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Python is one of the most popular programming languages for a reason. It may be used to develop a wide range of programs and isn’t tailored for any particular issues. The Python language gives you many possibilities because thanks to it you can create both simple scripts and complex backend applications. Other relevant uses of  Python are software development for robots, programming games, and applications, creating mobile applications, and last but not least artificial intelligence. Its adaptability and beginner-friendliness have elevated it to the top of the list of programming languages in use today. What is more, since it’s relatively easy to learn, Python has been adopted by many non-programmers such as accountants and scientists, for a variety of everyday tasks, like organizing finances. Additionally to this In 2021, developers ranked it as the second-most popular programming language.

Taking everything into consideration I would like to highlight 3 arguments expressing in more detail the value of this insane language:


Python because of its popularity has One of the largest and most helpful developer communities on the market. If you are not familiar with programming, you may not be aware of the time that developers have to spend in case to find some solutions. Everyone at the beginning of their path is a beginner and is looking for answers to many questions. A strong and efficient community enables quick and valuable help that is a necessity for many. On Stack Overflow alone there have been almost 2 million Python-related questions. Out of these questions, a whopping 1.3M questions have been answered.


Many people say that python should be the first programming language to learn. Python is much easier to learn than any other programming language because of its simplified and similar to English syntax. Moreover, Python provides great libraries that you can choose from to save time and effort during the early stages of development. Additionally to this Python contains the most extensions and packages to automate work which makes this language very useful for new users.


A person who specializes in the python language does not have to limit himself to creating the same things over and over again because python combined with our imagination gives us a wide range of possibilities to create new and innovative things. It is also possible for programmers to combine phyton with other languages to reach their needs and goals. Flexibility provides developers with the possibility to choose styles or even combine them with others to create the most efficient environment for them to work and design new technology.

The most popular apps built with python:

  1. Spotify

The best and most recognizable platform for listening to music decided to use phyton as a primary programming language. Python’s powerful data analytics and rapid development pace were factors in the company’s decision to employ it. This gives Spotify the ability to control features like Radio and Discover, which are entirely dependent on the users’ individual musical preferences.

2. Pinterest

A world-famous application that allows you to share various types of data using GIFs, short videos, and images, also decided to use phyton for its development. Huge user engagement sharing posts related to various topics requires advanced technology and this may deliver phyton. Python helps Pinterest improve user experiences, provide real-time photo updates, manage massive volumes of content, and meet the requirements of new users.

3. Uber

This is one of these apps that we don’t have to introduce because it is well-known all over the world. It is public knowledge that this app provides us with transport solutions and makes the possibility to connect the driver with the person who is looking for transport and in this case phyton plays the biggest role because thanks to this language these connections are possible and the whole system is working the way it should.


Summing everything up I would like to say that as a beginner phyton programmer it would be unfair to oppose these arguments because all I have just written is true and especially for artificial intelligence I mostly believe that phyton is the best but we have to know that programming is not for everybody and whether it is phyton or another language it requires time to learn and achieve some level. That’s why I highly recommend not giving up at the beginning of our journey, paying attention to details, and being precise during studying.

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Minecraft teaches future programmers

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This is not a secret that the IT industry is expanding very quickly. It causes a constant growth of demand for programmers. According to the speculations of the European Committee, EU labour market will not meet this demand until 2030. Because of the money earned by beginner programmists, more and more people older than 30 decide to change their occupancy to “junior programmist”. But it still isn’t enough. The solution is to put kids in the world of programming very early, so when they grow up, part of them will fill the shortage on the labour market.

Microsoft came up with an idea to make young people interested in coding. They developed a learning platform which is Minecraft: Education Edition. Of course, computer science is not the only subject, which can be taught via Minecraft EDU. The platform also contains contents for mathematics, art, science etc. The software is not only dedicated to schools, but also for private educators. Many private institutions have made the use of Minecraft education, creating courses for groups of children.

According to Linkedin data, such skills as mobile development or design of user interface will be in high demand in the coming years. Also, there is no doubt that thanks to programming young children can learn a set of other skills such as problem-solving. What is more teaching computer science in schools is recommended, because it allows students to gain information about the continuously developing technology. However not every child finds programming interesting, probably instead of learning it, they would rather… play some computer game. Here comes MINECRAFT: EE, which combines both, fun and learning. Creators of the content of the lessons of PYTHON developed a set of various tasks, which both make children engaged in it and doesn’t make them bored.

Microsoft and Code.org team up to bring ‘Minecraft’ to Hour of Code (PRNewsFoto/Microsoft Corp.)

The problems, which children need to solve are based on in-game issues. For example, they have to create a script, which will display the number of steps every 10 seconds or they have to build a program, which will build a house in Minecraft on its own. Of course, there are also more complex tasks related to some story: one of them shows a real-world use of AI on an example of predicting a chance of fire.

To conclude, thanks to Minecraft, young learners have an opportunity to gain various practical skills, such as analytical thinking, problem-solving, basics of coding, intermediate programming (AI and python) and understanding the technology. However, such an idea has its dark side. Programming is going to be the next subject in students’ schedule, while they already have plenty of them. Is it appropriate to make young students have more obligations?  Maybe we should abandon some other subjects to avoid making youngsters overworked?









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