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A single artwork created by 6 million artists!

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The internet allowed us to cooperate in many various tasks – from writing documents and coding to… creating masterpieces! Recently, on April Fools’ day, Reddit opened the so-called “r/place” which simply was a huge empty white canvas of size 2000 x 2000 pixels that could be edited by every user. For four days, every Redditor could change the color (32 colors were available) of a single-pixel every 5 minutes – this rule forced people to collaborate to have an impact on the canvas.

During the first two days, around 72 million pixels were placed by more than 6 million users! On average, 2.5 million pixels were changed every hour! Just have a look at this video showing the progress in creating the r/place canvas of 2022:

Since a single pixel meant nothing, just after the event started, large communities of people started working together on planning their contribution to the canvas. Many Redditors connected via other subreddits to coordinate in creating pixel arts. However, other platforms like Discord and Twitch played significant roles – streamers had specifically big impact since their communities are usually active while watching streams. Some of these collaborations resulted in really outstanding pixel arts — check out these examples (there are so many of them that I couldn’t choose which ones are my fav):

A social experiment

It is important to mention, that this was the second edition of r/place after the first one in 2017. Reddit is one of the biggest information exchange platforms with 174 million registered users (2020). Events like “r/place” are social experiments that show us how people can collaborate in creating something creative. This one proved again how online communities of people who usually don’t know each other can collaborate even without talking to each other. It also reveals that handling such an experiment can be difficult from the technical standpoint — Reddit needed to take care of many issues including frontend, backend, handling millions of requests every hour, bots, and many more. After the event finished, the data of every single pixel were shared by Reddit and now, everyone can dig through the history o every piece of the artwork!

Do you think that this kind of experiments are useful in exploring the nature of online communities? May collaboration in creating pixel arts translate into the real world problems?






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Should Elon Musk create a new social media platform?

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This guy has already influenced the prices of stocks and crypto by just using Twitter. An example is when Elon Musk tweeted in November 2021 to ask his followers whether he should sell his 10% of Tesla stock or not — this made Tesla’s stock fall. Now, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission agreement, Musk’s tweets about Tesla will remain a valid subject for a government investigation. Also, Tesla will need to pay $40 million to investors who lost money due to his posts.

Taking that into account, Elon claims that Twitter is doing a bad job in promoting freedom of speech, which is one of the core ideas behind democracy. He tweeted about that in March, and finally asked his audience whether a new SM platform is needed, and finally stated that he is “giving a serious thought” to building a social media platform with an open-source algorithm, with minimized misinformation and propaganda and freedom of speech as a priority.

Well, there are already platforms like Rumble, Parler, and Gettr that want to discourage people from Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. Even Donald Trump has opened his SM platform called “Truth Social”. But a new social media focused on fighting propaganda, on which everyone could share their opinion… Sounds utopic, right? One can easily say that they are going to create a platform for freedom of speech, but it might be extremely difficult to assure this and prevent it to be a base of malicious content. Also, platforms like this are considered to struggle with attracting new users, investors, and advertisers because of having users having extreme or highly politicized views.

On one hand, social media should be a place for sharing any kind of ideas and opinions freely. On the other hand, Elon’s Twitter activity often influences stuff from outside of Twitter (e.g., stocks or crypto). The effect of social media on the financial market and politics is serious and still not fully explored, so SM platforms reduce the risk of unknown influence by censoring the content of people like Elon or Trump.

The question remains unanswered — Should governments and platform owners limit content having effect on economics and politics, or should ideas and views be always accepted no matter what their influence is?






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Facebook at Work

Reading Time: < 1 minuteSooner or later it should have happened – the biggest social platform is about to introduce Facebook at work. Being genuinely honest the social giant started to talk about business inclined Facebook 5 years ago and bunch of companies have been using the closed beta version for over a year. However now, according to rumours, the platform is ready to be released.

Presumably Facebook at work gives the majority of regular Facebook features, but rather aim to connect co-workers in one place. The interface is going to be the same: with likes, news feed, messenger etc. However some differences will appear – for instance paying Candy Crush is impossible 🙁 User will be able to have to profiles simultaneously – regular and working (in different applications though).

Since there is lack of relevant info so far, I would guess the following:

  1. This network is going to be solely professional: business posts, news and pics.
  2. Additional tools may be provided for specific fee (analysis and technical instruments)
  3. Discorage workers to use Facebook in a working place was not the main purpose. The main purpose is to create business community.
  4. Typical user can’t create a Facebook at Work profile unless his employee bought a subscription (access, package or else)
  5. Head Hunting agencies will not be present (at least in the first place) and I believe Facebook at Work will not be transformed into head hunting tool.

I have a faith in this project largely due to Facebook popularity.

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