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This day is coming (or Warcraft on TV screens)

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Hello, guys. Hopefully You are already aware that Warcraft movie is about to be released in June 2016. For gamers of my generation (uh, sounds bad though) this announcement of a huge meaning. I have been waiting for a movie about Warcraft Universe since the original first game got released. Given this huge event for gamers, I want to remind you other PC games (Games that made impact on MY childish years) , which became a basis for successful (and not so much) movies.

  1.         Mortal Combat: Annihilation – 1997, box office: $51 m. Every kid in late 90th – early 2000th dreamed about being Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Jonny Cage. One of most successful dynasties in PC gaming ever.1
  2. Max Payne – 2008, box office $85 m. Famous story of FBI agent, whose family was killed. And he decides to deliver justice by his own. Incredibly popular game in the early 2000th.
  3. Silent Hill – 2006, box office $97m. Frightening story that makes a blood in your veins to cold stone. Mysterious derelict city Silent Hill is looks abandoned in daytime, but only until the bell rings….3
  4. Street Fighter – 1994, box office $99m. Along with Mortal Combat the most popular fighting of 904
  5. Hitman – 2007, box office $99m. Legendary agent 47, highly qualified assassin, which used to engage gamers all over the world (and keeps doing that).5
  6. Resident Evil – 2002, box office $102m. Zombie apocalypses in its pure form. Super popular shooter that puts a start to several episodes of successful film. But the first movie is the best though..6
  7. Mortal Combat – 1995, box office $122m The first movie about Mortal Combat and the best one.7
  8. Lara Croft: Tomb Rider – 2001, box office $275m. Lara…She transformed lots of boys into men! Just look at how she crawls inside a narrow passageway8
  9. Prince of Persia: Sand of Time – 2010, box office $335m. Legendary Prince deals with his devilish uncle and tries to curb the Sands of Time9



I believe that Warcraft movie will manage to become one of the best. If not, then who cares – for players it’s still a global event!


What is Your favourite here? Are You waiting for Warcraft? Tell me 🙂

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