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“No more usernames. No more passwords.
One look is all it takes to verify your identity .
Every password you use ,now you can replaced it on your eyeball!!!
Company “myris” converted one kind characteristic of your eye into encrypted code unique only to you. This device is size of hand ball ,key to success is that this special device does not storage any data, even your eye image , so you will not worry about someone stealing your password, furthermore it is more uniq and secure than face recognition voice recognition finger prints recognition and 3 time better than apple touch id.Cyber industry facts:

The cyber security space is fastest growing tech sector

  • A 30,000 foot view of the market last year
  • The worldwide cyber security market is estimated from $77 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020.
  • The U.S. government has spent $100 billion on cyber security in last 10 years and has $14 billion budget for cyber security in 2016.

This company has potential to gain huge share of this market , this technology is unique
and probably we will meet with this technology in Poland in close future.In my opinion it will be hard to encourage pople to use it and for ordinary customer it is to expensive , and it need customization ,Secound obstacle is the service , when it brokes what then , I will have it send it to USA to fix it  and I will be unsecure or I will lost access to my accounts,by the way as customer of lenovo which send broken compter from poland to germany for 3 weeks , I will never buy anithing without good customer serviceanymore , especially personal things like phone ,computer or PASSWORDS

You plug the USB-based device into any available Windows or Mac port. On the PC, both Windows 7 and Windows 8, the system sees Myris as an external hard drive.

the price Myris is ($279.99) How much is worth security for you and for big corporation? It is possible to brake the system ?Would you use it?

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