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Bose introduces QuietComfort – a noise-canceling system for cars

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Bose is known for a good audio and for their noise-canceling technology used in their headphones, for example: Bose QuietComfort 35source: cnet.com

With the technology at hand they have decided to take it and implement it into cars. As cars are getting lighter and more electric cars are released they are also getting more prone to noise. The way it works is that the car would be equipped with 4 accelerometers, tiny microphones and an algorithm. The meters and microphones are supposed to take in the nice while the algorithm calculates and sends counter waves using the car’s sound system.

For a better explanation straight from the Bose’s press:

Accelerometers mounted on the vehicle body enable a Bose algorithm to continuously measure vibrations that create noise. This information is then used to calculate an acoustic cancellation signal, which is delivered through the vehicle’s speakers to reduce the targeted noise. Microphones placed inside the cabin monitor residual noise levels, allowing the system to adapt the control signal for optimized performance over different road surfaces, while automatically adjusting over time as the vehicle ages.

There’s no telling as to how good this will actually be since they’re not dealing with headphones anymore but with a car which is much bigger and harder to deal with. Bose aims to cooperate with car makers and aims to release their technology in 2021. Also they mentioned microphones, I imagine privacy-freaks might have a problem with that – people will be worried that they are being tapped, but then again cars might already be tapped as of today. All that could be a problem if these were normal microphones, but they might be microphones that only pick up the frequency without recording anything which is much more likely.

Here is Bose’s video and explanation on their new technology.



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