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AMD Radeon RX 6000 series – the new player on a top-level GPUs field

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In case new reference AMD graphics cards are going to be presented on the 28-th of October and unreferenced ones will be in the middle of November (including Sapphire Nitro and Asus Strix), there is some inside information about the new Radeon RX 6000 series. Will it finally be a worthy competition between Nvidia and AMD or it’s just a new view at old graphic cards?

There was a leak of a code for macOS Big Sur that includes the characteristics of the future flagman AMD graphic cards, and now it is possible to know the power of three new GPUs. Their code-names are Navi 21, Navi 22 and Navi 23. According to the data, the number of counting units will be 80 for Navi 21, 40 for Navi 22 and 32 for Navi 23. Also, programmers told the approximate number of threads for each processor, it’s 5120 for the most powerful variant, 2560 for the middle one and 2048 for the lowest. The frequency of every GPU will be hesitating from 2GHz to 2.5GHz, when the factory new Nvidia RTX3000 series GPU frequency is about 2 times lower (from 1,4GHz to 1.7GHz).

However, the quantity of power the “red” cards need is even lower than for their “green” colleagues. The code says that the XT version of Navi 21, will need around 320W for reference graphic card and around 355W for unreferenced models while it is almost 290W for the XL version in comparison with 370W for RTX3080. However, there is no information about the memory of the cards in the code, but some programmers assume that it will get about 16Gb of memory that will work at 16GHz speed, while, for example, RTX3080 is working with 10Gb of memory and 19GHz speed.

Taking into account all the characteristics of the Radeon RX 6000 series, we can predict that it might be almost of the same power as the RTX3000 series. But knowing the AMD company, the price will definitely be cheaper and this is what will attract customers more.

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