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Universities and AI or how the educational system is going to adapt to new technologies?

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Use this cutting-edge AI text generator to write stories, poems, news  articles, and more - The Verge

In the previous articles a lot of important topics were brought up, particularly about AI and how we have to change legislations or how corporations have to change their structures to be able to co-exist with new technologies.

However, one vital thing has not been discussed yet – educational system. Not that long time ago in schools in the New York city, the use of the bots that could generate essays, articles etc., was banned. Should the same be implemented in the other educational places, especially at the universities?

On one hand, such bots as ChatGPT are the source of unlimited, quickly produced essays that can be used and presented as personal work. What is more, it is highly difficult to detect plagiarism in such bots, as the AI inside them can be aimed to rewrite the texts available on the Internet with using as much synonyms as possible. This is one of the concerns of professors at the universities in the US.

Nonetheless, on the other hand, those texts can be produced with a low quality, for instance mistakes, or sentence structures that barely make sense. This is an asset, as some students can use bots as a source for their research, that would take much less time, or, simply speaking, as an inspiration. For instance, extremely famous program ‘Grammarly’, that helps you to correct the mistakes or try to simplify or make your writing more academic, is also a bot, should it also be banned?

We cannot fully ban something, especially when it comes to the new technologies as they spread and become a part of our life’s. An interesting point was brought up on the Internet that we should develop a broader policy when it comes to the use of AI for educational purposes. Which would make a lot of sense, as far as this is approved by the professor, students can use different bots to enhance their papers.

At the same time, we come to the other problem, we need better tools to detect plagiarism or, what is more important, to detect texts/papers that have been fully made by the AI. This is a one more challenge for the IT industry, as, nowadays it is impossible to identify bot-written assignments, sure, if they have been done in a good way. 

To read more about plagiarism concerns: https://www.wired.com/story/chatgpt-college-university-plagiarism/

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‘Fake it, till you make it’ – end of Elizabeth Holmes saga.

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Elizabeth Holmes Appeals Theranos Fraud Conviction, Prison Term - Bloomberg

In 2013 the whole world was astonished by the revolutionary idea of 30-year-old entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes, which would have started a new era of blood testings.

‘Edison’ – the machine of the future: compact, cheap, and paramount, with no more need for intravenous blood tests. It would allow the prevention of earnest diseases like cancer with a diminutive drop of vital fluid. Those promises were made by Elizabeth Holmes to investors that subsequently poured a fortune into Theranos (the company founded by her in 2003). Initial funding was raised by using family connections, accounted around $6 million.

In mid-2014 and the beginning of 2015, the net worth of the company was gradually raising, and reached the point of approximately $9 Billion, with Rupert Murdoch holding the biggest amount of shares worth $125 million.

The amount of money invested helped Elizabeth with vast success, by storming Silicon Valley with Theranos, she became the first female self-made billionaire in the USA with a net worth of $4.5 million.

What could have gone wrong?

WSJ investigative journalist John Carreyrou on Recode Decode: transcript -  Vox

In 2015 John Carreyrou, a journalist from Wall Street Journal, started his investigation after a tip-off from a skeptical pathologist. Not long time after this, all popular newspapers were full of controversial headlines.

The revolutionary idea was extraordinary fraud! The results of tests taken by the machine were misleading and in most cases not correct. Theranos’ invention simply did not exist.

‘It was not just business or corporate fraud, it is the one that had big implications for public health”,- John Carreyrou said.

After the investigation started in 2015, within a year Elizabeth Holmes was disclosed as a fake. By the end of 2018, the company felt apart.

In July 2018, she was charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and ten counts of wire fraud. She was facing a maximum of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250 000.

However, the trial was not as smooth as it was expected, firstly it was delayed because of the pandemic of COVID-19, and this allowed Elizabeth Holmes to continue her game. In March 2021, the prosecutor received unexpected news that the defendant is 5-month pregnant. This led to even bigger delays.

“Being a new mother can only help get her sympathy from jurors,” – said Danny Cevallos, NBC News legal analyst.

However, the jury convicted E. Holmes of the investor wire fraud conspiracy count and three counts of actual fraud in connection with a scheme to defraud investors, with the wire transfer of approximately $140 million. Only on November 19, 2022, Elizabeth Holmes’ trial was finally settled, and as a result of it she was plead guilty and was sentenced to 11 years and 3 months in a prison.

This puts a bold period at the end of the Elizabeth Holmes saga and shows society, the danger of Silicon Valley culture that allows fraudsters to have an influential and leading voice.

To read more about the lates update of the court process:

To read more about the trial itself:


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Designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen introduced a Flip phone with triple display.Flashy Flip phone will collapse in your pocket and have three flexible AMOLED touchscreens with power of Android.

In its triangular position (seen over), the telephone lays on level surfaces exquisitely, suggestive of a bedside morning timer. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t have plans to dream of electric sheep at any point in the near future, the Flip can move into a slimmer adaptation of itself, crumbling and hiding one of its three super AMOLED screens between the external two.

Every one of the Flip’s three sides are associated by steel work joins, so snapping it separated comes as no simple accomplishment. Furthermore, on the off chance that you absentmindedly happen to sit on the telephone, the Gorilla Glass screen will safe it from your inattention.

Beside the curiosity of your telephone having the option to serve as a blossom container – truly, watch the implanted video beneath – the Flip’s plan tends to enough down to earth cell phone client issues to make it a captivating item idea. For a certain something, the Flip’s capacity to transform starting with one shape then onto the next could prove to be useful, state, when you want to peruse a digital book on a real double sided, open-confronted surface.

Or on the other hand in the event that you want to chip away at a minuscule looking workstation, you can flip one screen up to a 90 degree resting position and type away on the LED-sponsored console. What’s more, with the forward looking camcorder, moving the Flip go into the triangular shape implies sans hands video visiting.

And what is your opinion about this kind of phone? Share your opinion in comments 🙂



Triple Display Flip Phone

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