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myKROSS – application for bike lovers

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

MyKROSS is a free application available on mobile devices with Android and iOS. It brings together cycling enthusiasts of various levels, from those who go for a short ride on a bike to professional cyclists for long distances.

The app allows users to scan their KROSS’ bike, one or more, with the NFC code and add it to the app. The user can also add a different brand’s bike manually. After the bike appears in the application preview, the user can obtain all possible information about his model, the number of the frame, forks, wheels, driving elements, brakes and much more.

The application offers the creation of a community in which users create routes for cycling and share them in the application for the other bike enthusiasts by adding ratings, photos, and comments. Then, other cycling fans, regardless of what part of Poland they are in, can use the proposed routes in their area, filtering according to the length of the road, surface or opinions and comments. The application informs the cyclist on a current basis about the distance, speed and time covered by him and displays the route covered so far. Records all parameters that can be shared with other cyclists after the completed route.

Based on the interaction with the user, the date of purchase of the equipment and the number of kilometres travelled in different weather and terrain, depending on the bicycle manufacturer the application will suggest to the user a technical, warranty, periodic or seasonal review of the bike or its specific elements.

In the application, the user has access to the full specification of the bike even when he does not have it with him which allows checking the necessary information about the bike’s accessories, and then using the map of service points and shops recommended by KROSS to do the review, buy new equipment or prepare the bike for the cycling season.

MyKROSS is an innovative application for customers of the KROSS brand and the other cyclists. Not only for those who start their adventure by riding a bike or like to go for a short ride, but also the professional ones. It enables and makes it easier to check regularly your bicycle equipment. Allows you to discover and share new interesting routes and share your passion with others.





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Adidas Runtastic and the rise of sport-related social media platforms.

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Start a workout plan, challenge yourself, and get stronger with each workout. Whether you’re getting ready for your first run or grabbing your bike for a bike ride, every activity counts. No matter how close you are to achieving your fitness goals, reach new heights with the Adidas Runtastic app.

That is the intro text from the Adidas App a social media especially for running and other sports activities. Choose muscle groups and create your own workout, customized to your calendar. Participate in Challenges: Compete with others and challenge yourself again and again. Work out anytime, anywhere. All that is possible with the application.

It is also possible to add your friends, compare their activities with you, and even leave comments and track them live, while they, for example, are running. I myself have been using this app for half a year and recognize the benefits. Not only it is very interesting to see what your colleagues are doing but also to get motivated and push yourself to the limits.


But the most remarkable fact I experienced is that I indeed use the Adidas running app as a kind of social media platform. I leave a lot of comments, motivate my friends, and even arrange meetings for running with them. But you can share your activities not only with your personal friends but also with people in your town and also all over the world. There are specified ranking for specific regions. This is obviously another point that definitely pushes you even more.

Even though these kinds of applications maybe not the most exciting types of new platforms, it is a very nice feature that definitely uplifts your personal experience and progress in doing sports. I am very happy that I found this app and could convince myself about its advantages.

I have also recommended this app to others and after only 3 months, I now have many contacts and competitors who motivate and challenge me. It needs to be added, that I have struggled with motivation problems from my own experience. Through this app, you are urged to follow your friends and also do sports regularly.
It doesn’t matter what kind of sports you want to do, but it must be said that this app is designed for jogging. Even though there are social challenges in soccer or basketball too, they motivate you and give you an incentive that many people could use in the modern days of digital media and gaming.

Of course, the Adidas running app is not the only app for sports activities. There are many alternatives that are similar. Especially this year, because of the corona crisis it is especially important to stay active and also communicate with your friends. So you don’t feel alone during these hard and lonely times.

Last but not least, I can only recommend everyone to download a running app and give this app a chance. I myself was a bit skeptical at the beginning, but my concerns have not been confirmed and the Adidas running app achieves exactly its purpose. And that is to do regular sports and also to maintain social contact.




E-sport means gaming?

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen we talk about e-sport we imagine immediately guys in front of the computers who are playing CS Go, LOL or StarCraft. What about traditional meaning of ‘sport’? Is it possible to organize online sport competition and attract people to take part in it?

Various sports disciplines are used technical facilities such as measuring devices, additional referee who are only tracking recordings instead of the real game and have possibilities to replay it again. On the Internet, there are possibilities for consultation, purchase training plans, hiring an online coach.

DigitalCup is a great example of this trend: very innovative, uses modern technology and devoted to the reality. In 2012 the website was established. It offers online competition in four different equestrian disciplines: jumping, dressage, eventing (horse trials) and reining. On its website, it is posted a competition proposal with a required program. After paying the entry fee, the riders record the videos with their trials. Then they send it back and the video is assessed by the experts. After one or two weeks the results are announced, the awards handed out and every rider gets feedback about his trial.



Why is it working?

Horse riding is very expensive. It requires costly equipment, special infrastructure, an appropriate horse which can be rented or bought. If the rider wants to participate in a competition he needs to incur additional costs: entry fee, transportation costs, medical examination, registration in the association. Besides, participate in a competition involves a lot of stress for both rider and horse. Horses taking part in the competition must undergo a long and arduous training before they leave home stables. The horses act differently in a new place, can be disobedient and cause problems.

What is the future of sport?

In the digital age we are forced to redefine certain aspects of our lives. This also applies to sport. Is it means that Olympic Games 2040 we will watch only on YouTube and sportsman will not even leave their hometowns?  Or rivalry and emotion will turn out more important than money and convenience?



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