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Microsoft on Thursday released an ad that presents the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The controller has been designed for players with disabilities so that they can play as quickly and efficiently as other healthy players. The device has two large, programmable buttons and 19 jacks that can be connected to various accessories, depending on the needs of the player. For example, on an ad you can see how a boy uses a controller to which “pedals” are connected to facilitate his game.

“No matter how your body is or how fast you are, you can play,” one player says in the ad.

Microsoft shows that it is not only a giant corporation, but also is tugging at the heartstrings. Since its first Super Bowl commercial in 2014, Microsoft has presented several other works that it performs to enable people with disabilities or other disorders to live normally. It was, among others, an iPhone application for blind people and Office improvements for people with dyslexia.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Brand, Advertising and Research Kathleen Hall said in a statement that “The Xbox Adaptive Controller helps in the gaming experience and what’s the best news for a premiere sporting event?”

I think that creating new solutions and devices for people with different needs is very beautiful and I am glad that such a huge company as Microsoft has built a controller so that children and adults with disabilities can enjoy the game as well as their healthy co-players.

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Microsoft highlights the Xbox Adaptive Controller in emotional Super Bowl ad