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Never have your skis stolen again!

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Probably everyone has been at least once on the ski slope or knows someone who does. When spending whole freezing day outside, majority of people stop to buy some hot drink or even have a lunch break in order to warm up and get ready for next few hours on the slopes again. However, that means taking off the skis or snowboard, place it in the stand and get inside the restaurant or at least go order the food or drink. Leaving your sport equipment unattended like that can attract a thief, who will simply grab your skis and you won’t even notice. Of course, you will try to get your money back by calling the insurance company, but very often you will fail, because you have to have your equipment locked to get money back from your insurance.

The same scenario happened also to Marek Vala, man from Czech, who visited Austria to try his new skis. However, this unfortunate event brought up to light a genius invention – Pealock. Marek put together a team and developed a lock equipped with motion sensor which makes very loud noise when someone moves with locked stuff. The best things are simple!

In the event of a sudden movement of locked equipment, the Pealock sends the owner a message on a phone. At longer distances, it can switch to GSM mode and calls the owner. Thanks to its compact size and low weight of 130 grams, it fits into your pocket without any problems. On the other side this small device is very hard to destroy! Accelerometer installed in the lock has a shock limit set, so it will make it clear when it is hammered. The lock strip is protected against cutting by steel wires with conductors, which trigger an alarm when trying to break the lock.

The price of this device will be around 690 PLN and can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter. For its unique design and technology, it won Red Dot Award in the Design Concept category.

Advantages of Czech Pealock:

  • Motion sensor which starts loud noise
  • Automatic stop of the noise if the lock is in stable position after 5 seconds
  • Possibility to set up few initial seconds in order not to start the noise if the skis just fall down
  • Connected to your smart phone
  • Possibility to add more NFC cards or smart devices which can unlock your equipment
  • You can connect more Pealocks to one phone
  • Wide range of usage options – ski, bike, baby-carriage, scooter, etc.
  • Small size and weight
  • Not easily destroyed


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