emma Qilya faced the same reaction at home and wrote on the subject in his blog post. Emma says that the media coverage of these events, only those users do not read the article. Here is a full translation of its notes.


On Friday night, terrorists attacked a rock concert and a restaurant in Paris and detonated a bomb next to the Stade de France.

Landmarks around the world, including Tower Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, painted in the colors of the French flag as a sign of solidarity. In Europe, the general took a moment of silence, which started exactly at 11:00 am to commemorate of victims.

On The Daily Star Online – this was the biggest story of the year. People read by thousands each update. Each news site shifted the emphasis to the terrorist attacks, pushing all the other topics to the side.

But in light of the attacks in Paris, many users of Facebook and Twitter began to be indignant: why killing 147 people at the University of Garissa University College in Kenya are not covered in the same way as Paris?

Why does not Mass media cover these attacks? – I’ve seen a few posts on Facebook with this issue, and with attached article from the BBC News website about the tragedy.

A) Mass media covered it. You share the link to BBC News with this story.

B) A quick Google search will reveal that it coverage not only the BBC. Al Jazeera, CNN, New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post (from the Ukrainian media “Mirror of the Week”, TSN, Mig News – Ed.) Wrote in detail about the incident.

B) Apparently, you just do not click on this story to read the article. Even now, when you share it, you probably realize that there was a massacre at a college in April.

The question “Why is Mass media do not cover events in (insert country here)” in fact is derived from the question “Why is this story of light in my Facebook news?»

Of course, the stories from abroad highlights not so big, as what happens next to our house. And that is something Mass media need to work better, it is – a serious problem. But it is not because an innocent man killed in Beirut and Iran less important than the dead white European. And because fewer people interested to read about it.

It seems that everyone has decided to rebel and say how disgusting the media react to events outside Europe and the United States. But anyone who has access to intelligence news sites will tell you that in fact people do not worry too much.

The history of the city exploded, say, Lebanon can score a couple thousand views. The terrorist attacks in Paris recruited several thousand per minute.

If the event is not just a geographical or cultural affinity (for example, in the United States), people just are not clicking. Many realize that the Middle East explosions occur every day, but WHOA – If it happened in Paris, it can happen to us.

I have seen several articles on the site, including the national news site Metro, in which the question was asked as to why Mark Zuckerberg did not offer to put people on the avatar flag Lebanon after the death of 47 people in an attack LIH in Beirut last week.

But let’s be very honest with yourself – would you put it? Of course not. Because if this story came to you through Facebook news flavored sad status or frustrated smiles, you are likely about her and did not hear. And if they have heard, it is unlikely to publicly show their support for Lebanon.

See International sites. Watch for a variety of news sources. And do not complain that the media do not tell you about the tragedy at the other end of the world.

They talked. You just have not clicked.

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